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Outriders Guide - Boost Your Game, D3Hell.com Tips For New Players

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Outriders guide covering the 4 new classes. Get the early boost your need to progress fast with these tips from D3Hell - Gaming Evolved

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Today we are going to discuss the best way to boost your in-game experience and enjoy everything Outriders has to offer in the world of Enoch. D3Hell.com decided to share their expertise when it comes to the Shooter genre, and increase your understanding of this game. We will go through each class and class-specific abilities, explain the connection between bullets & spells, and the best way to build your party for end game activities.

What is new in Outriders - How best to boost your damage?

The game starts off with one of the four classes introduced in the April 1st release (we are not going to make any April's fool joke today, sadly) and allows players to mix and match a plethora of skills & abilities in order to achieve their desired DPS, Tank or versatile build they are after. As we don't have much info on every skill available in the game, what little was introduced in the Demo released in early 2021 made it clear that besides bombs & bullets, all 4 classes will feature diverse elemental abilities that will wreak havoc on the horde of enemies you are going to face. Not only will you be able to cast crowd control freezing spells or soak your enemies in burning flames, but the items you equip will also enjoy bonus % dmg to the elemental type you are going for. Your elemental damage, besides a boost from your elemental skill tree, will also benefit from bonuses on your weapons, gear & role-specific items. If deciding to play a frost class - Technomancer, make sure to farm for that unique legendary with a bonus to cold damage; maximising your DPS output means having gear that is in tune with your class-specific damage type.

The Four Classes Explained

On release, Square Enix will introduce four classes to the game, each with its own unique playstyle and abilities to complement the class-specific playstyle.


This is the tank/melee class with dedicated close combat abilities and advantages. If you are looking for a smash & crush playstyle, this is your pick. Not only will you enjoy the highest hp pool in the game, but your melee skill will also inflict bleed on all enemies in close proximity and heal as they wither away under your foot. Items with a bonus to bleeding targets are your go-to gear for this class.

Class Specific Traits - 15% Increased Max Health, 30% Armor Increase, close range takedowns heal for 24% of missing health.


A fire spawning medium-range havoc wrecker that will burn enemies both at close and medium combat distance. Your melee skill inflicts fire and burns enemies to cinders while healing you for your missing health. Sprinting while using your melee launches you into a fire slam that has a short cooldown and damages all nearby enemies inflicting burn damage. Items with % bonus damage to burning targets are optimal gear choices for this class.

Class Specific Traits - Receive 10% additional anomaly power, skills Mark damaged enemies, getting takedown on a Marked enemy heals you for 24% of missing health.


This is your long-range, sniper gameplay style class. Besides taking down enemies from a safe distance, you will also enjoy bonuses to healing skills and an up to 15% damage increase on long-range weapons. Using your melee ability will unleash a freezing wave locking down enemies where they stand for few seconds, allowing for safer engagements. Paired with the Pyromancer you can turn your game into a pure symphony of frost & flame. Items with a bonus to cold damage are mandatory for dishing out optimal damage.

Class Specific Traits - Increase Long Range weapons damage by 15%, increase Skill Leech by 15%, and increase Weapon Leech by 15%


Another melee class with versatile skills adept at both dealing damage and surviving crowded encounters. The fastest class in the game adept at taking down enemies from behind and engaging in and out of combat in the blink of a second. Your Melee Skill inflicts slow to nearby enemies and activating it while sprinting will unleash a powerful ground slam with a medium area of effect.

Class Specific Traits - Nearby kills grant shield in addition to healing a portion of your hp, 5% increase to health & 5% damage mitigation when having shields active. Every close range takedown grants 12% shield in addition to restoring 20% health.

Single Player vs. Multiplayer

This really comes down to personal preference; some find the solo experience much more enjoyable as it offers full control over everything that is happening on the screen, whereas others will enjoy the havoc and mayhem 3 players can do at the same time in any single encounter. Multiplayer is rumored to feature bonuses to experience & loot find as to incentivize playing in a party and finding that perfect coop group you need to finally takedown on more difficult content such as raids, bosses & other high-value targets and areas.

Although our personal preference is starting off on your own in order to learn all the details and get a true feeling of your character, end game activities will always require coop in order to finish successfully. The campaign will probably be doable solo or in a party, but end game raids & bosses will probably require a well-coordinated 3-6 man teams in order to execute successfully.

Best Places to find Teammates to boost your progress?

Square Enix mentioned in this post that their in-game matchmaking system would work for both campaign and post campaign activities. They also introduced a difficulty adjustment for new players joining others with further progression throughout the game as to even out the field and ensure everyone gets to enjoy the game as they planned to.

Discord Servers

Discord is a great place to find players to tag along with; almost every dedicated group of players uses discord or some other similar platform in order to coordinate their play and put that game chemistry to use when it comes down to raids and other end game activities. There is no way around it; if you want to get to the top 1% playerbase or be among the first to finish newly released encounters, you will have to go the extra mile and build your teams manually.

Twitch, Reddit & Facebook Groups

Another great alternative to Discord is Twitch streamers, Reddit & Facebook groups dedicated to Outriders. Not only can you find great players to matchup with, but also you can enjoy gameplay clips & tips from the community on encounters you found yourself stuck on. Twitch, on the other hand, is a great place to find individual talented players that are known to go on 30+h streaming sprees raising awareness for various humanitarian causes, research & medical centers. Not only will you enjoy great content about the game and watch your favorite streamer live, but you can contribute to various causes just by watching - isn't that nice?

Dedicated Boosting Websites

Another great alternative for people that don't have the time or lack the skills to progress as fast as they'd like is D3Hell.com. Besides great content for new players in the form of guides and free coaching on optimizing your build, you can use their comp building service and get matched with professional players that are playing video games for a living. Helping others through hard content, which would take weeks or months for some to complete, is one of their major activities for the past few years. Additionally, you can find fully-fledged builds that follow the latest Meta in the game, better known as cookie cutter builds, that will make your play-through much more enjoyable.

How serious are these groups - Is it worth spending time to build comps manually?

Although Square Enix announced, their in-game matchmaking system is tailored to provide fast and seamless matchmaking service, the top of the line players in almost any FPS game always opt to take it one step further. Handpicking your teammates is one of the best ways to ensure an enjoyable gameplay experience, whether they are friends you knew or avid gamers you met online looking for the same thing. Make sure to do your own research before trying any of the three alternatives above and check the players you play with against the global leaderboards score. Many popular twitch streamers can be found there, some use discord for LFG, and D3Hell is known to have dedicated groups of gamers ready to help boost your character and experience in Outriders regardless if you are a new or veteran fps player. In addition to leaderboards, there are also dedicated review platforms that some LFG services use where players can review their work, many streamers have large followings, and some websites use FB or Trustpilot review systems where people using them can vouch for their work.

That's it for this initial Outriders update, the game looks promising on first look, and according to the demo we had the chance to play the previous week, we can already tell this does feel like an AAA title. Although not much was revealed when it comes to end game content, we leave that to you to discover. The world of Enoch awaits...

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