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Gilmedia Chooses The Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

Last updated Sunday, March 7, 2021 13:36 ET , Source: Gilmedia

Social media platforms have been popular among customers and businesses. Gilmedia is happy to talk about the steps to find the right platform for your business.

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Normal people browse social media many times a day to spice up their life while business owners want to push their content to attract attention. It is true that opening a social media account is free, but managing multiple accounts could be time consuming. Most local business owners do not have the luxury to hire a professional social media manager or SEO expert to help them, so it is important to compare the features of different social media platforms and just focus on the most effective ones.


When we talk about social media, lots of people will mention Facebook immediately. It has a large base of users, and it also offers paid campaigns for advertisers to reach potential customers. Before you start to invest in Facebook ads, you can get yourself a company page and start to attract followers. The more followers you get, the more for you to understand the demographics and preferences from your customers.

In general, Facebook is quite common for any business, but it also has a lot of features and functions that business owners might take time to familiarize themselves with.


If your target market is young people, you should definitely consider Instagram. More and more young people use Instagram instead of Facebook on their daily basis. It is easy to navigate and master. Moreover, it also offers paid ads and shopping features. If you sell products, you can utilize the features.


If you sell art related products, you should consider Pinterest as well. SImilar to Instagram, it offers millions of photos and videos for users. If you have a stock of beautiful photos of your products, you can definitely post them on Pinterest.


Twitter is more about sharing short information, so there are not so many complicated functions and features. A lot of business owners still use it to send out important messages like promotions.


While TikTok might be as common as the above platforms, it has successfully attracted millions of loyal users. There are also lots of businesses that get great leads and sales from TikTok. If you are quite creative, you should not miss it.

It takes time to take a good advantage of a good platform. Sometimes business owners can just choose the ones that they use the most. If they have the budget to hire a professional marketing agency like Gilmedia, they can get more exposure to multiple platforms.

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