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Intellectus Preparatory Charter School Announces Proposed Fall 2022 Opening

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Intellectus Preparatory Charter School Announces Proposed Fall 2022 Opening

New York City, NY , 02/11/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

 Announcing its proposed opening for Fall 2022 is the Intellectus Preparatory Charter School, a tuition-free public charter school whose purpose is to serve scholars in grades six through twelve residing in the downstate New York regions of Mount Vernon, Yonkers, and lower Westchester. With the mission of providing children with an equitable educational experience, Intellectus Prep will prepare its scholars to compete academically, contribute socially, and attain a pathway to college and career.

“The Latin phrase and motto on which Intellectus Prep’s teachings will follow is, ‘Non Scholae Sed Vitae,’ which translates to, ‘We learn not for school, but for life,’” said KenyahKoonce-Miller, Lead Founder of the Intellectus Prep, and resident of Mount Vernon. “Our local area is in desperate need of visionary new public schools—such as Intellectus Prep—which connect the needs of the community to a high-quality educational offering. With our proposed charter school project, we hope to become a trusted partner for children and families in the community as soon as next year.”

There are not enough high-quality education offerings for the growing populations of Mount Vernon and Yonkers specifically. Intellectus Prep will build a strong education continuum for children through exploratory learning, restorative practice, and personal development. Its curriculum will encompass the development of an entrepreneurial mindset, financial literacy to foster a cycle of generational wealth, and counseling for all scholars to ensure children have healthy minds. The only school of its kind to equally encourage students’ goals for enrollment in college, trade school, or entrepreneurship following graduation, Intellectus Prep will empower scholars to choose a pathway that aligns with each child’s unique life passions.

While Intellectus Preparatory Charter School is committed to welcome all scholars from across the New York region, admission preference will be granted to students who are based in Mount Vernon or Yonkers, those with learning or cognitive disabilities, and all English-language learners. The enrollment of children in grades six and seven will be prioritized for Intellectus Prep’s initial school year, 2022-2023.

About Intellectus Preparatory Charter School: Intellectus Preparatory Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school that provides an equitable educational experience to scholars in grades six through twelve. Its mission is to advance scholars academically and socially, in order to create opportunities for college and careers.

For more information about Intellectus Preparatory Charter School, visit https://www.intellectusprep.org.

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