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Rehabs Near Me Launches New Rehab Services in the US

Last updated Thursday, February 25, 2021 11:40 ET , Source: RehabsNearMe.org

New rehab services launched by "Rehabs Near Me".

San Diego, CA, 02/25/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

"Rehabs Near Me" has launched a new 24*7 service to assist people who are looking for rehab centers. Rehabs Near Me has also networked with many reputable rehab centers all across the US to provide both InPatient and OutPatient rehab services. With a wide range of options for payment plans and health insurance, it strives to make the rehab process as convenient as possible. The special 24*7 support team has expert personnel to deal with the queries of people looking for an excellent rehab center that would serve their needs. "Rehabs Near Me" looks for the following features in a rehab center before adding it to their partner list.

Need-Based: When it comes to rehab centers, different people have different needs depending upon the severity of the problem and their personal choices. Since most rehab centers have a set of rigid frameworks common for all patients, hence it might not provide the desired outcome. In such a case, choosing a service that provides an option to match the best suitable rehab center according to one's needs can give much better results.

Insurance Policy: Rehabilitation costs can be brought down by using the right insurance policy. There are various insurance policies available nowadays and when it comes to rehabilitation, people are often confused whether their selected insurance policy covers it or not. The 24*7 assistance provided by RehabsNearMe.org can be utilized to know whether their insurance policy covers the rehab cost. Since “RehabsNearMe” works with numerous rehab service providers, they can rightly match a person with the right rehab center which accepts their insurance policy.

Inpatient vs Outpatient Rehab: Due to some or the other reason, some people might not choose to get addiction treatment by staying in a rehab center. For such people, RehabsNearMe.org can provide many options for outpatient rehab facilities. There are various benefits for outpatient rehabilitation some of which include getting family support, low cost, maintaining employment, and remaining in touch with the outside world. For people who have many day-to-day responsibilities or who are the sole/major breadwinners of their family, they usually look for a convenient outpatient rehab that can help them balance both ends (rehab and family).

Duration: The recovery time for each person seeking rehab will be different based on their addiction history. There are three main basic treatment options in most of the rehabs which are the 30-day program, 60-day program, and 90-day program. Apart from this, one can also avail of extended duration rehab programs. For most people, availing of a 3-month program suits better as addiction treatment involves a recovery phase during which a patient may go through various cycles of physical and emotional changes as the mind and body will take time to adjust to a new state. Longer duration rehabs prove much more successful as a longer period of abstinence from alcohol/drugs makes a person feel comfortable even without using such substances.

Holistic Approach: Rather than choosing a treatment method that primarily relies on medications, a holistic approach focuses on the larger target which is the overall well-being. Holistic therapy includes various therapies some of which are yoga, meditation, massage, spiritual therapy, exercise, nutrition, and counseling. A holistic approach tries to find the root cause of addiction followed by its elimination. Identifying the underlying cause of addiction is much more important than simply providing medication. The combined power of yoga, meditation, the right nutrition, and spiritual guidance can drastically change one's morals and attitude towards addiction.

Individual Support: Some organizations operate rehabs as a pure business model. This means that their main focus is to get as many patients as they can and to get the maximum returns on their investment. This approach deteriorates the quality of rehab centers and people do not see expected results which further makes people believe that rehabs are not conducive options for the treatment of drug addiction. A rehab center must pay focus to an individual level to ensure good results. Rehabs Near Me works with only reputed and caring rehab centers which pay top-notch support to individual needs. Some addiction cases also involve mental health issues and such patients must be given more attention as they cope with emotional imbalances which can pose a serious challenge if such cases are not adequately handled.

Ready for Self Improvement: A rehab center must make a person strong enough to go through self-improvement when he steps out of the rehab center. One cannot judge the effectiveness of a rehab program by the behavior of an individual with the premises of the rehab center because patients receiving rehab support may start resorting to drug/alcohol abuse once they go out of the rehab center. To impart high resilience against drugs/alcohol, a rehab center must effectively use alternate natural therapies like yoga and meditation along with regular counseling to make a person ready for self-improvement in the outside world. "Rehabs Near Me" carefully selects and associates with only those rehab centers which make a person strong from within to resist the cravings for alcohol and drugs.

Overcoming Fear and Compulsions: People who become addicts to one or the other substance often develop an inferiority complex and self-guilt within themselves. Sometimes such tendencies lead to self-isolation and suicidal thoughts. If proper care is not taken to address such issues, they can become life-threatening too. Therefore it is imperative that the rehab must conduct an extensive check of the physical, mental and social behavior of an individual. With proper care and counseling, such behaviors can be controlled and good results can be obtained.

"RehabsNearMe" focuses on providing the best possible rehab experience due to which it carefully selects its rehab partners. Only those rehab centers which provide comprehensive and guided care to the needs of every patient are partnered with. To get linked with the best rehab service provider in your area, get started with RehabsNearMe.org

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