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Government Grant Helps Turbocharge Australian Contact Centre Jobs

Last updated Tuesday, March 9, 2021 12:00 ET , Source: OracleCMS

A WA Government grant has been awarded to OracleCMS in order to build contact centre jobs in the State

Victoria, Australia , Australia, 03/09/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

 A WA Government grant has been awarded to OracleCMS in order to build contact centre jobs in the State.

“The industry has massive potential” explained OracleCMS Director Metin Unal “there are already 300,000 jobs nationwide, and there’s ready scope to double that.”

The company will create up to 200 jobs over the next five years at their new Subiaco operation, 10% of which they aim to fill with indigenous staff, but their ambitions are far greater.

“The industry has been dominated by operations in India and the Philippines because they are so cheap, but as this has grown, standards have slipped, and customer dissatisfaction has risen sharply.”

“We are getting lots of calls from disaffected clients who are losing customers because they get so frustrated by the poor language skills of operators, and their inability to do anything other than read standard answers. They’re slow and very poor at fixing problems, and ultimately that’s costly to the businesses they serve.” states the OracleCMS Director.

“Australia can’t compete with the rock-bottom wages of third world countries, which is why India and the Philippines have built an industry with annual revenues of over $100 billion. But we can be smarter and give faster far more satisfying customer solutions, and that makes us cost competitive.” explains OracleCMS Director Unal.

“Our strategy is to combine cutting edge artificial intelligence and truly skilled operators to do this. We have AI and automation experts, workflow experts and software engineers on our teams who love their jobs. Our teams have the capacity to think laterally and give practical advice rather than always reading from an infuriating script. People with complex questions love getting a thoughtful Australian response.” says Unal.

The OracleCMS Director goes on to share “Smart contact centres like this can save 50% of call time and deliver far higher user satisfaction, and that’s what is increasingly making them economically attractive to companies that care about their customers.”

A second advantage of local contact centres is that data is held in Australia, by Australians and protected by Australian privacy laws, thus not subject to the rising global problem of data theft.

“We’re very excited about the future” said Mr Unal “Australia needs jobs to recover from Covid 19 and there’s no doubt that smart contact centres like ours can add tens of thousands of them fast. It’s great that the WA Government is backing the sector, and frankly I expect other States will follow their lead as it makes such a big difference, so rapidly.”

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