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Rozenax Health Lab is an innovative company committed to developing world-class, category-changing skincare and natural therapeutic products.

Houston, TX, United States, 03/14/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Houston, Texas - March 14th, 2021 - Rosacea sufferers can now treat embarrassing and uncomfortable rosacea flare-ups with an all-natural cream that uses stem cells to tackle the root of the problem, deep below the surface of the skin.

Rozenax is the first cream to contain the breakthrough ingredient AloeVE™, derived from a plant stem cell. AloveVE™ stem cells treat the underlying inflammation associated with rosacea and help to eliminate Demodex mites. As a result, Rozenax can prove effective in helping to block inflammation and prevent rosacea’s inflammatory process from happening again and again.

Demodex folliculorum mites live within the hair follicles on the face and feed on dead skin cells. The microscopic mites cause an increased amount of skin cells in the hair follicles, creating scaly skin. For rosacea sufferers, Demodex mites can cause a flare-up. Research is ongoing as to whether the mites might even cause rosacea. The National Rosacea Foundation estimates that rosacea patients have up to 18 times more Demodex mites than patients without rosacea.

Dermatologist Tested, Approved, and Recommended

Rozenax can help control the amount of Demodex mites that live on the skin on the face. The revolutionary cream combines natural ingredients and science to tackle rosacea head on. Other ingredients include:

  • Camellia sinensis, which can help reduce scaling and improve blood flow to the skin, skin elasticity, hydration, and density.
  • Pure aloe vera, which is known to help the skin heal and can also help alleviate dry, itchy skin and seal in moisture.
  • Licorice, which has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.

All ingredients are tested by dermatologists and healthcare experts to ensure safety, unity, and efficacy.

Made in the USA, the powerful formula is 100% steroid-free, contains no hydrocortisone, fragrance, or toxins, and is hypoallergenic and paraben-free. An over-the-counter topical cream, Rozenax, is available to buy online from rozenax.com and comes as a 30 ml tube.

A More Natural Way to Heal

Rozenax Health Lab, the cream’s creators, specializes in identifying rare, natural compounds that can be used to control or treat common skin problems.

The ingredients in Rozenax support the body’s structure, function, and ability to heal itself naturally. By supporting and accelerating the body’s healing capabilities, the body is better able to defend and heal itself from the damaging effects of skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. Healing is a natural process that the team believes can be induced by the right natural remedy.

How to Use Rozenax

Safe for anyone over 12 years of age, users apply the gentle cream to their face with their fingertips. The skin quickly absorbs the product. AloeVE™ gets to work at the cellular level, helping to block the enzymes that cause inflammation and irritation, eradicating Demodex mites, and encouraging healthy cells to grow.

The following day, users may notice a reduction in inflammation, and the skin is likely to be less itchy and irritated. Many users notice clearer skin in just 24 hours. In addition, Rozenax intensely moisturizes the upper layers of skin and encourages the healing of damaged skin.

After the third day of applying the cream, Rozenax has worked to help tackle the root cause of rosacea. Most users notice that their skin feels healthier and restored, and the powerful formula helps to prevent future skin flare-ups.

Rosacea Sufferers Can Discover What it’s Like to Live Without Rosacea.

Rozenax Health Lab, based in Houston, Texas, has conducted third-party tests on its revolutionary face cream. They report that over 10,000 cases showed improvement when using the product, and over 91 percent of users reported a decrease in redness and flushing.

Rozenax cream is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, and 9 out of 10 customers report a high level of satisfaction. Endorsed by the Dermatological Society, Rozenax has been featured in Rosacea Support Group Canada’s top five recommended products and received a five-star rating when clinically tested by Original Dermatest. Consumers may recognize the product from seeing it on NBC, CBS News, Fox, ABC, and Philadelphia Business Journal.

Customers who are unsure about the product can rest safe knowing that Rozenax Health Lab is a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and excellent customer care. Rozenax comes with a 60-day, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which promises clear skin or your money back.

With every purchase of Rozenax, customers can access skincare specialists with questions and for support.

What is Rosacea?

It is estimated that at least 16 million Americans are affected by rosacea. Although the exact cause isn’t known, Demodex mites could be to blame. Other causes of rosacea could include a certain type of bacteria called H. pylori or problems with blood vessels in the face. Rosacea often runs in families, and certain people are more likely to get the skin condition than others. Triggers can cause a flare-up. Sunlight, the weather, stress, alcohol, and hot or spicy foods or drinks are recognized triggers.

Rosacea sufferers can feel despondent and exasperated by the red spots and embarrassing facial flushing. Other symptoms can include persistent redness, an enlarged nose, bumps, and pimples, and raised red patches.

Preventing Future Flare-Ups

To prevent rosacea from flaring up, it is necessary to treat the cause. However, many rosacea creams treat the rash and suppress the symptoms but fail to address the cause. Rozenax has been formulated to help tackle rosacea at its source.

Created to provide a permanent solution for rosacea rather than just being a temporary fix, Rozenax helps rejuvenate and repair damaged skin.

About Rozenax Health Lab

Based in Houston, Texas, Rozenax Health Lab is an innovative company committed to developing world-class, category-changing skincare and natural therapeutic products. With a strong focus on corrective and preventive solutions for chronic diseases, their mission is to create safe and effective products that change people’s lives for the better. Rozenax Health Lab is passionate about using its business to positively affect healthcare, offering customers effective and affordable skincare routines.

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