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2021's Best Essay Writing Services in the U.S. - The Top 5

Last updated Wednesday, March 24, 2021 18:30 ET , Source: Grade Miners

Grade Miners gives a detailed comparison of the best essay writing services in the US. Read to know more about them.

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Boring homework, writer’s block, examination stress, reluctant tutors… We’ve all been there, done that.

When the deadline is burning so hot that you can literally feel its heat - why not give an essay writing service a try?

High school, college, and university level essay writing services are available in the United States on a fully legitimate basis. The only problem is to tell a competent, professional service from a scam.

Never dealt with essay writing services before but would really like to look deeper into this homework instrument? Then, you will find this information most useful.

According to RankMyWriter, an unsponsored and unaffiliated academic website review aggregator supported by like-minded students for other students, there are 5 professional essay writing services to consider in 2021.

The evaluation criteria are the following:

  • Customer experience
  • Writers’ competence
  • Turnaround & delivery
  • How to order
  • Price & money-back

So this is how RankMyWriter tells whether it’s a pro essay writing service or a fake.

The best essay writing service 2021 is:

1. Grade Miners

Grademiners.com is rightfully the best essay writing service as of date. Chances are you’ve probably heard about it. If not, now is the time to do it. Because, from the point of view of all the unaffiliated, unbiased reviews of online essay helpers, including Rankmywriter.com, Grade Miners is one of the websites every U.S. college student has to have in bookmarks.

The company is beyond competent, run by people who obviously know what they are doing. Everything you expect from a professional essay writing service, Grade Miners brings it to the table. Not without a flaw, nevertheless, year after year the company strives to do better than the year before and improve in every aspect.

Customer experience

Customer experience consists of several factors. First of all, it’s the aesthetics of using a pro essay writing service, the one that understands the needs of a student and is ready to deliver. As far as Grade Miners goes, the website is user-friendly, intuitive, and eye-pleasing. Scrolling, browsing, and clicking fields on the order page is a pleasure.

Secondly, 24/7 customer support is something that the company takes great pride in. Day or night, holiday or weekend, Grademiners.com is there for you with an answer, explanation, or advice. It’s worth mentioning that the customer support service is free via phone hotline, live chat, and email.

And thirdly, it’s the result that a company gets. Speaking about Grade Miners, the result is always there. Allegedly, 97% of customers are satisfied with the result, whereas 9/10 students confirm, anonymously, of course, that their GPA improved.

Writers’ competence

There are two types of writers providing custom essay writing services for companies in the U.S. These are highly-skilled ENL (English as a native language) and ESL (English as a second language) writers. In their turn, ESL writers can be real professionals, e.g., Eastern Europe, Philippines, like in the case of Grade Miners, and can be journeymen from developing countries, such as Kenya or Pakistan.

As far as Grademiners goes, the company uses both ESL and ENL writers to cater to the needs of students with different budgets and educational goals. Also, to avoid a situation when a non-native English student hands in an essay done by a native English speaker, obviously, the platform offers competent ESL writers. When you’re on a tight budget, your writer, most likely, will also be an ESL one. When the money allows, a proper ENL writer will be on the job.

Turnaround & delivery

Grademiners.com aims to be the fastest online essay writing service. Every year, the writing speed goes up, while the delays and revisions go down. In 2021, the company goes as far as to promise you to write an essay in 1 hour. As for a standard turnaround, 24-48 hours per essay, being the industry’s all-time standard for decades, is applied.

Approximately 97% of total orders, according to Grade Miners, arrive on time. In the event of a delay, the company will either offer you a discount on the next order or compensate you for trouble, including a refund. Although the % of timely deliveries is high, it’s not the best, at least not yet.

How to order

An easy order process is a sign of professionalism. If ordering service takes more than a couple of minutes, then it’s not very good. Grade Miners guarantees that the order process takes less than a minute. After giving it a try, it’s safe to say that it’s not far from the truth, especially when this is going to be your third, fifth, tenth order on the site.

To order an essay or any other paper, visit the order page and tick all the form fields offered to you, so the company could better understand your needs. Throwing in additional services to your order might improve your customer experience. Then, submit your order and, finally, make a payment on a secure checkout page. The company will inform you when work is ready and could be downloaded.

Price & money-back

The Grade Miners is in the higher price range. As a company driving the industry forward for 16+ years and affiliating somewhat the best writers around, one may say the high price is justified. Essay prices start from $14.03 per page, including topic brainstorm, background sources, APA/MLA style, drafting, editing, proofreading, formatting, and plagiarism check.

As a first-time customer, you will receive a signature welcome bonus - a 15% discount. To compensate you for high prices, the company engages clients into becoming members, which gives an opportunity to save 5% off each order as bonus funds that could be spent on the next essay bought on Grademiners.com.




  • Good prices starting from $14.03
  • Strong ENL writers
  • 15% discount for newcomers
  • 1-hour deadline available
  • 97% of papers delivered in time
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Positive customer feedback
  • 40+ subjects covered
  • Legit money-back
  • Household name, in the market since 2001
  • ESL writers for your cheaper orders
  • Delays can happen
  • Not the fastest revisions
  • Expensive if urgent

2. Master Papers

The company behind Masterpapers.com positions itself as a provider of papers fulfilled “from scratch” by Master’s degree holders. Hence a higher price that is, in its turn, compensated by the writing quality ranging from the above-average to high-end. The college essay writing service provided by Master’s level specialists is aimed at college and university students. Although, high school papers are also being taken into work frequently.

The website is DMCA-protected, using the latest TLS data encryption to keep customer data and order details safe. On the territory of the USA, using the website is allowed, though basic internet browsing precautionary measures are advised. The company doesn’t re-sell any sensitive customer data to third parties for marketing purposes. The website was founded in 2004 and has been actively writing MA-level papers ever since.

Customer experience

Masterpapers.com offers visitors a sleek design, a more traditional rather than a modern interface, and quick access to all the crucial writing services. Speaking of which, the number of different types of papers is impressive. From a simple essay to a full-length 150-page thesis paper, the company claims to be able to write any academic work within a rational period of time. Also, the company claims to have helped 250,000 students in the United States.

The four main pillars of Master Papers are said to be safety, quality, timeliness, and reliability. Judging from the comments and reviews made by the website customers on sites like RankMyWriter.com or other independent sources, students do trust this company with their college papers.

Writers’ competence

To cater to the needs of students having various budgets, the company teams up with ENL and ESL experts alike. However, everyone has to provide a copy of their Master’s degree, or a Doctoral if possible, to confirm their competence. Basically, the Master Papers works with former or present college professors and subject-matter experts to provide the paper service.

Communication with a writer working on the order is included in the price. It’s a great service because in 2021 it’s the best way to prove that a writer is a real human, not a fake account or a writer from Pakistan. A writer can send an initial draft, give an update on the writing status, receive feedback, or do revisions. We were able to interact with several writers during our test orders, and everyone turned out to be a helpful and responsible specialist. The list of the top paper writers is available on the website.

Turnaround & delivery

Turnaround and delivery are industry-standard. Deadlines vary from 1 hour to 20 days. If you would like to have a dissertation, thesis, or any other type of coursework, then up to a 2-month deadline is available. The minimum deadline for a dissertation or thesis is 48 hours. A classic college essay can be finalized within 1-3 hours.

The order delivery rate is known to be 95%. Given the situation that most of the papers purchased on the website are long-format scholarly documents, 5% of missed deadlines don’t affect the overall quality of the Master Papers service because the papers seldom have a burning deadline.

How to order

The predominance of clients tends to confirm that the order process is plain and simple. In general, buying a college paper from a MA or M.Sc. writer, for example, won’t take more than several minutes. Order confirmation by one of the company’s managers allegedly takes another 1-3 minutes. All the financial transactions are being carried out on a secure checkout page, protected from any unwanted attention.

If you’re after the maximum paper quality, then Master Papers is committed to living up to all your requirements with the help of a vast selection of additional services. You can pick a 1-page summary, top order status, a premium writer with a Ph.D., a detailed plagiarism report, extended revisions, SMS order status updates, and others. The price, naturally, will be higher.

Price & money-back

A Master’s level college paper written by a MA degree writer will cost approximately $19.06 per page to be done in 72 hours, including extras. For students having a scarce financial situation, a 15% discount is offered. In addition, a bonus system for returning clients is available.

The company allegedly accepts payments made with American Express cards, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. A strong money-back guarantee is available. Every refund claim is considered individually and the pro-customer decision is known to be made to maintain the company's friendly and positive image among students.




  • Active since 2004
  • Positive reputation
  • Master’s level ENL and ESL writers
  • 15% welcome bonus
  • 60-minute college essay deadlines
  • Reliable turnaround
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 50+ types of papers to order
  • Great customer security
  • No cheap writers
  • 5% missed deadlines weekly
  • Additional services increase the price
  • Fits college and university students rather than high school

3. Private Writing

In 2021, one cannot be too secure on the internet, especially a student searching for college essay writing services. There is plenty of scam, as well as those who’d like to surface students, with mixed results, who seek to obtain papers online.

To help students avoid any unwanted attention and buy essays privately, the Private Writing company entered the custom writing scene in 2004. For more than 17 years the company has been the synonym of privacy and anonymity when using a top essay writing service. Supposedly, in almost two decades no one was given away buying essays on Privatewriting.com.

Customer experience

In 2021, the Private Writing website was subject to a complete redesign. The visuals are now more eye-pleasing and cheerful, succeeding more “classic” yet less aesthetic looks of the past couple of years.

Today using the service is said to be more intuitive, having access to all the key services and the order page in only a few clicks. Making an order, supposedly, has become faster. The customer security features aiming for maximum personal data safety are strong as always.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the company added F.A.Q. sections on all the major pages so students can have answers to subject-relevant questions at once, without having to call the support hotline and waste any more time.

Writers’ competence

As claimed on the Our Writers page, “Professional writers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.” In general, the Private Writing company tends to offer writers to fit any type of budget, from a very limited one to the one where the money is irrelevant and the result being the one thing that matters.

Judging on the essay writing service reviews published last year and this year on Rankmywriter.com, most clients have almost nothing to complain about regarding the writers. Get what you pay for describes the situation the best. Someone who has a good amount of money to spend on an essay that’s done by a real expert will find the service most rewarding. Someone who’s on a budget might happen to come across a less qualified writer, mostly an ESL one. Although, if a client proves the writing is below par, to the company’s credit, Private Writing will revise the content or assign a new writer for free to do right by a client.

Turnaround & delivery

The company displays the industry-standard turnaround and delivery time. As one of the top 5 essay services as of the start of 2021, a 1-hour essay delivery is taken for granted. However, to impress their clients, the company is rumored to fulfill orders ahead of the schedule.

For example, if a client buys a paper with a 10-day deadline, they may expect it to be done in 6 days or faster. It doesn't happen to every single order but our sources inside the company confirm that the managers have an unwritten rule to render orders complete sooner if writers manage to finish papers earlier.

How to order

RankMyWriter.com reviewers asked a group of the company's clients about what’s the best thing about Private Writing? Allegedly, seven students out of ten replied that they like the fact that the overall experience is secure and they have no fear that someone in their college could find out about anything. Others also pointed out that new orders are processed quicker than on other websites they tried. Ahead-of-deadline paper delivery is the third feature the company’s customers enjoyed most.

As far as the order process goes, it’s easy and simple for new customers and has nothing new to offer to those students who are experienced with paper writing platforms. The first stage is to fill out the form and submit the order. The second stage is confirming the order, while the third one is making a payment.

Price & money-back

Privatewriting.com isn’t the cheapest essay writing service. Prices start at around $16.14 per page for a college-level paper with a normal deadline. The money-back guarantee is available under the company's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Paying for papers is possible using a credit/debit card or a selected online payment service. The safety of service is applied to the security of payments as well. The bank statement is said to contain safe information regarding the purchase.




  • Secure circa 2004
  • Early delivery of some of the orders
  • Competent writers
  • Swapping a writer for free
  • 15% newcomer’s price-off
  • Utmost customer security
  • Privacy-first service
  • Turnitin-proof writing
  • Not every ESL writer is 100% competent
  • Prices similar to those of more famous companies
  • Fresh redesign could use a polishing

4. Pay For Essay

PFE, as students usually call Payforessay.net, has been there in the custom essay industry since its very dawn back in the 2000s. For nearly two decades, the company grew into one of the forerunners of paper help, having served thousands of students in the U.S. alone.

For many international students, PFE is the synonym of reliability and helpfulness. The service receives tons of positive feedback from new users, regulars, and even the competition. Features the company tests and uses on the website are then copied by other essay providers, e.g., free communication with a writer, unlimited revisions, free cover page and bibliography, or a plagiarism report.

Customer experience

Someone who has ever looked for a writing company online has to know, or at least came across, about the Pay For Essay company, also known as PFE. It has been in the market for years, since 2004, providing premium writing service for, mostly, international students in the U.S. Also, the service is available in Canada.

The service is known to be favored by students due to its zero-plagiarism policy and consistent quality of papers. On the order page, you could find more than 30 types of works to go for, including a thesis paper, annotated bibliography, and case study. The overall impression of the website and the company, in general, is said to be positive, light-hearted, and cheerful. According to RankMyWriter.com sources, the customer experience is said to be one of the best.

Writers’ competence

High school, college, undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. levels of service are available. As far as subjects are concerned, more than 20 major disciplines are present. Not much, although you can request the ‘Other’ subject option, on the order page, and a responsible manager will match you with a relevant writer in an individual manner.

When reviewing Pay For Essay, there was a chance to ask the company’s regular customers how they liked the quality of writers on the website. The majority of customers responded positively, pointing out that most writers proved themselves to be diligent and attentive experts. However, some customers complained that they had to swap writers but no one had to change a writer more than once.

Turnaround & delivery

The urgency of orders varies from a couple of hours up to a couple of months. Deadlines are said to be flexible and cater to different budgets, the language proficiency of respective customers, and funds. Ordering an essay with an urgent deadline, a student can count on it to be done timely, as it was confirmed after placing several test orders.

While the writing process takes place, customers can call a support hotline or drop a line to a writer in a private chat room if they’d like to inquire about the current status of the writing process. Also, with the SMS order status updates additional service, it’s easy to stay tuned to the current order progress.

How to order

The order process consists of filling out the order form, submitting the order form and getting it verified, and then checking out securely. There’s nothing difficult to it, as privately confirmed by the customers who agreed to provide feedback on Pay For Essay.

To successfully place an order, customers will be asked to tick on the ‘I agree to Terms And Conditions and Privacy Policy’ box. This will guarantee the safety of your personal and payment data against any third parties.

Price & money-back

A college-level essay in MBA, for example, could cost you $12.63 per page if we speak a 20-day deadline. More urgent orders will cost more with an essay having a 48-hour deadline costing around $20.16. To get the best price, aim for a 7-day deadline, according to the Rankmywriter.com recommendation.

Payforessay.net offers a legit money-back guarantee to foster customer satisfaction. In 2021, a money-back guarantee is a sign the company is legitimate. In the case of PFE, the statement holds true.




  • Fits well for international students
  • Legit Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions
  • Lots of freebies
  • Easy to track the order status with SMS updates
  • Simple price calculator
  • Offers useful how-to blogs
  • Fewer subjects available
  • Only a 10% discount for newcomers

5. Same Day Essay

Samedayessay.com is one of the pioneers of lightning-fast essay delivery. In fact, the service was among the first to introduce 1-hour delivery in 2019. This became possible thanks to engaging premium academic writers with Master’s and Ph.D. backgrounds having experience sufficient enough to guarantee such a rapid turnaround.

IMPORTANT: Recently, samedayessay.com had to move to en.samedayessay.com due to certain copyright allegations related to the images used for promotional purposes subject to the latest marketing campaigns. As the company’s officials state, the move hasn’t affected any aspects of the business related to the quality of service, deliveries, or any other operational activities.

Customer experience

en.Samedayessay offers a cheap essay writing service as of 2021. A student who’s on a budget has an opportunity to take the maximum from the industry for a low price. As long as the company is engaged in the process of settling down the alleged copyright infringement, students have a chance to gain the upper hand.

As far as the main feature of this essay platform goes, a lightning-fast service delivery, it’s strong as ever. Students who would like to have an essay written quickly can count on Same Day Essay to keep its promise. Shifting to a bit different domain name hasn’t changed the all-time yes-can-do approach of the company in terms of writing excellent papers in the fastest way possible. Also, the company has been working hard to bring its customer security efforts up to the industry standards.

Writers’ competence

The writing team is represented by mostly ESL writers, although the above-average ones, and a group of ENL writers for top and premium orders. Before making an order available to a customer, it’s checked for plagiarism using Copyscape, unlike other companies using their in-house applications. In addition, every customer can communicate with a writer who’s assigned at the moment despite the level of their order. A standard, top, or premium - free communication with a writer is available for everyone.

In case a student finds a writer who fits in their standards the most, it’s possible to request this writer free-of-charge. It’s rumored that most writers are known to have been working with regular customers for years, right until they graduate. A free unlimited 14-day revision period comes with every essay. Speaking about more complex papers, a 30-day revision period is offered.

Turnaround & delivery

According to RankMyWriter.com, they’ve allegedly made a couple of test orders and, as reported, all papers were spot-on. Despite the fact that some works could use improving, there was nothing that revisions couldn’t fix. A 3-hour deadline was picked for each of the test orders, and all the writings were done in time.

A 1-hour deadline is available. In fact, the SameDayEssay company pioneered the feature of an extra-fast essay delivery for students who were super-limited in terms of time. Later on, other companies had picked up the trend, making a more time-sensitive urgency parameter available on their order pages.

How to order

The order process is as simple as it gets. A student will have to open the order page, fill out the fields and selected parameters that fit the essay, add a couple of extra services, maybe, and then submit the order. After that, a student is redirected to a secure checkout page where an allegedly safe payment has to be made.

Until payment isn’t made, the work doesn’t start. Payment must be made in full. No part or credit payments are confirmed to be available for students. A strong money-back guarantee is set in the company’s Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions.

Price & money-back

en.Samedayessay.com is a cheap reliable essay writing service. Having to move to a different domain name, the company dropped the prices to keep the existing customer base and be competitive in the eyes of new clients. As of 2021, prices start from only $10.52 per page that is currently the cheapest offer among the top essay companies in the USA.

A cheap price doesn’t affect the quality of service in any way. In fact, a temporal plummeting in pricing caused by the copyright proceedings created an opportunity for students on a budget to try a first-class essay writing service for a lucrative price.




  • Lightning-fast delivery
  • Almost zero % of missed deadlines
  • Before-the-deadline delivery
  • Lively website
  • Has useful blog content
  • Round-the-clock hotline
  • Prices starting from $10.52 per page
  • Facebook group and Twitter community
  • Had to move to en.samedayessay.com subject to copyright allegations
  • Only a 10% welcome discount
  • Mostly ESL writers


In 2021, Rankmywriter.com recommends, based on hands-on experience and several test orders made on each of the sites, to choose such essay writing companies as Grade Miners, Master Papers, Private Writing, Pay For Essay, and Same Day Essay.


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