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Water Inspired Brand, WaterHigh® Hopes to Bring Back Summer of Love in 2021

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WaterHigh® hopes that the receding fear of the pandemic; a newfound love of life with more people in it possibly should fuel the Summer of Love '21, a move that the company said: “we will support.”

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The Pandemic has been tough on everyone—from parents who can’t take their children to the playground—to young adults unable to hug their aging parents or neighbors.. However, amongst all the chaos, WaterHigh® believes that people will find a way to love the little things more and look forward to a time when it is possible to finally gather, at a concert, beach, or in our own neighborhoods with friends. The company hopes (as all of us do) this will all be a reality by summer, and what better way to welcome this craved reality than with a Summer of Love vibe across the nation.

David Randall, the owner, and CEO of WaterHigh® thinks that there should be a Summer of Love The thought is—after the hell we’ve all endured in 20—this summer has the potential to be the best summer in a long time. We’ll appreciate many things taken for granted like being around other people, hugs, hopefully, mask-free smiles, live music, more beaches, and community. We are looking at an appropriate charity to receive partial proceeds from sales of our Summer of Love: 21 line. Maybe other businesses will want to join in. The last official Summer of Love was 1967...it’s time to make it a thing again.”

WaterHigh Summer of Love 2021

The brand (WaterHigh®) prides itself on bringing about a positive change in attitudes and the environment. The company strongly believes that the psychological and even behavioral damage caused by the pandemic can only be healed with celebration, more hugs, and WATER. WaterHigh hopes other apparel and consumer goods brands will join in by simply creating their own “summer of Love 21” line of goods with a part of the proceeds getting into the hands of local businesses most hurt by the pandemic. WaterHigh plans to donate a portion of its sales to local music venues that have been silenced for over a year.

To understand why the company supports such an initiative, it’s important to understand the ethos of the brand. WaterHigh® was conceived on the Outer Banks by Randall, an Ohio native who prefers life on the North Carolina coast. “I’m a career marketer, graphic designer, painter...and have wanted to develop my own apparel brand by combining my expertise with my love of the ocean” explained Randall. “There’s high on life, there’s Rocky Mountain High—I wanted to develop a brand that defines ‘high on water’ and make our love and addiction to the water a tangible thing. The genesis of the brand is literally from that John Denver lyric while I was painting near the beach and a deck builder next door had his radio on.”


Readers can browse WaterHigh’s latest selection of apparel and find out more about the brand at https://waterhigh.com.

WaterHigh® has continued to run an aggressive social and paid campaign across various social media websites promoting its products, up and down the East Coast. Kitty Hawk Kites and Kitty Hawk Surf Co. launched WaterHigh in their Outer Banks shops last summer and hopes to be ground zero for the brand’s retail success this summer and beyond.

WaterHigh Outer Banks
WaterHigh Outer Banks

WaterHigh® sells an expanding line of lifestyle apparel. In addition to its vibrant, colorful, and creative shirts, leggings and rash guards, WaterHigh plans to expand into swimwear, beach accessories, button-up shirts, and cover-ups. The unique designs feature original in-house graphics as well as showcasing other artists. The brand features original illustrations by Stephanie Kiker. Kiker’s art combines marine life and natural textures to create very cool, colorful, and uplifting works. Ms. Kiker is a celebrated artist throughout the Southeast and licenses some of her works to WaterHigh for apparel only. The other graphics are designed in-house and embody the beauty of summer, salty beaches and fresh lakes. As the company slogan goes: for a good life—just add water.

About WaterHigh®

WaterHigh® was formed in 2020—inspired by all things water and original art and designs —characterized by the “highs” most of us get when in, on, or near the water. WaterHigh is salty and fresh alike! WaterHigh is actively looking for a growing roster of affiliates and influencers.

WaterHigh LLC is also rolling out sister brand MountainHigh™: designs were recently added to waterhigh.com online store, as well as a wholesale introduction to retailers in the Rockies, Smokies, Northern Michigan, and Blue Ridge regions.


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