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Research Paper Writing Services in USA: Top 3 Most Trustworthy Websites Today Reviewed by 12HoursEssay

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Research papers, one of the most important writing assignments in your college life!

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Research papers, one of the most important writing assignments in your college life! It can break or make your grades, help you learn and research moreover it can give you a lot of headache in the busy college or school schedule. Depending on a professional to help you in preparing your critical research paper can be of great help. This is where most students frown, as they simply cannot identify the right research paper writing service out of hundreds companies online including legitimate and illegitimate companies. Even though there are few sites which lists the reviews from customers on these services, identifying the right company, not only the one which matches your quality expectations but also the prices is quite a difficult process which can take more time than preparing a research paper itself. There are many benefits if you can identify and choose the right research paper writing company for your assignments which include the quality of the writing process, plagiarism free, unique ideas, affordable prices, matching with your requirements and contact with the writer.

The research paper should be written in a format which is accepted universally. It is to be noted that anyone who can write cannot write a research paper. Preparing a research paper requires some specific skills, knowledge, experience and an eye to look for evidences. There has to be materials, methods and style to a research paper.

Top 3 Paper Writing Services Reviewed Include:

12HoursEssay.com - Best for Quick Turnaround Times

Assignmentwriting.services - Best for Quality

YourEssayHelper.com - Most Popular in USA

Since it is quite difficult to rank the online writing companies on the basis of a single parameter like quality or pricing, here we use a no. of parameters like quality of the research papers, no. of years of experience in preparing research paper, customer service, pricing, response to mails and turn around time. Some companies do offer great essays at prices that are not affordable while others offer cheap essays with low quality writing. Here we try to rank the companies which find a balance among all these factors.

1. 12HoursEssay.com

Quality of research paper

12HoursEssay is an online research paper writing company with highly qualified professionals across United States and United Kingdom. It is very important to have a professional with prior research paper writing experience work for you to develop excellent research papers that meet the instructions and the styles demanded by your professors. 12HoursEssay considers your research paper as serious type of academic writing that needs more theoretical, significant and methodical kind of question. Writing a research paper, more than what it takes to develop an essay as it needs to have a lot more research, gathering, interpreting, documenting details, developing and organizing ideas and conclusions. 12HoursEssay understands that such a tedious work should be done by professionals with hands on experience. To ensure quality with every research paper prepared by 12HoursEssay, they have developed a team of professors and highly qualified individuals to work on research papers.

It is to be noted that 12HoursEssay is the only service that provides you a draft of the proposed research paper before making your decision to go ahead with them. All that you need to do is just send in your requirements and wait for less than 2 hours to get a draft which will give you an idea of how the research paper would look like. With the help of over 200 retired professors with 12HoursEssay, you can be assured of high quality research papers edited, proofread and checked for plagiarism.

12HoursEssay guarantees you custom research paper writing services with no plagiarism and under no circumstances, your essay will be reproduced. They also ensure that your personal information and payment details are 100% secured with 12HoursEssay.com.

No. of years of experience

The 12HoursEssay has been serving the customers since 2001. The experience of over a decade makes them quite familiar with the research paper writing practices and the most sought after features while writing research papers. Over the years, 12HoursEssay has been able to identify and maintain a team of over 200 retired professors from reputed universities to work with complex research paper needs. One of the most significant achievements by 12HoursEssay is the development of the free draft system that helps every customer alike. It is a wonderful feature that helps 12HoursEssay top the best research paper writing companies in the world as the free draft can help the students understand the quality, the style and the uniqueness of the research paper he would receive. This also helps them decide on whether to take the services of 12HoursEssay or not. Considering the fact that most students are being harassed after getting payments by research paper writing companies, the free draft system could be adopted by other research paper writing companies as well.

Customer Support

The customer support at 12HoursEssay stands out by providing live chat and phone services for new customers and a special personal account created at the time of registration for existing customers. 12HoursEssay claims to have a large no. of returning customers and they argue that it is because they offer a free draft before placing the order which provides a customer enough time and guarantee for his decision to go with 12HoursEssay. The returning customers do enjoy a no. of discount plans with 12HoursEssay along with an already affordable price.


The pricing for research paper at 12HoursEssay guarantees to be affordable and to receive a custom quote for preparing your research papers can be obtained by requesting a free draft. While many a companies charge you for a draft, 12HoursEssay offers you a free draft of the work which helps you decide on whether choose them or not. You also receive a no. of guarantees like free plagiarism, 100% money back for unsatisfied research papers and unlimited revisions. Another guarantee offered by 12HoursEssay is the security of your payment details. You should be careful to make payments on secure online services as identity theft and credit card theft are ever increasing. 12HoursEssay seems to use one of the most secure web-server to receive payments.

Response to mails

Response to mails are guaranteed by offering a special personal account which could exclusively be used for uploading files and instructions regarding your research paper work, which would instantly be accessed by the writer to follow them. This system ensures that your work is done in the way you prefer it to be. In case of dissatisfaction in the work that is delivered, you can demand for a revision until you are satisfied. Students do get a chance to go through the sample essays prepared by 12HoursEssay in their website.

Turn around time

The least turn around time for a research paper is 6 hours. In case of a research paper such a low turn around time is appreciable. 12HoursEssay guarantees by having a no. of retired professors from renowned universities writing for them. Even though they offer research papers just in 6 hours, they do guarantee you a deep and diverse research made on your research subject. A customer can easily understand about what research would be done from the draft itself which is offered prior to the order.

2. Assignmentwriting.services

Quality of research paper

As their name denotes, AssignmentWriting.services offers you some of the most advanced research paper writing services. AssignmentWriting.services guarantees you non plagiarized custom written research papers at affordable prices. Some of the unique features offered AssignmentWriting.services are a free draft for your research papers before placing an order with them. This opportunity lets you learn more about the research paper writing style, the ability and experience of the writer and also let you check whether you would be able to get a custom research paper that you have in mind. All the research papers are written by highly qualified UK professional writers. By having writers from United Kingdom you can make sure that they understand the various requirements set forward by universities in English speaking countries. It is significant to have your research papers written by people who have an educational background of yours as they can understand the culture and the requirements better than foreign writers. One another feature that demands a prospective customer’s attention is the guarantee of research offered by AssignmentWriting.services. They do offer you deep and time bound research on your research subject. This should be considered a little serious as the research is what most of your instructors want from you and if your research paper does not have any evidence of research, it could easily be degraded, which you expect the least to happen. AssignmentWriting.services guarantee you a time bound research on your research area, which would then be included in your research paper after consulting you. AssignmentWriting.services strives to provide you high quality essays and they offer you unlimited revision at no additional cost.

No. of years of experience

AssignmentWriting.services has over 6 years of experience in the field of writing custom research papers. The company has been reputed as one of the most rewarding research paper writing companies. Since 2004 AssignmentWriting.services has been a major player in writing custom research papers and has a clear understanding of the ever evolving educational system and the academic writing assignments. The company has been able to bag some of the recently retired professors as its writers and it offers the students high quality, contemporary writing services.

Customer Support

AssignmentWriting.services has 24/7 customer service that offers support for order placement, queries and order tracking. Every customer is given a personal customer account through which he or she can monitor the progress of the research paper, talk to the writer regarding his expectations and suggest changes. The customer support offers 24/7 live chat and phone service to both new and existing customers. You complete a quality test before placing the order through the free draft and the consultation with the writer.

The customer service at AssignmentWriting.services starts at requesting a free draft for your research paper. The company guarantees you a free draft in less than 2 hours. AssignmentWriting.services also offers a unique chance to talk to the writer before placing the order and thus you get a chance to communicate all your assignment related needs with the writer and it places you in a win-win situation.


AssignmentWriting.services ensures that you receive a custom quote after getting your free draft and the discussion with the writer. The website does not provide you a specific price for writing custom research papers, even though the pricing is varied according to the type of work, your academic level, the standard of the research paper and the deadline. AssignmentWriting.services stand apart from the rest of the research paper writing companies by sticking on to the same price offered at the time of placing the order. You are never charged for editing or revising the paper. Since your research papers are prepared by quality professionals from United Kingdom and United States, AssignmentWriting.services guarantees you high quality research papers.

Response to mails

You are always given the opportunity to talk to the writer and it lets you get things done instantly. Once you place the order, you are given a personal customer area wherein you can upload files, send instructions and suggestions to the writer which are followed almost at the same time. The AssignmentWriting.services has also developed an order tracking system which helps you be aware of the progress of your research paper.

Turn around time

The turnaround time offered at AssignmentWriting.services is around 6 hours and it is quite possible with a team of over 200 retired professors from reputed universities. The turn around time is guaranteed by offering you one of the most efficient order tracking systems available 24/7. It is important have your research actually include the data from an exclusive research which is ensured at AssignmentWriting.services by providing you a free draft prepared exclusively by constituting the factors that would be included for your requirements in less than 2 hours.

3. YourEssayHelper.com

Quality of research paper

YourEssayHelper.com are one among the premium research paper writing companies with a lot of guarantees and professional writers. YourEssayHelper.com claims to have written thousands of research papers and term papers over the years and they will be able to write the most sophisticated research paper within your deadline. YourEssayHelper.com do agree that research paper writing takes time to complete as structuring the research paper is time consuming than conducting research and literature review. YourEssayHelper.com reveals the success formula behind their fast research paper writing as their electronic library which allows their writer do a fast research in comparatively less time using sophisticated search methods. Most of their writers are professionals in preparing research papers for the past many years and knows the requirement of most universities and colleges. YourEssayHelper.com guarantee you original research papers written exactly according to your instructions and cite using any of the style you prefer for example MLA, APA, Turabian or Chicago, Harvard, etc.

The quality of the research papers written by YourEssayHelper.com are guaranteed by a team of proof readers who ensures a 100% authentic and competent term papers and research papers tailored to your expectations and checked for plagiarism. In order to avoid plagiarism YourEssayHelper.com offer complete and correct referencing. The YourEssayHelper.com ensure that your research paper is free of plagiarism and it guarantees you 100% money back if you find your research paper plagiarized. The company lets you have full contact with the writer so as to have a complete cooperation between the customer and the writer in order to make a custom written research paper which goes hand in hand with the expectations of the customer. The team of writers at YourEssayHelper.com comprises of over 200 certified professionals with masters, doctoral and graduation. You can also avail full order tracking and on time delivery is guaranteed with prompt notifications. The company does guarantee you the confidentiality of the personal and payment information.

No. of years of experience

YourEssayHelper.com has been providing quality research paper writing services for the last seven years. They have already completed over thousands of research papers for high school, graduates and doctoral students. The exclusive experience in writing research papers have made them understand the most sought after requirements by the instructors across universities and colleges. The company has been able to set up an online library which makes the research quite easy for writers as developing research papers over a short period of time is challenging and demands expertise. YourEssayHelper.com have developed a team of over 200 certified writers with experience in writing research papers. The company has also developed a well crafted support team with their own plagiarism detecting software and a team of expert editors to proof read the essays.

Customer Support

YourEssayHelper.com offer live chat and dedicated customer service. The customer support team at YourEssayHelper.com can be reached 24/7 and every new customer can reach the support team around the corner. And for the existing customers YourEssayHelper.com offer a dedicated personalized customer service area where in they can access their order information and use other support tools to upload instructions, files, research results and download completed papers. The service is totally operated online so that customers can have complete contact with the writer and great order tracking.


A research paper written for graduate school in 3 days from YourEssayHelper.com cost $20. The pricing varies as your academic level changes. In case of research papers, the research and the efforts for a high school student and a graduate varies greatly so as the price. The rates for research papers can be chosen from the website of YourEssayHelper.com according to your academic level. The rates for research papers are given for a full page of text on Microsoft word and the maximum no. of words on a page can be roughly 320. YourEssayHelper.com guarantee you satisfaction and 100% money back guarantee.

Response to mails

Response to mails at YourEssayHelper.com is ensured through a live chat offered at the website and also through a personalized customer account opened at the time of registration for ordering the research paper. The customer can upload his suggestions on the research paper through his account, he can send in electronic files that would help the research and download the completed paper. The full contact with the writer is guaranteed with YourEssayHelper.com and it ensures the timely reply and action upon it.

Turn around time

The least turn around time with YourEssayHelper.com is 6 hours. The order process is quite simple and transparent with YourEssayHelper.com. The order process starts by the customer places an order and describe about the assignment in it. All the additional information needs to be faxed or uploaded through the personal account on the site of YourEssayHelper.com. As soon as the order is placed, even if it’s at night, the administrator transfers the work to one of the most professional writers who is from the same field of study and the writer prepares the research paper after doing the research. The completed paper is sent to the plagiarism detection team and gets verified there and all the papers are proofread by our editors. The proofread essays are then emailed or can be downloaded from the personal account created on behalf of the customer. The whole process is done with utmost efficiency and every paper goes through these steps even if they are prepared urgently.



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