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Point Cloud: What is it and how does it work?

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Everything you need to know about Point Cloud.

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Technological innovations bring facilities and quality to any field, and it is no different within the civil construction, whether with the products and services developed by semi-automated and automated construction equipment or software, systems, and innovative tools. The point cloud online is a great example of technology that has brought more precision and ease to surveyors, designers, builders, and developers.

What is the point cloud?

The point cloud recreates referenced objects and structures from a large collection of points. These points are obtained from a capture made with a 3D laser scanner. When these points are attached to software, it is possible to use them as a basis for your 3D design.

Among its most common uses are topographic surveys of regions, geological mapping, the capture of structures to record historical heritage, monitoring of structures to identify wear and tear, and even to map the execution of installations in residential and commercial buildings in order to avoid losing time doing as-built. In other words, applications that can be used at different stages of work, whether done from scratch or a renovation.

Why use the point cloud?

In addition to the possibility of creating a 3D model based on the real structure captured by the points of the cloud, as already mentioned, the point cloud can be exported to software such as ATIS Cloud to work on the building information modeling (BIM) model with even more precision in the modeling. This facility is useful even for projects that are already under construction and do not yet have a BIM model, only floor plans or 2D.

That way, with a point cloud, you can produce your digital model based on the real structure. In addition, the cloud allows the visualization of accurate data, deviations in work, and phases. This is possible with the aid of a generated heat map, where each color represents a positive or negative deviation.

Another point is the monitoring of execution. What was projected on the "paper" is not always faithfully reproduced in work. This can cause great inconvenience and waste in the construction stage, causing delays in your project. With the point cloud generated by the laser, it is possible to compare the project with what is being done on-site.

In short, when the point cloud is combined with BIM projects, the time and money savings become even more evident for construction companies and developers. Thus, avoiding errors, unnecessary efforts, and rework.

What does it take to turn my point cloud into a 3D model?

The transformation process is long and requires intense work. It is important to have a professional with knowledge of the system in addition to adequate software and hardware. For this reason, the point cloud is still not widely used in the practice of the work, but it has been gradually becoming popular. Its benefits are varied, but the investment is required for proper use.

The benefits of the cloud of points

  1. Veracity and consistency in data collection
  2. Quick lifting
  3. Data report that can accompany the object/building throughout its life cycle
  4. Accessibility of information to all intervening agents through hosting on online servers.
  5. It greatly facilitates the work of architects, designers, engineers, builders, or entities that preserve various assets of historical-cultural interest.

What are the limitations of the point cloud?

Mainly, the large size of the point cloud, due to the storage of its millions of points, requires specific software and hardware as well as the know-how to manage it, import it and convert it to other formats, according to needs.

So the key is in the technical and handling needs mainly.

Entrust your work to professionals with extensive experience as they will know how to find the optimal balance between quality and size.

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