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Digital Revolution and TeluguStop.com, One-Stop Telugu News Source

Last updated Tuesday, February 23, 2021 21:06 ET , Source: TeluguStop.com

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As the world continues to evolve, digital journalism has become one of the rising industries in today's times. With the inflow of different information from every single channel, the media industry has been covering all sorts of new reports over time. As a result, the online news portals have been thriving to their fullest.

While all these news portals contain news from all across the world about all communities in the world, finding a platform that provides community-specific news is a challenge. One platform that is offering specialized Telugu News services is TeluguStop.com. It is an online news platform that provides news about the Telugu community to members located in different parts of the world. The team of journalists, writers, and editors work together to cover all types of news for Telugu people that want to stay connected to their community. It is an online news media that does not let the distance deprive people of their right to know about the happenings in their community. With a single click or swipe, people can read interesting stories related to the Telugu community from all across the globe.

Readers can visit the website or download the apps for their Android- or iOS-powered phones. Whether it is a laptop or a smartphone, this online news platform is accessible from everywhere. With a few clicks, people can get access to the latest news and happenings around the Telugu community.

TeluguStop.com operates from a single office located in a small Indian town. Despite operating from a single point, this platform covers stories from the global Telugu community, gathers them in a single website, providing people easy access to it. The subsidiary of TeluguStop.com Media is a company that has fully embraced the concept of remote teams. The company has on-boarded remote reporters who are responsible for covering Telugu news from their specified geolocation. While providing the consumers with easy access to news, this company is part of a digital revolution in news media.

With team members working remotely, TeluguStop.com operates on a business model that is ideal for freelancers. Reporters, journalists, editors, and writers who wish to pursue their passion for working in this industry, along with their other interests, can work with TeluguStop.com that offers a multitude of opportunities to grow. The news platform was founded in 2012, and since then, it has established a worldwide network of reporters that help create a steady flow of news about the Telugu community.

The team works with the Chief Content Editor, Rahul Vadla, who ensures only genuine and unbiased news is provided to the readers and followers. The team works to ensure the authenticity of the news and stories being covered by its reporters working remotely. The organized model has led multiple news portals to refer to TeluguStop.com as a genuine and unbiased news platform.  

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