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UPDATE: Duplicating the Multisectoral Lighthouse Model, COSMOPlat will Create More “Lighthouse Factories” for the World

Last updated Thursday, March 18, 2021 11:35 ET , Source: COSMOPlat

With the accession of Tsingtao Brewery into the WEF Lighthouse Factories, COSMOPlat has successfully duplicated the multisectoral model of Lighthouse Factory.

Geneva, Switzerland, 03/18/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

 On March 15, The World Economic Forum (WEF) announced the addition of the 15th member to the Global Lighthouse Network in Geneva, Switzerland. The 118-year-old Tsingtao Brewery has thus become the world’s first Lighthouse brewery.

COSMOPlat, which has successfully applied for two WEF Lighthouse factories, supported the accession of Tsingtao Brewery into the Global Lighthouse Network. Tsingtao Brewery redeployed intelligent digital technologies along the value chain to meet consumer demand, reducing the customer order delivery time and new product development time by 50%. The market share and revenue of customized beers of Tsingtao Brewery have grown by 33% and 14% respectively.

On the basis of the mass customization model, COSMOPlat has replaced the product-centered production model in traditional manufacturing industry with the new user experience-centered model. The new model has been able to integrate logistics, service, interaction, R&D, marketing, procurement and production, facilitating the transformation of enterprises from mass manufacturing to mass customization.

Since 2018, COSMOPlat has supported the inclusion of two Haier interconnected factories into the list of WEF Lighthouse Factories. Through model duplication, COSMOPlat has further empowered Haier Sino-German Intelligent Park (4 Haier interconnected factories and Haier Institute of Intelligent Research) to realize an intelligent and information-based transformation, win the Industry 4.0 Award and become a unique Lighthouse Base in China.

With the accession of Tsingtao Brewery into the WEF Lighthouse Factories, COSMOPlat has successfully duplicated the multisectoral model of Lighthouse Factory. In the future, both parties will further unfold in-depth cooperation, share industry ecosystem and resources on the basis of building an industrial internet platform for the beer and beverage industry, help Tsingtao Brewery develop more new products and new forms of business, and drive the digital transformation of the industry as well as upstream and downstream enterprises.

Thus far, COSMOPlat has established 15 industry ecosystems including chemical engineering and molding, duplicated and promoted the same in 20 countries across the world. In 2020, the European Union (EU) invited COSMOPlat to get involved in its GAIA-X Initiative, and decided to build the 10th innovation center for industrial internet in China, with COSMOPlat as the only partner outside the EU integrating the platform architecture into European data and digital sovereignty.

With the continuous advancement of Industry 4.0 globally, how to use digital technology to improve the intelligent production and management capacity will be the key to the future development of enterprises. COSMOPlat's theory and rich practice in digital transformation will effectively help other enterprises rapidly deploy new technologies and adopt sustainable solutions on a large scale, achieve transformation in a systematic way on a scale, and create more “Lighthouse Factories” for the world.

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