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Alpha Tradesman Academy Launches Online Plumbing Course

Last updated Monday, March 22, 2021 13:17 ET , Source: Alpha Tradesmen Academy

Offers a safe and affordable training solution to contractors

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Alpha Tradesmen Academy has launched an online plumbing course for aspiring tradespeople, who can learn the trade safely in pandemic-ridden times, and without digging deep into their pockets.

Alpha Tradesman Academy is an online trade school, which has gained its reputation on the back of its innovative programs. Tradespeople of any level of experience can benefit from the programs, which pair online learning with hands-on experience. As a part of the program, apprentices are recommended to work with experienced technicians. It ensures that they get the academic training and the hands on application as well.

ATA programs are also a smart idea for business owners, who can get their teams trained without losing work hours. Thus in a short span of time, they can significantly grow their number of professionally trained technicians. These salient features of the program are also reflected in the all-new online plumbing course launched by the academy. The program helps apprentices gain expertise in different areas of plumbing to their advantage.

Alpha Tradesman Academy
Alpha Tradesman Academy

The innovative online plumbing course by Alpha Tradesman Academy can train apprentices as Certified Plumbing Service Technicians. They can also get a deep learning experience in inspections, leak source diagnostics, draining cleaning, repairs of faucets, water heaters, toilets, and more. Tradespeople can gain insights on the latest in garbage disposals, septic systems, underground utilities and so much more through the comprehensive online program.

One of the main highlights of the program is the fact that it offers a flexible learning experience to tradespeople. The Badge curriculum puts different job types into specific categories to help technicians gain specific skill sets. Lessons are provided in a video format as each badge course is divided into various modules for easier understanding. These recorded lessons can be accessed 24 x 7 at the convenience of student, who can also benefit from them while being on a job.

Another unique feature of the program is that it is highly engaging for all tradespeople. They learn the fun way through quizzes and exams after completing each of the badges. In fact, after every lesson, students take a quiz, which aids in learning retention. Once they have completed all quizzes in a badge, they have to go through badge exams related to the entire course material. After successful completion of the program, students receive badge certification, which can be their ticket to improved employment and expanded abilities to offer additional services that are demanded of them.

By the program being held online, tradespeople can always refer to previous lessons while on a job for additional support. Alpha Tradesman Academy offers students with printable worksheets that are tasks, which bring them practical exposure and a qualified witness to sign off on their accomplishments. It has thus created the perfect training solution for contractors, who want to learn the trade safely in times when aspiring tradesmen desire self paced, time saving, cost effective, and virtual training.

Alpha Tradesman Academy plans to launch online HVAC, Electrical, Roofing, and Pumping training courses in the near future.

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ATA, established in 2017, is renowned for its high-quality online training programs for all aspiring tradespeople, who can pick up new skills or take their skills and experience to the next level.


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