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ITBizTek Explains The Difference Between Helpdesk and IT support

Last updated Friday, March 5, 2021 18:02 ET , Source: ITBizTek

Over the years, the way in which we conduct business has changed significantly. ITBizTek has been providing premium IT support for Toronto business owners.

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While we have not moved completely away from face-to-face sales, we can see a growing trend in online services. We have even changed the way in which we store client data and company information. Most businesses are moving away from the hard copy approach for a more streamlined and environmentally friendly option by opting for cloud storage instead. With all of this in mind, you might be wondering what you can do to keep up with these changes and ensure that your business is not left behind. Do you need a help desk or IT support? ITBizTek will tell you the differences.

What can a help desk provide?

A help desk is a central point that you or your employees can contact in the event of a problem. The operators will assess the situation and help determine the cause. They might be able to help you resolve the issue over the phone or they might need to send a technician out if it cannot be fixed remotely. Help desk operators are problem solvers and you should not expect any proactive steps with regards to system upkeep or maintenance. They will only take action when called upon.

What to expect from IT support

An IT company, on the other hand, will be able to provide you with a full range of services and assistance with the latest technology. When you hire such a team, you can be sure that they will perform an in-depth initial assessment before making the relevant recommendations regarding any upgrades. This team pays attention to the smallest of details to ensure that your business runs smoothly and you enjoy the highest level of security. Keeping your business both efficient and your data secure. They are also known for taking proactive measures so as to prevent any unnecessary downtime and to help you stay ahead of the game.

As you can see, the two services are very different from one another. While they both offer some excellent advantages, full IT support is clearly the better choice. This is because you don't need to wait for something to go wrong before you fix it. You can also leave it all up to the professionals while focusing on other pressing matters that help keep your business running. Remember, when choosing an IT team, you should verify their credentials, experience and research the company before signing any agreements. Make sure that you will indeed get the services you need at a reasonable rate.

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