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Uullu Launches New Interactive Advertising Format to Eliminate Click Fraud

Last updated Sunday, March 7, 2021 13:32 ET , Source: Uullu.com

The Morrocan digital advertising company, Uullu, is launching a new interactive advertising format that will eliminate click fraud.

Rabat, Morocco, 03/07/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Uullu, the Moroccan advertisement technology company, is launching a new interactive advertising format with an aim to help clients run online marketing campaigns more effectively by eliminating click fraud. With a mission to be among the top ad tech companies of the world, Uullu, under the leadership of Hicham Lamsaouri, is investing in advanced technology and innovation to improve the functioning of online advertising.

In the words of CEO Hicham Lamsaouri, the company is “focusing more on improving the transparency of the online advertising market and fighting ad fraud.” Starting from a garage in 2019 as a search engine, it has been an impressive journey of transformation to be among the leaders of the tech space.

Uullu is among the most sought-after companies in the online advertisement space, with a long list of reputed clients leveraging the technological edge to run ad campaigns more effectively. Visualizing the challenges of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and increasing concern for consumer privacy, Uullu will discontinue using cookies to target or personalize ads.

It is a fact that digital marketers waste billions in click fraud, and bot-enabled ad fraud is the top concern of CMOs. The pay-per-click ad model revolutionized digital marketing, but automated software programmed clicks making it extremely difficult for businesses to run ad campaigns effectively. According to a recent study, bots account for 23% of video ads and 111% of display ads views.

Publishers are wasting huge amounts annually, while advertisers are losing credibility. The effective customer acquisition cost is rising, and Uullu is launching the new ad format to help publishers target ads contextually. The core idea is to deliver ads based on user intent through targeted keywords and the context of the content. It is not just about increasing visibility but helps clients acquire or retain quality customers. Thanks to highly skilled professionals, Uullu is launching the new machine-learning algorithm-based interactive advertising format to help clients generate quality online traffic with the best ROI.

Since the attention span of the average consumer is on the decline, the effective contextual need for matching and display of ads is bound to trigger a positive response from users. Since ad fraudsters are getting more technically sophisticated to make the traffic look more human, Uullu’s interactive ad format is trying to make the ad an “experience” to trigger positive engagement with users. Ad publishers are aware of the fact the better engagement and connection results in better marketing ROI. Looking beyond the traditional passive ad experience, Uullu is offering a highly advanced interactive ad platform to boost engagement not just to save money that goes waste in click frauds but make your brand and product build a necessary connection with the target audience and gather qualified leads.

Making Ad Personal in Real-time

There is a strong sense of dislike for ads among internet users, especially shown on mobile devices as they consume content privately. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to see ads, but they want to see only those which are relevant to them. So, the new interactive advertisement format, a kind of one-on-one marketing, is gaining currency among digital markets as it adjusts and responds in real-time according to user behavior. This decade is all about personalization, so ad publishers are looking for something that could be more personal without breaching privacy. The tools used for interactive advertisement might vary depending on product or brand identity, but the core is to trigger a positive response from the target audience, and this could be possible only when one feels connected to the messaging.

Studies suggest that effective use of interactive ads has the potential to convert more prospects into the sales funnel and minimize the buying cycle. Uullu’s new interactive ad format offers precise ad targeting based on user real-time content consumption behavior, thus making ad breach the perceptual barrier.

Engaging User Smartly

Neo-age consumers are smart as they have access to all possible information needed for quality decision-making. With interactive ad format, you can grab attention effectively as users are subconsciously in the same mental frame. It is all about matching ads with interest, thus creating a memorable experience. The machine-learning algo-based contextual interest filtering and positioning help in delivering the message effectively. In a crowded market space, it is all about how efficiently you differentiate yourself from the competition, and interactive ads could help you do that with better ROI as you keep click frauds away.

Improve Conversion

It is a fact the outdated lead generation tactics are losing effectiveness, and Uullu’s engagement-focused innovative interactive ad format is going to help you improve lead conversion. With better attention and interest match, one can expect to increase conversions significantly. Since all depend on the effectiveness of targeting personalized content, Uullu is making it simple for ad publishers to track performance through quality analytics.

Better Return on Investment

The context-focused personalisation helps in improving the visibility of your ads as people love sharing rewarding experiences. The element of virality boosts your traffic, generates more leads, and of course, makes internet marketing more cost-effective. Beyond brand awareness and better visibility, ultimately, it is all about strengthening the bottom-line. The passionate team of Uullu under the leadership of Hicham Lamsaouri is all set to transform the digital marketing experience with all-new interactive ad formats to help ad publishers relax as there won’t be worries of wasting money on click frauds.

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