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"How important is my essay for me?" - How Global Pandemic is Impacting Students.

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How the pandemic impacted students all over the world? Read the report by EssayBox.org

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The year 2020 was undoubtedly one of the toughest years for humanity. The COVID-19 pandemic hit all countries on all fronts, from economics to private life. Education was no exception. The majority of academic institutions had to turn to an online education model virtually overnight. This created turbulence in many aspects of academic life and, among other hectic innovations, caused faculty to emphasize homework and writing assignments (such as essays) to compensate for the lack of in-class interaction and in-person communication with students.

And what about students themselves? As per the representative of the popular essay writing service, www.EssayBox.org, the long-lasting impact of this rapid digital transformation on studies and students' academic achievements has yet to be fully assessed. However, there is plenty of evidence already that, for many, an increased volume of essay assignments has turned to be a shocking experience. Social media and opinion polls are full of negative students' and parents' feedback, among other problems listing shortage of time to fulfill all the essay tasks, lack of live communication with peers and guidance from teachers, damaged school-life balance, and even an indication of increased health problems arising from stress and lack of physical exercises.

Under these conditions, it is not surprising that some of the most popular search engine requests in 2020 were "Do my essay for me," "Do my college essay," and "Do my essay for me cheap." In other words, students are actively looking for help in completing their ever increased volume of essays and other written assignments. Who can blame them for this? Do they really have a choice? What are the arguments in support and against such services?

To answer these questions, let's consider an insider's perspective from one of the most popular online essay service providers. We'd like to share with you some of the answers from our hour-long interview with a senior account manager from EssayBox below.


Q: Why is there a demand for the "do my essay for me" kind of services?

A: Life is not an easy and carefree journey, neither is the education process. Often it is hard to plan and fulfill things as there are so many other obligations for young adults. Even the best students may occasionally experience difficulties completing their essay assignments under certain, often unpredicted circumstances, occasional overload with other academic tasks, collisions with private life, work, and health problems. We're all human beings, not machines that can operate multiple tasks at a time, maintaining excellent quality.

EssayBox and other companies provide a solution for when all the circumstances turn against students, and they cannot but fail that important essay assignment if left struggling on their own. In my opinion, such services exist because there are circumstances in life that leave people no other choice regarding academic writing assignments.

Q: How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact the situation on the market? Do customers make fewer or more orders at EssayBox these days?

A: We have been operating in this market for over a decade. Nothing has been as dynamic since day one as the recent boom in written assignment requests caused by the global pandemic. We've definitely experienced an increase in online essay orders in 2020.

Obviously, the pandemic has hit students hard. And I am not only talking about requests associated with essays and other academic papers tasks. Other things put pressure on students, such as overexposure to gadgets and screens, passive way of living, lack of open-air activities, and physical exercise. You know, when you spend the larger part of the day studying online on a sofa, having that 3-5 pages essay to complete in the evening can be overkill for both mind and body.

We had to keep on hiring more and more professional essay writers in 2020 to keep up with the demand. Thankfully, the custom essay market has become more saturated with professional writers, many of whom had to leave their jobs in academia due to the shortage of class-work and curtailment of teaching programs.

Q: So, requests associated with essays are your "bread and butter," so to speak. What else are your customers willing to pay for?

A: Indeed, the most frequent request is literally "do my essay for me". An essay is our main product, comprising all difficulty levels and all types, for example, admission essay, compare and contrast essay, persuasive essay, expository essay, scholarship application essay, and others.

Besides essays, students also turn to us for professional editing & proofreading services, writing theses, dissertations, and many other types of academic papers, for reference, of course. Clients are also frequently looking for cheap private coaching and training on how to write a high-quality academic paper – we can provide these services as well.

Q. Do you think that some may view such an essay market as one with somewhat questionable practices?

A. We understand that there are different views out there. Just as some cannot cope, due to objective reasons, with an excessive volume of essay assignments, there may just as well be those who give these tasks in the first place and who cannot get at why some students turn to the pay for essay companies. I do understand that in the pandemic reality, some academia representatives lose their jobs, and those who are left have to bear all the hardships. It is my strong belief that many teachers essentially fail to acknowledge students' problems, or they cannot adopt a personalized, flexible approach to education, allowing some individuals to study at their own pace (e.g., take essay assignments at a more convenient time).

We are proud to admit that EssayBox custom essay service is filling in these academic gaps and, basically, offering a helping hand to those students in great need of professional essay writing assistance. To my mind, the "pay someone to do my essay for me" kind of attitude is an objective need, not an act of doing something inappropriate.

By assisting in writing essays, we also teach people how to be better writers themselves. We have a dedicated service where one can pay a professional writer to teach the art of high-quality essay writing in a 1-2 hour one-on-one online session. Similarly, when doing editing & proofreading, we supplement a clean copy with a document in a track changes format for our client to see exactly what kind of changes and improvements have been made.

Q. What do students say about essay services like yours? Do you have any feedback to support your arguments?

A. EssayBox team continuously receives feedback from their customers, who, in most cases, admit that our service is undoubtedly helping students to become better at writing essays and other academic papers. However, the most frequent kind of comment we read in our customer feedback messages is how our essay services are helping students to succeed in academic programs and receive high grades.

I think it's worth mentioning that such feedback often goes hand-in-hand with students enjoying more time dedicated to other important tasks and time to spend with their families and friends. I think that, for any essay service provider, the best reward is an acknowledgment that their business is contributing to the healthier and happier lives of their customers.

Q. Where is this all heading? When do you think the pandemic pressure on education would subside?

A. To my mind, we are probably approaching the middle of this crisis, with, potentially, half of the people already having developed immunity and many countries actively providing vaccinations for their citizens. However, scientists say that COVID-19 is mutating – adapting to the human counter-measures. Alas, there is no guarantee that nothing similar to COVID-19 would pop up around the corner in the future as well.

So, it looks like this new reality is most likely to stay with us, and we'd better get used to it. Essay services would continue to offer a hand of help as long as students continue to bear the inadequate pressures from intense academic programs. One customer once wrote to us that she (I quote) "would rather find someone to do my college essay for me than fail in my class." In this situation, our priority is to provide high-quality essay services to help students like her.

Q. Speaking about the paid essay services – how much do they differ from country to country?

A. Certainly, there are countries with higher demand for essay writing and editing than others. To my best understanding, this depends on a number of factors, the main ones being the number and density of population, state of the education system as well as the health of the Economy. We operate internationally, and it's not difficult for us to see that, for example, countries like the US, UK, and Canada constitute the majority of our clients' base. There is a demand in other countries too, but often language differences constitute a barrier. For instance, countries like France, Germany, Italy, or Spain potentially could be generating a good pool of customers if they had more international-oriented universities practicing English language essay assignments.

Q. There is a wide range of price tags for essay services – certain companies have higher prices than the others. We noticed you have some of the cheapest on the market – could you tell us more about a typical pricing policy?

A. We have been operating on the custom writing market long enough to understand that no matter how excellent your product is, you won't sell it if it is overpriced. Students in their vast majority prefer cheap services with good quality. Hence, we've adjusted our price model to account for this need: we offer valuable first-entry discounts, loyalty programs for returning customers, several elements of our essay services come gratis (e.g., title page and bibliography list), there is a free database of essay samples, cheap high school and undergraduate papers, and much more.

I want to make it clear – despite some of the lowest base essay prices on the pay for essay market, we never compromise on the quality of our services. We value our reputation; it took us great efforts to earn it over the years of outstanding work. Losing reputation is easy, while earning it back would be next to impossible.

I know that some unscrupulous competitors try to use pandemic hysteria to earn more by lowering essay quality while offering more expensive products overall and even increasing the delivery speed. This is definitely not the right way for us. We focus on both the high quality and affordability of essay writing.

If someone is wondering, "who can do my essay for me?" or is curious, how much we will charge for their particular essay – they are welcome to get in touch with our live customer support service or leave a request on the website.

Q. Thank you for your time and for sharing your thoughts! Would you like to wish anything to the students for 2021?

A. Above all, I wish everyone to stay healthy, take all the necessary precautions to avoid exposure to the virus, and for those who had a misfortune to make contact with it – to get well soon! Life goes on, so do academic studies, including essay assignments, no matter how exhausting and unfair they may be at these turbulent times.

As for our company - we are happy that our work can take off some of this burden and stress from our customers' shoulders. We are here for everyone, and we are working hard to improve the quality of our custom essay services while maintaining some of the cheapest prices so that anyone in need of academic advice or academic paper writing help can get it without any hassle.


In Conclusion

The digitalization of the education system is not a 2020 invention. It has been flooding our educational institutions since the invention of the personal computer and Internet, incrementally changing every aspect of academic life. However, due to the global pandemic, the worldwide digital evolution of education has experienced one of the greatest boosts ever. The changes turned to be so disruptive that not every institution was able to adapt its programs to the new online reality, failing to make them interactive and encouraging enough.

Increasing the number of writing take-home assignments, such as essays, is a quick fix. But it also puts unprecedented pressure on students forcing them to resort to the online pay for essay service providers to avoid failing their academic programs, developing depression, and other health problems.

Under an increased demand, the market where the major question of a customer sounds like "please do my essay for me" has become more competitive than ever. It is not difficult to find a cheaply priced essay service with an acceptable quality level. For the first time, students today do not need to pay for many extras, such as title and bibliography pages, one-on-one feedback sessions with editors, exemplary essay samples, etc.

The ethics of paying to have your essay done by a professional writer also requires a serious rethinking. As uncovered in our interview, the current academic online assignments are lacking personalized approaches, often leaving students no other choice but to seek professional academic assistance online.

Teachers who give these assignments are often equally overloaded and confused, as their academic institutions have laid off their peers and increased the workload for those remaining. On top of that, they are tasked with mastering new online tools and transferring the existing educational programs online, sometimes virtually overnight. Who can blame them for failing to make these programs immediately interactive and encouraging, indeed?

Under these circumstances, the online essay providers are taking over the role of students' coaches. Many companies, such as the one whose representative we had the opportunity to interview, EssayBox, besides essays on demand, are offering personalized training sessions with professional editors, proofreaders, and experts in almost any discipline. That's a win-win. To our mind, this deserves nothing but respect.

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