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What Kind of Business Loans does Ziploan Offer to Companies in India?

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Expand your Business this year with Ziploan Business Loan.

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For a business to do away with the day-to-day expenses, investing in machinery/equipment, recruiting the best talent, etc, a business loan becomes very essential. Moreover, ass the business grows, it becomes paramount to have enough funding to expand, and a business loan from Ziploan is something that comes as a boon to help with the right funding at the right time. As compared to other options available in the market, business loans are one of the easiest, quickest, and the most convenient ways to get the funds for the growing business.

This will make sense when a business owner opts for Ziploan business loans. Ziploan offering consists of an unsecured business loan which is simply nothing but a business loan without collateral that helps in getting the funding for a business, without providing any security. Below is a glimpse of business loans that a business owner can choose from.

1. SME/ MSME Business Loan

    Micro, small, and medium business loan, also very well known as MSME loan is deliberated to meet all the funding requirements of small and medium enterprises, and it is also proven out to be one of the most convenient options as well.

    Ziploan offers MSME loans without any collateral ranging from Rs. 1 up to Rs. 7.5 lakhs, and moreover, it also has a flexible ticket size, meaning pick the amount as required, so that withdrawing as per the business requirements is made possible.

    Further, the repayment tenure at Ziploan specifically starts from 12 months up to 36 months. So it does not become a burden and the business owner can get enough time to even repay the MSME loan amount.

    Moreover, Ziploan offers SME loans without any pre-payment charges once the payment of the initial first 6 EMIs (excluding pre-EMI) is done.

    2. Business Loan for Women

      Ziploan encourages and inspires the rising women entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and grow and expand their business with the help of Ziploan business loans. To make this happen, Ziploan offers business loans for women at competitive business loan interest rates that are best in the market.

      Nevertheless, Ziploan business loan eligibility is quite easy to satisfy. Ziploan also offers an online application process thereby making the application easy for the applicants. Simply qualify the criteria by meeting minimal eligibility criteria, while the documents required for a business loan at Ziploan are also very minimal and basic.

      3. Machinery Loan

        Ziploan offers machinery loans without providing any collateral or security ranging from Rs. 1 lakh up to 7.5 lakh at competitive and attractive business loan interest rates with flexible loan tenures. The machinery business loan eligibility criteria are easy to fulfill and require very minimal documentation to process. To avail a machinery loan from Ziploan, all that is needed is simply to visit the website security and check the business loan eligibility. As a next step, once the eligibility criteria are fulfilled, then fill up the business loan application form with the information asked and the business loan amount that is required for the business. And lastly, upload all the documents on the website.

        Further, Ziploan will process the application, and if the business owner is able to meet the eligibility criteria, they will approve the application. Post signing the contract, the funds will be credited directly to the owner’s bank account. The business owner can then use these funds to buy the machinery as per his/her business requirements.

        4. Working Capital Loan

          Availing a secured business loan or as also known as a business loan with collateral is often difficult when the business owner wants to avail a business loan. It is always seen that many businesses are not able to raise the funds, they require as they cannot meet the working capital loan criteria, which includes providing the collateral and also the large number of documents that lenders ask for.

          As a boon comes ZipLoan – an NBFC that offers unsecured working capital loans to MSMEs. ZipLoan unsecured working capital loan amount ranges from INR 1 lac up to 7.5 Lakhs which the owner can repay in a flexible time period of 12-36 months.

          Additionally, Avail the benefits like minimal documentation, quick disbursal of business loan and customised business loans when the owner opt for a business loan from Ziploan- to grow and expand and taking the business to the next level.

          Lastly, Ziploan is an RBI registered NBFC which provides short-term business loan without collateral to help SMEs and MSMEs grow and expand their businesses.

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