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Laser Hair Growth Device Reviews 2021: Laser Cap For Hair Loss! Reviewed by Lumiere Light Therapy

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Many people, both men, and women, around the world, have serious problems nowadays concerning their hair.

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Many people, both men, and women, around the world, have serious problems nowadays concerning their hair. Almost 30% of the entire population experience hair fall at a young age, and not forget about the hair problems that run throughout families. These things have affected to a greater degree. A decade ago, doctors used to recommend hair transplants to tackles this issue, but nowadays, due to advancements in biology, other methods are coming to the surface. One of the most popular ones amongst them is the use of laser hair growth device.

How does a laser hair growth device work?

In laser hair growth, low-level light therapy, often of a wavelength of 670 nm, is used to reverse hair loss. The best thing about it is that it is entirely painless. These devices work in the condition that your hair follicles are still alive and that you have recently experienced hair loss. In the situation where your hair follicles are dead, the light would not penetrate and affect them; hence the device would not work. However, most people are in the anagen phase that can last for a lot of years depending on each person. So, the chances are that you can still try this device and grow your hair back in a much better condition.

The light that is used by these devices is the red light, and it helps in waking up the hair follicles. As a result, the hair starts to grow, and the hair that comes out is thicker and stronger in nature.

Top 5 Laser Hair Growth Device 2021

#1 Kiierr Laser Cap System(Editor’s Choice)

If you are someone who values convenience and time management, then this is the one for you. It is said to be the best laser cap for hair loss. Through this laser cap, you can get luscious, strong, and healthy hair naturally. It is shaped like a cap, and you have to wear it for almost 30 minutes a day. The device has an internal mechanism in which it automatically switches off after 30 minutes.

It is convenient because you can wear it while doing your daily chores, so you would not have to alter your routine for this. If you want a full effect of this cap, you should buy Premier laser cap 272 and its complete package. The whole package contains shampoo as well as conditioner. This laser cap ensures that you will have full hair development. For this, they do not use LED’s; instead, they luxury laser diodes that are almost 650 nm in wavelength.

Apart from this, when you buy a product, the company will give a two-year warranty on the product which is quite a lot hence you can rest assure that you are investing in the right place. Through the use of this technology, you will grow your hair back in no time, especially in the comfort of your house.

#2 Kiierr272Premier-MD Laser Hair Cap (Use "SAVE50" to save $50)

It is the company’s maximum growth bundle edition. Laser hair growth has become a whole lot efficient through the help of this device. You can use this device at any time of day, which means you can easily do your home chores and keep this cap on. It will do its work while you will be completing your tasks; hence your routine will not be affected in any way.

It can even be used by people who grew their hair back but then lost them after some time. That is because this device can be used for the treatment of laser hair regrowth. The incredible thing about this product is that it will automatically stop its working and close if you sleep while keeping it on. Hence, you will have no worries if the device is left and damages your hair in any way.

Kiierr company works solely to better your hair quality, and through this device, it does just that. The device not only caters to the hair growth or regrowth problem, but it also helps the person who wants to lose weight, has thin hair, and has weakened hair roots. It tackles all of these problems by making the hair follicles more energetic, and after that, the device helps in rejuvenating fragile hair. Through this, the laser hair growth device will be successful in reversing the process of hair loss.

#3 HairMax LaserBand 82

The one best thing about this product is that it is incredibly safe. That is because the company has acquired FDA approval for this product; hence you can easily use this product in your home. Also, there were a lot of clinical trials done with the development. The trial reports were then reviewed and published in medical journals; hence, you can use them without any hesitation. The product will indeed work correctly. That is why it is known as one of the best laser hair growth devices.

The product comes with a two-year warranty and six months satisfaction guarantee; hence you can see how well the product would be. Although you might feel like the product is a bit too expensive, however, it is far cheaper as well effective than hair transplants. Another thing about the product is that you would only have to use it for about 90 seconds and three times a week. That is convenient for everyone and consumes the least amount of time, even for people whose schedules are incredibly tight. However, you must use the product for about four months.

The product contains almost 82 medical-grade lasers. The brand argues that LED’s do not have enough power as compares to lasers. These lasers then penetrate the person’s skin; however, it is doubtful that they will feel anything since the lasers do not have a burning effect. The band also has small teeth that represent the shape of a comb. Its purpose is to part the hair so that nothing is blocking the light from reaching the scalp. You will be able to use this device quite easily for laser hair growth or laser hair regrowth since it is light in weight and wireless. It is so that you can carry it easily anywhere you want but don’t forget to charge it before using it.

#4 iRestore Laser Hair Growth Systemirestore essential

It is also considered one of the best laser hair growth cap. The device is shaped more like a helmet rather than a cap. The customers will be glad to know that the device is FDA cleared regarding hair loss treatment; hence there is no harm in using the product. The company has a policy of giving the entire cost of the product back to the customer if he is not satisfied with the product in the six months after he bought it.

This laser hair growth device houses about 51 medical-grade lasers in addition to the LED. The lasers emit a red light, which has a wavelength of 650 nm. The frequency of this particular light functions to stimulate hair growth and heals the thin hair by rejuvenating them. This kind of thing is useful for people who have had hair transplants or suffer from the skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, particularly on the scalp. Hence, through this device, you will be growing your hair and healing your scalp from dangerous skin conditions.

You can use this helmet during your routine as it is wireless. Hence, you can use it while you focus on other work. In addition to this, you need to wear this helmet for about 25 minutes each day. You can also take a one-day gap between the days that you are wearing the device. The device will show its effects after a specific time. It is estimated that the device takes almost 24 weeks to stop the hair loss. After this, the device takes an additional six months to grow the hair back in a thicker nature.

To back up this laser hair growth device, it was viewed that a clinical study was also conducted to find out the effects of the device. It was studied and found that 100% of the participants had an average increase of about 43% in their hair growth.

#5 CapillusPro Mobile Laser Therapy Cap

It is yet another bestseller and comes under the best laser hair growth devices category, so this is a must to recommend. The device is shaped like a cap so that you can wear it with relative ease. Its pro model has almost 272 diodes, which are quite a lot.

The device is so popular because the users are not demanded to wear it for a more extended period and alter their routines. This device only has to be worn for about 6 minutes each day. The company claims that the user will have thicker hair on the entire scalp in just six months of using it. The company also recommends that this laser cap is ideal for hair loss in their families. An example of this is the men who have male pattern baldness. If someone has this, then it is highly likely that many family men are affected by this condition. Hence, this device can be used by them, and they will surely be glad to witness its effects.

The manufacturer further asks the user that before they start the treatment, they should take a picture to monitor their progress from time to time. However, many users also complain that their hair shed more than usual in the first three months of using this device. The manufacturer assures that this is pretty normal and is anticipated to happen with the product's use. However, the users are encouraged to continue their treatment and click their pictures at various stages. The company ensures that the user will be satisfied with the results and will get thicker hair. You can also check out laser hair growth reviews to see what ratings and reviews the customers have given this product. It will help you to make a much better and informed decision about the product.

How to increase the effectiveness of your new laser hair growth device

Many people stop using their hair growth devices after just a few weeks of using them. The problem is that they start to judge the results of the device from day one. However, that is just being unfair. Energizing the hair follicles is not a short-term process. Users should keep in mind that it takes quite a while, even several months, to see any real results. However, they should remember that the results they will see will surely be positive in the end and will prove to be long lasting.

Many of these laser hair growth device companies do many research and medical clinical trials before introducing the device into the market. Hence, it is best to listen to them and do as they say. That is why users should ensure that they are using the device for the exact amount of time every day or as per the manufacturer's instructions. Moving onwards, it should be understood by the users that a little shedding inevitable if they use laser hair growth devices. However, they should continue their usage even through the shedding. Since after some time, the shedding ends, and the hair starts to grow.

Another thing to avoid using during laser hair growth is the usage of shampoos and conditioners that have sulfate in them. The hair follicles are making the extra effort to grow back while doing laser hair growth. Sulfate shampoos and conditioners harm the hair and affect the hair follicles. Hence, they could affect your hair's rejuvenation process, and it might take a longer time compared to what was written for the entire process to end.

Apart from this, it is best if the users stop doing any chemical treatments during the process. Heat styling should also be avoided as these both affect the quality of your hair a lot. If your scalp gets burned during these processes, it will be tough for the laser to affect your follicles.

You can also use hair growth supplements and check with your doctor if you use any topical treatments or DHT-blockers on your scalp.

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