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Truthfinder Review – Background Checker Product Review by Mike Vaughn

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Truthfinder is a background check service designed to allow one to perform searches on any person. Check out our review.

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Before sealing any agreements, it's natural to want to conduct a background check with the people with whom you are about to associate. A background check will give you an adequate report on the person's employment, consumer credit, academic and professional qualifications, criminal records, financial standing, and media searches.

Truthfinder will help you perform searches on the individual in concern and acquire vast amounts of information about them from their name, address, or number. Aside from that, the web tool can be used to help a user to reconnect families and friends who have lost contact for long periods and enable people to conduct background checks on potential dates. The web tool gives its users the most accurate and up-to-date information in reports.

What Is Truthfinder?

The company was created in the year 2014, with its headquarters in San Diego, CA. At a glance, Truthfinder is a background check service designed to allow one to perform searches on any person. Most background check services give reports that are inadequate as they rely on public records.

According to an online review, the Truthfinder background check service avails correct, up-to-date contact information. On countless occasions, Truthfinder has provided the correct phone number and email address without listing irrelevant, out-of-date, and confusing information, only from a first or last name. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.) Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Truthfinder Background Features

The web tool has four available main features: Dark Web Scan, People Search, Criminal Records, and Public Records.

Dark Web Scan and Monitoring

This first feature will help the Truthfinder users take active steps to protect their digital space information. Identity theft and large data breaches are common occurrences today, as sensitive personal information such as bank account numbers, medical data have been made readily available.

To protect people from identity theft, the feature scans through thousands of data points to identify compromised information on the Dark Web. Truth finder does so in partnership with a consumer reporting agency known as Experian.

To use the feature, the users may issue the personal information they would like to monitor. Afterward, the Dark Web scan and Monitoring feature will employ multiple surveillance methods such as social media feeds, web servers, public bulletin boards, and more.

At the same time, this feature will ensure the invulnerability of vast information about you such as email address, phone number, medical identification numbers, social security number, passport number, driver's license, social network accounts, phone numbers, bank account numbers, and credit or debit cards.

People Search

One of the most notable elements of the people search feature is that it provides information from just typing the person's name, and an extensively detailed report is returned. Reviews show that this is the most relevant feature.

The people search avails reports with information such as Photographs, Date of birth, Names and aliases, Social media accounts, Education history, Sex offender status, Phone numbers, Possible assets, Job history, Criminal records, Possible relatives, and Address history.

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Public Records Search Feature

This feature scans millions of data points and subsequently gives a well-detailed report on any public records in a person's name. The type of information acquired from this feature includes divorce records, arrest records, professional licenses, marriage records, liens and bankruptcies, property records, death records, and birth certificates.

Besides, a review praised the feature as remarkably effective and very convenient as it brings all the information that you won't find in one place except for you use Truthfinder.

Criminal Records Search Feature

The web tool is designed to provide real crime data from the Federal Bureau of Investigations and other law enforcement agencies for the United States. It also allows you to acquire extensive information such as specific crime rates in your state, felony offense inclusive of the state, county, and city where the offense was committed, misdemeanor offense records, Speeding Tickets and Accidents, and Parking Tickets.

Aside from that, the feature avails detailed information about the sex offenders, which includes: their image, address, and specifics about their sexual offenses. At the same time, the feature provides court information on an individual's criminal records whereby you will be aware of the court where the person was prosecuted.

Conducting A Criminal Record Search Using Truthfinder

Truthfinder provides options for where to lookup an individual's criminal history. The web tool allows you to access public records from a state government website, a federal government website, a county clerk's office, and even the county sheriff's department.

Truthfinder will compile the results from the various sources into one accurate and easy-to-read background report. Visit the official website here!

Background Checks

For Truthfinder members, all you need is a person's first and last name to conduct background checks and access detailed background reports. If you are unaware of the first or last name, you can turn to the web tool's features, which is the reverse phone lookup.

This feature enables you to conduct background checks with public records using only a phone number and also comes in handy when you get calls from unknown numbers. Aside from that, you can conduct Truthfinder searches with an email address or a physical address.

The searches will provide adequate information on the person's education, military records, criminal records, contact and financial information, social media profiles, and currently owned vehicles.

Performing A Background Check with Truthfinder

Performing a background check with Truthfinder is straightforward as both the website and mobile app are user friendly, and people do not require technical assistance to operate it. The first step is to fill in all the information that you have about the person.

Afterward, click on the search button, then browse the available results until you find the right one.

Truthfinder Background Check Service Search Limits

According to the fair credit reporting act, there are limitations when you may not use background check tools. You can't use the Truthfinder to screen employees when deciding on their promotion, demotion, reassignment, retention, or termination.

Moreover, you cannot use Truthfinder to screen domestic workers you want to hire for various positions, such as babysitters, nannies, home aides, and gardeners. Landlords cannot use the web tool in tenant screening or sell, assign, or terminate a lease for a residential or commercial space.

Additionally, a review showed that one could not use Truthfinder to hire professionals such as tutors, doctors, nurses, coaches, teachers, or personal trainers. Panels are also restricted from using Truthfinder to make decisions on someone's eligibility when deciding on qualifications for Educational Programs.

When Can I Use Truthfinder?

People can use the Truthfinder background checking service to look up a new neighbor who just moved to the block. Truthfinder would also be used to distinguish registered sex offenders and find out if registered sex offenders live near you or someone you know.

If you need to track down long-lost family members, or open background reports on your parents, you can use this Truthfinder check service.

When purchasing goods online, people easily get scammed. Therefore, before you close any deal with an online seller, it would help if you would conduct a background check to assure yourself of their authenticity. Click here to see the official site!

Truthfinder Services Pricing

Truthfinder does not offer a free trial or complimentary search. You will have to subscribe every month to enjoy the tool's services. At a glance, there are two basic subscription options available for consumers:

  • 1-month membership: $28
  • 3-month membership; $78

You can also opt for the Phone Number Lookup plan, which allows you to search as many phone reports as you want for billing of less than $2 in a month. It is important to note that the Truthfinder billing is automatic every month unless you cancel the service.

To cancel the service, call the customer service team at (800) 699-8081. Once canceled, you will receive an email confirmation from the company within an hour.

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How to Cancel Truthfinder Membership

Most Truthfinder reviews state that the Truthfinder representatives will locate your membership record and remove it hassle-free.

You can cancel the membership through your phone, by mail, or online. To opt-out, type your details on the online form provided on the opt-out page. Afterward, click on "Opt-Out." If you want to cancel by phone, contact or call the member care department at (800) 699-8081.

In case you wish to cancel via mail, write a letter that includes your first and last name, address, date of birth, phone number, and email address. Please mail it to the address; 2534 State Street, Suite 473, San Diego, CA 92101.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Can You Find in A Criminal Record?

A: When you use Truthfinder to search for criminal records, you will find all the criminal offenses a person may have been charged with or convicted of.

Q:Does Truthfinder Notify the Person You Look Up?

A: The site tool's search history is always private. Therefore, the person concerned in the search will never know that you searched for their report.

Q:Is There a Truthfinder App?

A: You can download the app on your iOS from the Apple store or Android phone from the Google play store.

Q:How Do I Pay for My Truthfinder Subscription?

A: The tool is paid for every month. The first step to take is to run a search from the homepage. Afterward, you'll proceed to the checkout page, which gives you options as to whether you want to pay with a credit card or PayPal. The company accepts payments from Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Q:How Do I Contact the Customer Service Team?

A: People can contact or call the company customer service team through (800) 699-8081.

Q:Will Truthfinder Give My Devices a Virus?

A: Scans performed on the Truthfinder site show that they found no unsafe content. Besides, Truthfinder is a safe and legit site with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Besides, the background check service does not save your used credit card information on its systems.

Truthfinder Reviews - Final Thoughts

Truthfinder is a background check service designed to allow one to perform background checks on any person. Truthfinder reviews state that people have found old friends, and long-lost family members, courtesy of the web tool.

In most customer reviews, Truthfinder has an overall rating over 4 / 5, and a review showed that the membership month subscription's pricing is slightly below average compared to other background check applications. On a concluding note, the bottom line is that Truthfinder users have found it reliable and accurate.

--- Visit the official website here! ---

Contact Info

Truthfinder LLC, Attn: Privacy, 2534 State Street, Suite 473, San Diego, CA 92101.

Homepage: https://www.truthfinder.com/

E-Mail: privacy @ truthfinder.com

Phone: (800) 699-8081


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