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Soulmate Connections: 12 Signs You Have Met Your Soulmate

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Love Spells Cathoshin tells 12 signs to help you realize that you have met your soulmate.

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Finding soulmate connections is not that easy.

The moment you find it, never let it slip out of your life. People often say that each person's soulmate is pre-destined before they are born. It's hard to meet them, but you will know they are your soulmate as soon as you two encounter.

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The feeling of being with your soulmate is different from any other of your relationships. You will feel complete from the inside, and it's like both are two jigsaw pieces that can complement each other. If you have a fulfilling satisfaction unable to explain when staying around someone, it seems like you've found your soulmate connection.

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Top 12 Soulmate Connection Signs to Know

Soulmates often come in disguise.

Therefore, it's necessary to know soulmate connection signs exactly so that you can tell when you've found your soulmate. In fact, there are many ways revealing that it's them; however, we don't really notice any most of the time.

The moment you feel the unexplainable connection with someone, it's the soulmate attraction.

Encountering your soulmate may not be as romantic as what you often see in love movies. The interesting thing is that a fulfilling satisfaction will grow inside you. It makes you feel like you've found a worthy person called the soulmate of yours.

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For those wondering whether or not you've encountered your soulmate, here are 12 typical signs when you have an unexplainable connection with your true soul match:

1. You feel the connection instantly

    You immediately feel connected when your eyes meet.

    It's hard to explain, but you have a very familiar feeling when seeing your soulmate for the first time. No strange or reserved at all, you both are like old friends who haven't met each other for years. This is one of the most obvious signs that you've found your soulmate connection.

    Believe it or not, the bond between you two sparks like magic.

    Also, that person got the persona exactly like your ideal type. Normally when you have a talk to someone for the first time, the awkwardness is all over the air, and it needs much skill to keep the connection going. However, everything goes smoothly when you talk to your soulmate, even after many hours.

    Suddenly you have lots of things to tell the person, and they feel the same; in this case, we call it 'soulmate attraction.'

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    2. You feel that you've always known them.

      The concept of soulmates is unexplainable, but the feeling is not a lie.

      Though this person may have been in your life for just several months, it feels like you've known them for many years. You don't have any problem in getting to know them; instead, you're able to read them from head to toes, and even yourself has no idea for that.

      How do you know this is one of the soulmate connection signs? Well, according to professionals reading about soulmates, you can't help but think about your so-called soulmate 24/7. With the destined connection, you are able to figure out what they are doing at certain times of the day.

      3. You can't ignore the soulmate connection.

        As I always say, you will never find an absolutely technical explanation about soulmate connections. In other words, the string between you and your fated partner is always there, even before the day you were born. It's hard to express it by words, but you will surely know when meeting that person.

        The soulmate connection is so clear that you can't ignore and can feel that they are your destiny. It's easy to tell that you have never had this feeling with anyone before. More than love, this is a spiritual connection linking you two together.

        Everything feels so right when you two plan something, and your heart is so content every single time they are with you. It's the soulmate attraction driving you towards them, and that feeling is irresistible.

        No wonder people often say falling in love with your true mate is addictive.

        4. The telepathic connection is unbelievable.

          "I was just about to say that" or, "I thought the same."

          Let's count how many times you've said something like that to your partner, or vice versa. Being with a soulmate who can understand and read you easily, it's not surprising if you two think or say the same things before realizing that. Again, this also can't explain, but both you and that person share similar thoughts and ideas.

          None of you knows about this telepathic connection, but it does exist in soulmate relationships. You don't have to talk; instead, you're gifted with the ability to understand the other's own language that no one can interpret but you.

          There were some times when you wished for the person to do something for you, and they suddenly showed up and fulfilled it within a few hours. It's weirder when they give you exactly what you want, but you haven't told them or even hinted at a word.

          That's what a romantic soulmate does!

          Just look straight into your eyes, and he knows what you want to say, and you also have the same capacity.

          We call these 'soulmate connections.'

          5. The encounter timing is perfect.

            If you wish for destiny to come to find you, at least you must have trust in it. Your fate will happen if it's meant to be. No matter what is going on, you have to be patient. Sometimes it takes us a lifetime to encounter our soulmate as the universe has the timing for everything.

            Even when you already meet your soulmate, it won't be a success if you two encounter at the wrong time. The power of soulmate connections only manifests when it is meant to be.

            6. You two are different but also similar.

              How to know that you have an unexplainable connection with someone?

              That's when both of you have different personalities but still share some similarities in various ways. Have a look at the characteristics of you two. It completely contrasts, even if you work in two different fields. It's like two opposite poles: one is quiet, and one is a social butterfly. Unexpectedly, both fall in love with each other at the end of the day.

              As soulmates, you'll realize that having too many differences in traits is not a big issue. When being connected spiritually, you will find that you and that person are similar in the most harmonious way.

              The two of you in a romantic relationship are quite empathetic and generous towards one another. You may not realize this at the beginning of the courtship but will soon find out when getting to know each other better.

              Surely you and your soulmate will feel connected before paying attention to this.

              Unlike others, your inner soul is sensitive when it comes to recognizing the long-lost soul under all external factors, even before yourself.

              7. Hugs of that person are like magic.

                Whether you had a bad day or felt very tiresome after a long day, staying in the arms of your soulmate is the best option. Their hugs suddenly are everything you need. Even just a few minutes in their embrace can make all the stress and bad times fade away. Rather than looking for spa treatments, you found a new 'must-go' place that is more effective: that's your soulmate's arms.

                Whenever you stay in their arms, all the worry will gradually vanish, from work matters to family issues. It makes you feel that you've finally lived in a magical and more peaceful world.

                8. Your soulmate is home.

                  They are for sure your happy place.

                  We often say: "You are my home," but what makes that person your home? Home is one's safest place; thus, if you say someone is your home, it's because you find the security as well as feel safe around them. Just when staying together with your soulmate, you're able to put your guard down.

                  At the moment you want to take a break from the chaotic world outside, they will soothe you with warm, loving hugs. In addition, they will constantly come to you when feeling that you're not in a good mood.

                  Just being with your soulmate will make you happy.

                  You can't help but wish to stay with them forever because they are your safe place.

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                  9. You feel no jealous at all.

                    Surprisingly, there's no jealousy in soulmate relationships.

                    You may not expect this, but jealousy is also one of the signs of how to know if two souls are connected. The moment you've found your soulmate, your intuition will tell you that they are going to stay with you through thick and thin. Lots of people may show up in their lives and try every way to snatch them away from you. However, deep inside, you believe that you are their ultimate choice.

                    No matter what happens, you confidently know that the person your soulmate wants to be with is no one but you.

                    Jealousy rarely makes its appearance in your relationship. Both of you never have doubts about other men and women because you two know that they are not the root of your problems.

                    With the soulmate connection in a love romance, both are madly in love and feel certain about each other. The external issues do not matter at all.

                    10. Both may cross paths.

                      Not that all of us can meet our soulmates from the first time. So no worry if you both have crossed paths before. It can happen many times, but the two of you still do not meet. The magic will work at the right time; that's why I told you to be patient.

                      Everything in this universe has the right place and right time.

                      One day you might spot his presence in one childhood picture of yours when both decide to check out all photos in the past. Then, he told his story, and you got to know that you both studied in the same schools but have never seen each other. It's even greater if you discovered this after many months or years of dating.

                      Tell yourself that your soulmate connection shows incredible manifestation, and you'll never know what your destiny will bring you. If it's meant to be, the universe will bring you two together at a certain time.

                      The soulmate connection power works like magic.

                      11. You feel the pain of your soulmate.

                        Another sign showing two individuals' souls are connected is that you both can feel the pain of each other. As I always say, soulmate connection is no joke! Imagine you hurt yourself badly in an accident. While your partner brings you to a nearby medical center for your wound to be taken care of, they will scream and cry with you. It's just that they can't stand seeing you in pain.

                        Don't think they react overly. If the same thing happens to them, you will also feel terrible when seeing them in pain. Because of the spiritual string tying the souls of you two together, it's normal to feel each other's pain. However, it's hard for both of you to witness the other getting hurt.

                        This is unbearable!

                        12. Both understand each other well.

                          No misunderstandings at all. Your soulmate is someone who can get you completely.

                          Usually, your relationships in the past ended up with differences of opinions or misapprehension. All the arguments made you hesitate to fall in love again. You feel that nobody really can get how you feel or understand what you think.

                          Amazingly, getting involved with your soulmate will help you recognize that still there's at least one person who understands what you mean almost every time.

                          FAQs about Soulmate Connections

                          1. What is a soulmate connection?

                            As this concept is quite popular, there are plenty of misconceptions about what a soulmate is out there. Since nothing is absolute, it's hard to come up with a completely right answer about this. Also, there's no wrong; the information just lacks a bit of detail and then gets mistaken.

                            If we search for the 'soulmate' word in the English vocabulary, the meaning, in general, is about someone who is ideal for you in love. That person can connect with you on a spiritual level.

                            When you learn more about a soulmate, you will realize that it's entirely different from what you've seen in movies. A soulmate is the mate of your soul, sharing the same energy and similar purposes in this world. When two soulmates come together in a relationship, it means the universe wants both to awaken and remind each other of their true selves.

                            For those encountering your soulmate, it's a great sign.

                            Your soul connecting with another soul can stir things from the within, and look back at what happened to improve yourself. Not all soulmates are romantic, but they get engaged in love most of the time. This is because of a strong soulmate connection and attraction when two souls feel each other.

                            The soulmate connection drives you towards that person whenever they show up next to you. The feelings without your partner's presence are incomplete, and you end up becoming lonely. As soon as they appear, you will be calmer and only focus on the soulmate.

                            2. How do you know if you have a soulmate connection?

                              Most people are likely to give up on finding their soulmates after 4-5 breakups, or they will tell themselves that the whole soulmate connection thing is not real. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, you will meet your soulmate at the right time.

                              It's not easy to encounter a soulmate because it's like finding a part of yourself.

                              The moment your eyes meet with that person, you have a strong feeling that they are the right one. They will make an ultimate partner who can keep you happy all the time and do anything for you. Just that thought can bring a smile to your face. If you want to know whether or not you have a soulmate connection, check the following ideas:

                              • You feel tinkling and butterflies in your stomach when that person stares at you.
                              • You two share great compatibility in mental and physical areas.
                              • Both of you can sit and talk for hours without feeling any barrier.
                              • You have the eagerness to protect the other.
                              • The two of you are empathetic towards each other.
                              • You feel a big hole in the heart if they are not by your side.
                              • You both dream of having a peaceful life together.
                              • There's a strong connection that you find unexplainable.

                              Finding the soulmate connection is challenging and takes much time. But, your intuition will send out signals to let you know when you successfully find the soulmate attraction as well as soulmate romance. Deep inside, you will know this love is for keeps and never meant to let go.

                              1. Do both soulmates feel the connection?

                              "What if our soulmates don't feel the connection like we do?"

                              Some may worry about that, and it's totally understandable. When it comes to soulmate connections, both parties will acknowledge their existence to one another at some points in a relationship. They may feel it right at the beginning, or it may take them months or years later.

                              Nonetheless, we must admit that exception comes with everything. Not all people you feel connected with will have the same feelings towards you, even your soulmate.

                              In fact, it's not that the connection is not there for your soulmate; they just can't see it. Being in a one-sided soulmate connection is much more vulnerable than in one-sided love. The relationship will never work unless it's mutual from the union.

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                              3. How do soulmates look at each other?

                                The eyes are the window to the soul; hence, the best way for soulmates to connect with each other is through eyes. You may find this similar to those 'love at first sight' scenes you often see in TV shows, right?

                                Well, in fact, they do happen in real life.

                                Right at the moment you meet your soulmate, both make eye contact, and everything will be like a slow-motion scene. It's hard to take your eyes off of that person, and they also think the same. The communication through eyes is always strong and passionate. When two soulmates look at each other, it's on another level.

                                Psychics reading about soulmates call this 'soul recognition.' Just by looking straight at each other's eyes in the first meeting, two parties can feel that they belong together. Magic will spark when two souls recognize each other.


                                Soulmates share unexplainable soulmate connections that are destined before they come to this world. How to know if the current lover/partner is your soulmate? Well, you will definitely it's them since the beginning.

                                Listen to your intuition, and don't ignore the connection between you two.

                                Getting involved with your soulmate romantically means no playing games, no mixed signals, and no hidden messages. You will wish for nothing but to spend the rest of your life with them.

                                Being with the soulmate doesn't mean your relationship will have no fight. In fact, fights or arguments are an inevitable factor between two individuals in a couple. Things get even worse when you have a conflict with your soulmate. After debating against each other, you can't help but feel worried.

                                That can't be solved unless you apologize to your soulmate.

                                For those who are still single, don't quickly feel discouraged. Soon the destiny will go in front of your house and knock on the door.

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