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You never know when you’ll need a particular kind of information about yourself or someone else. The truth is that various types of information, such as criminal history, current, and past addresses, phone numbers, and more are hard to come by. But the good news is that you can now find all that information in one place. BeenVerified has been at the forefront in giving the public accessibility to kinds of data at incredibly affordable rates. The app puts together all sorts of public records from different sources so that you can access them in just one click.

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About BeenVerified

Based in New York, BeenVerified is a portal that gathers public records and allows users easy accessibility. You no longer have to roam the streets, knocking on companies’ doors to get certain forms and addresses. BeenVerified has almost all the records you may need, and you will be given access at a small fee.

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Additionally, BeenVerified has been featured in various publications such as TechCrunch. Although the portal only makes available public records, it is quite helpful to people who are not so versed with technology. It also makes the work of collecting different kinds of information from other companies easier. However, the best thing about BeenVerified is that all searches are anonymous.

Top Features Of BeenVerified

Reverse Address Lookup

BeenVerified gives its members the chance to look up almost any address in the United States. You will then be given complete search results about the individual or entity whose information you wish to find out. The feature is vital if you want crucial information about the property you want to purchase. In this case, the user may gain access to the physical address of the property and the details of people who are residing in or used to occupy the property.

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People Search

The platform is arguably the best on the internet when it comes to gathering public information. Moreover, people search is BeenVerified’s best draw. With it, you can find piles of information about almost anyone in the United States. The user is required to type in the person’s full name. If your desired person doesn’t pop up, then you can include any additional information that you have on hand. BeenVerified may return comprehensive information about the person, including legal names, age, current and full address, court records, sex offender information, and many more when available.

Reverse Phone and Email Lookup

Sometimes all you have for someone you’ve been dating online is the phone number and email address. Been Verified allows you to search other information about them by searching the phone number or email. Additionally, the reverse phone or email lookup helps the user know whether unknown mails and phone numbers are legitimate or scams. Once you type in the email or telephone, BeenVerified searches its database to get as much information about the sender as possible.

Multi-Device Accessibility

Whether you are using it online or the application, Been Verified works with almost every device at your disposal. All you need to do is log onto it and start doing your search. However, the desktop version has been found easier to use by most users. The reason is that you get to access everything at a glance, without necessarily scrolling several pages and clicking.

Saved History

If you want to have your previous searches saved for future reference, Been Verified will do just that. And this happens for all devices, including desktops, smartphones, and smartwatches. Additionally, any updated information about the person you are interested in will reflect on the portal. You don’t have only to use BeenVerified to search for other people’s data. Users can also use the platform to search their data. They also can learn the kind of information about them that is being shown to the public. Knowing what is out there about you may help in many ways.

What Are BeenVerified’s Plans and Pricing?

BeenVerified gives you access to unlimited reports of different individuals after buying a subscription. Contrary to what many people think, the platform does not charge users for every search. BeenVerified’s plan includes monthly and quarterly subscriptions. The two subscription plans have the same features and benefits to the user. They both give users unlimited searches and background reports. However, purchasing the 3-month membership package offers users an average of 35% savings, unlike the 1-month plan.

How the Service Works

BeenVerified gathers all available information from public sources and stores them in one database. Data is also collected from government databases and social media. Users can then search for the people they want by name, email address, or phone number. BeenVerified will use the information you typed in to scan its database and provide you with comprehensive information about the person. The data is arranged into a neat package for you to view on whichever device you are using. The tool saves users from the trouble of having to walk into government offices to search for information manually. It is important to note that BeenVerified only collects public information. However, it still contains data from sources such as the FBI, courthouses, financial institutions, and many more.


  • A simple search returns comprehensive reports
  • Its customer support is excellent
  • Straightforward plan and pricing
  • Both membership plans come with a wide array of benefits for the user
  • It has the best quality mobile applications
  • Relatively easy to use


  • Information on individuals is not always updated, so it may not be 100% accurate
  • Sometimes the search results take long

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Why should one use BeenVerified?

BeenVerified is your best bet when it comes to legal work. While finding yourself a legal officer could be appealing, using this particular platform could prove to be more convenient. Additionally, you don’t have to spend too much to get specific information. BeenVerified gives you unlimited access to all kinds of public records whenever you need them. The membership subscription fee is nothing near what a legal officer or any other expert would charge you to carry out a single search.

Moreover, you will likely have to pay for every different subsequent search if you decide to take another route other than using BeenVerified. The platform is beneficial if you want to search for an old friend or acquaintance. Additionally, the portal comes with many searching options, where users can search using names, phones, email addresses, and more.

Customers have hailed Been Verified as trustworthy and legitimate. Although there are some concerns about the accuracy of the information it stores, it is typical of a database with so many records. Some of the data stored by BeenVerified is usually found for free online. The only difference is that you can’t always find all the information you need in one place, and that is where BeenVerified comes in. It puts all information in one place so you can find it easily, for a fee of course. In a nutshell, BeenVerified is a must-have for everyone who does searches regularly.


In summary, Been Verified has an unmatched track record when it comes to providing users with comprehensive and organized reports. The fact that the platforms collect the information chronologically, starting with the most basic, makes it one of the best options to find people’s data.

People who are into online dating will also find this service very useful because you no longer have to wait to meet someone physically to know much about them. BeenVerified currently has price-reduction plans designed to make the service more affordable. We highly recommend using BeenVerified as your most preferred background check platform because it is convenient and saves time. Visit the company’s official website to get every other information you need.

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