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6 Tips You Need To Know To Become An Independent Junk Hauling Contractor

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Here are 6 important tips if you are interested in the junk-removing business.

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Gone are the days when one had just a few career options to choose from as a means of employment. Now, one has multiple career options to explore. One such option to make a living is the junk removing business. This is a skilled technician job that requires immense physical strength and strategy planning.

If you think you have it in you to delve deeper into the junk business, then you’re at the right place. Here are some tips for you to begin.

#1 A proper vehicle for pickups

The first step to begin a legitimate junk hauling business is to ensure that you’ve got your transportation figured out. Before you decide whether to borrow your dad’s old pickup truck or buy a new one, there are a few things that you should consider -- the fuel efficiency, the total cost of the entire insurance, and the durability of the vehicle.

We recommend cargo vans as they can carry more than 3000 pounds of weight, which is ideal for bigger junk that one usually aims to pick up. This is a go-to option when you’re picking up old furniture and appliances.

#2 Register your business in the market

No matter what type of business you engage in, it is imperative to let customers know that you’re out there in the market, waiting to be hired. Whether you do this physically or through social media completely depends on your growth model.

Check out what the US laws mention regarding this in detail, and then do the needful. Once you expand your business, you can also think of having digital marketing or an advertising agency on your side so they can help you get your message through to the masses.

#3 Keep polishing your shield

Hey Captain America, even though all you need is the right track, you will often need the best equipment to ensure safety, precision, and detail. Materials like straps, cords, appliance dolly, etc., are very useful, especially for a first-timer.

#4 Have a well-thought-of plan

First of all, write everything down. Ideas, thoughts, finances, and strategies. Once you have everything on paper or excel, you must get it all together.

For example, you have to figure out just how many trucks you are going to have, how many employees at first you can afford, and if you can buy expensive equipment in the beginning. Going ahead without a plan is not advisable since you could make some costly mistakes both for you and your business.

#5 Advertise Yourself

Congratulations, you have made it! You are now self-employed and self-reliant. But becoming a freelancer (at first) gives you greater access to employing yourself. Part of being available for hire is to apply and get jobs in your neighborhood.

Since you’ll be working on a contract basis, you can work on multiple projects simultaneously. But to get to a busy workspace, you need to first sell yourself based on your skills. If you are trained in junk removal, then it’s time to let potential customers know about your skillset and experience through social media or hauling services apps.

#6 Find a reliable crew

To become an independent professional in this field, you’re going to require all the help you need. Having a tight crew will help you complete your appointments, orders, and deliveries in time.

Even if your crew consists of a few consistent and skilled professionals, it will be possible for you to track your pickups and draw up estimates a lot easier than if you were alone.


Removing junk is no easy task. Sometimes you may face a stubborn piece of furniture, and sometimes you may not be able to repurpose an entire lot due to scheduling problems. However, the trick is to keep at it and gain experience.

The more you spend time as an independent professional, the more acquainted you will become with the business and its workings. Was this article helpful to you? Let us know what the challenges were that you have faced as an independent junk hauling professional.

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