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Children Learning Reading Review: Is Children Learning Reading Program Effective? By Ireviewtoday

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This is a review for Children Learning Reading Program, a solution for children who struggle with reading for various reasons. Read this if you're interested in the program.

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Studies show that over 40 percent of children struggle with reading for various reasons. Some find reading hard due to poor phonemic awareness. Others find it challenging due to hearing and speech problems and others due to books' limited experience. The good news is you can prevent most reading problems if you recognize them earlier.

Unfortunately, most parents recognize that their kids have a problem but wait for more than one year before getting any help. That makes it more difficult for the kids to learn to read. Studies also show that most kids who do not learn how to read correctly while still in third grade may never catch up. Perhaps, you already know that the consequences of falling behind can be devastating.

Jim Yang created the Children Learning Reading Program to prevent such problems. Jim claims that he used the program to teach his three children how to read. Further, he claims that they were all below three years of age. But does the Children Learning Reading program work? How long will it take you to get results? This Children Learning Reading review will provide you with the answers you need.

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A Quick Introduction to Children Learning Reading Program

Children Learning Reading is a specially designed and easier follow the systematic program. The program is designed to help children between 2 and 3 years learn how to read any printed text. With the program, your kids will develop Phonemic awareness. According to the author of this program, phonemic awareness is essential when it comes to reading fluently.

Several studies have shown that phonemic awareness helps kids manipulate phonemes (individual sounds) effectively. It helps them sound out any word and decode any printed text. They have also shown that the use of phonics methods produces fluent and more successful readers.

The program combines several simple exercises that your kids require to start practicing reading skills. After buying the program, you will only need to set aside a few minutes each day for several weeks, and your kid will start reading and saying as many words as you want.

You will have 50 small lessons, which are in two stages: Stage 1 and Stage 2. According to Jim Yang, parents should start teaching their kids how to read at the age of 2.5 because that is when children start speaking clearly. However, the program is also ideal for toddlers below 2.5 years. That is if their speech is already developed.

About Jim Yang

Jim Yang, the creator of the Children Learning Reading program, is a father and a reading teacher. There is limited information about him, but he claims that he worked with his wife, Elena, to develop this program. The two were searching for the best materials that could help them boost their kid's learning skills and brain development.

The couple was more concerned about teaching the kid how to read. After exploring many products, they concluded that none of them would work for their kid. Therefore, they worked together to develop a product that consisted of the techniques they learned from various programs. They ensured that every technique they chose would work for their small kid.

They tried their new program on their kid and started sharing it with other people after success. According to them, they got great results each time they used it. For that reason, they decided to convert the program into a digital product and distribute it to people in all parts of the world.

How this Product Works

The author based this program on a system of phonemic and phonics recognition and absorption. The phoneme is the characteristics of the sounds you make when speaking. When teaching babies new words, you have to start with the first sounds of words. For example, ball = B, bu, bubu, bu - sound "b" is one phoneme.

The author has divided the learning process into two stages/sections. The package comes with instruction books and systematic lessons for each stage. In the first stage, Jim offers all the tools you need to develop the foundational skills your child needs to start reading. It further offers everything you need to improve your child's reading fluency. Stage two offers everything you need to take the reading skills your child gained in stage one to another level. Here is a summary of what each stage offers.

Stage 1

Stage One consists of 28 lessons. Each of the lessons focuses on providing kids with the skills they require to start reading printed text. The lessons will introduce your child to sound and alphabetic letters in a sensible, stepped, and intuitive order. Further, they will introduce your child to basic simple words and various exercises.

The focus then shifts to complicated sentences, words, rhymes, and stories as your kid gets along. By the end of this stage, your child will have all the skills he/she requires to start reading.

Stage 2

This is the advanced level. The stage has 22 lessons, each offering advanced techniques that your kid needs to start dealing with complicated matters. Your kid will learn all digraphs, also referred to as combination letters, before moving to rhymes, sentences, and advanced words and lesson stories. The stage is essential in bettering your kid's reading skills and improving his/her fluency.

One of the great things about this program is that it focuses more on learning instead of memorizing. You will not force your child to memorize any phonics rules. Your child will develop basic reading and decoding techniques gradually. He will never cram phonic rules.

Still, each of the lessons is quick and effective. While some of the lessons can take up to 10 minutes, most of them take 2-3 minutes. Perhaps, you already know that toddlers have short attention spans, which makes this program a better choice. The program will end in less than 12 weeks.

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The Benefits of this Program

This program offers many benefits. Here are some of them.

Easier to Understand and Practice

Children Learning Reading program has proved most people who thought that their kids are very young to read wrong. It offers audio clips that will help your child pronounce various phonemes correctly and several videos to show you Jim Yang's steps to teach his kids.

Real Testimonials

This is the great thing about the Children Learning Reading program. Most users have proven it effective. You can read their testimonials on various sites and forums. Actually, most parents who use the program claim to have witnessed good results within four weeks. None of the other available options will offer similar results.

Short but Engaging Lessons

As we have stated, children below three years have a brief attention span. If a lesson is very long, they will always run away or cry. Fortunately, Jim Yang ensured that every lesson in this program is concise and easier to follow.


In addition to the proven teaching methods, the program is affordable. Whether you choose the standard package or the premium one, you will save a lot of money. The premium package offers more learning materials.

Money-Back Guarantee

The program also comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee. So, if you are unhappy with the results, you can ask for your money back. In other words, the investment is risk-free.

The Drawbacks

Here are the problems to expect:

The Speed Varies

Children have different abilities. Therefore, their learning speed is also different. You will have to follow this program to the letter. Further, the author advises you not to set any time limit. Your expectations have to be realistic.

Not Good for Busy Parents

Some parents will find it hard to spare 15 minutes each day for their kids. If you are one of them, this program is not a good choice. The lessons are short, but they require consistent effort.

No Physical Edition

The author offers this program in a digital format only. You will have to download every lesson from the official website. While that does not affect this program's quality, it will make things hard for you if you have limited internet access.

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The Bonus Materials

Jim Yang provides two versions of this program - the Standard Version and Premium Version. Each of the two packages offers 2 eBooks, which represent the main content. Each eBook contains the lessons and the exercises you require to teach your kid. However, the offered bonuses are different. Here are the bonuses for the Standard Version.


Jim Yang offers several short stories perfect for kids. So, after your child learns how to read, there will be no need to search for stories. He/she will have enough to read.

Advance Level Stories

After your kid reads all the short stories and completes several additional lessons, you can introduce some advanced level stories to him/her. Advanced level stories are easier, and you can use them to check the progress of your child.

Letter-Sound Audio Clips

You require letter-sound audio clips to use phonemes when teaching your kid to read. Jim Yang included many clips in the package. There will be no need to buy them.

Sight Words

While the Children Learning Reading program is not based on sight words, it uses them as secondary tools. For that reason, you will get a long list of highly used sight words.


The program further offers a nursery rhyme book for your kid. Keep in mind that your child will only start using the Rhymes book after he/she completes all lessons.

Lifetime Free Upgrades

Each time the author changes the program, you will get updates. The upgrades are free of charge.

One on One Counseling

The author offers one on one counseling sessions. During the sessions, you will have a chance to talk to him. He will help you solve your problems.

Bonuses for the Premium Version

The premium package offers all the bonuses you expect in the Standard version. Nevertheless, it will also come with:

- The Children Learning Reading Lesson Videos and Workshop: In this set of DVDs, Jim and Elena use this program to teach Ethan, their second child, how to read. The child is two years old. You will see the entire learning journey.

- The Children Learning Reading Video Edition: This is a summary of the entire program in video format. It highlights the essential strategies you need to improve your kid's reading skills.

- Stage 1 – Preset Printouts

- Stage 2 – Preset Printouts

- Stage 2 Rhymes: this bonus offers many beautiful illustrations. You will have to use them with the rhymes in the stage 2 ebook. They are all colored.

The Premium Package bonuses will make everything easier for you and your kid. They will help you play the role of a teacher perfectly and make you more productive.

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Who Should Go for this Program?

Jim Yang designed the program for parents with kids aged between 2 and 6 years. However, parents with kids above the age of 6 years can also benefit. If your kid finds it hard to read or is behind his/her reading level, the program will be helpful.

The program offers numerous concepts that anyone can use to decode words. After using the program, your kid will manage to look at various words and speak them out loudly and correctly. The program is made for toddlers, kindergarteners, preschoolers, elementary school children, and any young kid.

Children Learning Reading Review: Conclusion

Reading is among the most basic and essential skills that you will teach your kids. Unfortunately, most parents watch their kids struggle to read. Most kids get frustrated. They also lose the motivation to acquire new reading skills. Children Learning Reading program will help you teach your kids this important skill in a fun and effective way.

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