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Video Creators Find the Perfect Soundtrack In Seconds With Audiosocket’s New AI Similarity Search

Last updated Thursday, March 4, 2021 17:20 ET

Music licensing company, Audiosocket, releases new AI similarity search feature. Promises video creators will find the perfect soundtrack in seconds.

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Today, Audiosocket announces the release of a new AI similarity search tool, empowering creators to quickly find the perfect music for their videos and media. With it, video creators can simply upload a track or paste the URL of any song into the search bar and get similar results within seconds. The search tool supports URLs from YouTube and users also have the option to upload MP3 and WAV files.

Often, creators find it difficult to describe the songs they like, or they fall in love with a famous song but are unable to pay the prohibitively expensive licensing fees. Audiosocket’s new AI search enables them to find highly-accurate similar songs quickly and easily.

Additionally, it allows media makers of all types to dramatically reduce the time they spend looking for music. After extensive customer interviews, Audiosocket found this time expense to be one of the biggest pain points of users globally. As they say, time is money, and very few have enough of either, so they set out to introduce a game-changing solution to leave users with more of both.

Audiosocket AI Similarity Search
Audiosocket AI Similarity Search

Previously, video makers relied on keyword searches when searching music licensing sites. The main problem with this method is that there is not a mutually-agreed upon language to describe music. Moods like ‘Happy’, ‘Angry’ or ‘Aggressive’ mean different things to different people, depending on the listener. Searching in this way, users must put into words exactly what they require, and still are not guaranteed the desired results. This leads to hours spent rifling through music that doesn’t meet expectations. This is a time-consuming process that Audiosocket is improving.

A common issue Audiosocket has noted in the past 12 years is that delivering expected results can be troublesome. Even among top music supervisors, it is well established that music descriptions are subjective and involve lengthy timelines trying to identify what clients want. This tool will drastically cut down on those cycles.” - Jenn Anderson-Miller, CEO of Audiosocket

Audiosocket’s subscription plans start from $15 for individual creators, and $69 for small businesses. With their new similarity search technology, they are truly changing the game and creating affordable and innovative options for creators all over the globe. We work with users such as Disney, HBO, Lexus and VICE. See what Vice had to say here:

"Audiosocket never fails to supply awesome tunes for any kind of project I may be working on. Great music with quick, easy & friendly service all around!” Jackie Palazzolo, Vice Media

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About Audiosocket

Audiosocket is a music licensing company that makes finding and licensing great music simple. Unlike the limitations provided by generic stock music, Audiosocket’s tracks are written, recorded and produced by trending indie bands, DJ’s and notable Hollywood composers. Audiosocket has aligned its values with those of its artists and clients, providing remarkable music at fair rates. Clients trust Audiosocket to deliver the best pre-cleared music at rates they can afford. Plus, artists share equally in revenues so they can continue to create great music.

Audiosocket changed the game in 2011 by introducing MaaS (Music-as-a-Service), a micro licensing platform that offered the first ever personal licenses online. This solved a range of problems, including the need for attorneys to navigate licensing agreements and the prerequisite of a large budget to receive assistance from labels.

"Audiosocket never fails to supply awesome tunes for any kind of project I may be working on. Great music with quick, easy & friendly service all around!” Jackie Palazzolo, Vice Media


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