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Gaggle Studios Sharing 4 Fun Activities To Do During Social Distancing

Last updated Monday, March 1, 2021 22:14 ET , Source: Gaggle Studios

As people are trying to find new ways to stay connected and have fun during the pandemic, Gaggle studios is happy to introduce fun activities for people to stay happy during social distancing.

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Thanks to modern day technology and human creativity, there are many ways to get together with friends and family without having to be in the same room.

Virtual chats and online party games have helped us immensely during these challenging times. The fact that we can all get together and see and hear each other without actually leaving our homes has made social distancing a bit easier to handle. If you’re bored at home and are looking for new activities to do with family and friends while staying inside, make sure you give these a try:

Online group workouts

Staying motivated to exercise is difficult, so why not get some help from you friends or your workout group? Hop on a Zoom call and hold a virtual workout session together. Not only will you get to have fun while interacting with people, but the activity will also be great for your physical and mental health.

Virtual escape rooms and party games

Like most small businesses, escape rooms have had to close their doors to the public in many countries, but some creative minds have figured out a way to bring the experience online. Virtual escape rooms are a big hit right now. Now you can enjoy a fully immersive virtual gaming experience that comes with video chat already integrated into the game you download. Online escape rooms host up to 4 people while some party games can be played by up to 16 people!

Online cooking party

Nothing brings people together as successfully as food does, so try organizing an at-home cooking competition with friends or family and show off how good a chef you are. Gather up some friends and hop on a Zoom call. Go through each others’ pantry, pick the ingredients for each others’ dishes and get creative! Since you can’t judge based on taste (sad sigh), develop a scoring system for creativity, presentation, or other criteria.

Stream movies together

Being apart doesn’t mean you can’t watch movies together. You can use tools such as Teleparty to chat while watching your favourite tv show or movie! This way, you can comment on your favourite characters and keep the weekly movie nights going no matter where you are.

And there you have it. Staying at home doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with the people you love, and these activities are the perfect solution for keeping in touch with everyone you love. Give them a try.

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