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Tips to Sleep As You Get Older - By Slumber Search

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Here are a few tips for you to have a night of better sleep as you get older.

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As you get old, you may see yourself waking up all through the night. And you may ask yourself, "Does this occur naturally with age, or is there something wrong? "

Be assured that tossing and turning isn't something to be worried about. A common sleep change that occurs when people age is waking up a lot more frequently. The major factor likely to cause this is physical discomfort, for example, a need to go to the washroom or reposition an aching joint.

The best thing is that older people can get back to sleep as fast as young ones do. And many changes that depend on age usually occur before the age of 60, for instance, the time one takes to fall asleep, which never increases a lot later in life.

Some changes that also happen due to normal aging are sleeping less in total and spending a reduced amount of time in the rapid eye movement cycle. The changes may vary depending on an individual, and generally, men are affected more than women.

Aging doesn't mean you'll sleep restlessly for the remaining part of your life. Although you may not have a way of changing the shifts in your natural sleep tendencies, you may utilize some simple techniques to reduce disruptors and improve the quality of your sleep.

Make use of these tips:

Don't drink any fluids within two hours of your bedtime to reduce trips to the bathroom.

Check your medications and supplements with your physician and think of changes to how you use them that could be affecting the quality of your sleep.

If pain prevents you from falling asleep, let your doctor know this to see if they may recommend a medication to use before sleep. Although this may not prevent you from waking up, you may fall back to sleep easier.

Make your sleep area as dark as you can. This may include turning off the lights from the computer screen, television as well as mobile devices. Light affects the ability of your body to maintain a natural sleep rhythm.

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Avoid alcohol when you're about to go to bed - alcohol may help you fall asleep, but when its effect is over, it's likely to make you stay awake.

Limit the amount of caffeine you take, especially 8 hours before going to bed.

Get out in the fresh air, even if it is just for a walk or a trip on an outdoor form of transport.

To keep a quality sleep cycle, don't exceed 10 to 20 minutes of a daytime nap. If you realize that daytime naps make you less sleepy during bedtime, avoid the naps.

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, try taking one or two milligrams of melatonin roughly two hours before retiring to bed.

It's vital to aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. If you still struggle with poor quality sleep even after following these steps, or you feel tired or sleepy many days, speak to your doctor.

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