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Professional College Essay Writers: Top 5 Facts.

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TQD Creative Writing explains the top 5 facts about professional essay writing services.

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We learn about essays starting from high school. In an essay, students need to express and argue their point of view on a certain topic. However, it has to be done beautifully, in literary language, observing a single style, making it interesting for the reader. If an essay is written based on a literary work, you need to know its content well, be familiar with the author's biography, etc. If this is an essay on history, you need to support your opinion with historical facts, which also need to be learned and analyzed first.

For some, essays are easy, but for others, each such task is an unbearable creative torment. Therefore, one may want to have their text written by a professional writer in a given field, the one who feels like a fish in water in this area.

In this article, we'll explore the top 4 companies that handle such writing:

99Papers.com, known for, probably, the best price/quality ratio.

EssayBox.org, because they employ various top-notch experts.

BookwormLab.com, as they've been on the market the longest.

EssayFactory.uk is the UK website. They write in British English.

They can take care of any essay assignment, however difficult it may be, relieve your stress and give you more time to focus on something else. We will talk in our article about how these and similar essay writing services work, as well as answer some other frequently asked questions bothering some students in colleges and universities.

1. What professional college essay writers do?

Professional writers make essay writing their daily job, but this does not mean that essay assignments are done at the speed of a conveyor. Each essay, written for a specific client, is a unique text, in which not only professional knowledge is invested, but a "bit of the soul" of the author as well. Ordering an essay from professionals means getting confidence that the text will be original and you will never feel the embarrassment associated with someone discovering that your text might be a copy of another student's text, which in turn was taken from a common essay "piggy bank" online, etc. Before being sent to the customers, each work is checked for plagiarism using professional tools. Moreover, a skilled writer would give you a quality guarantee so that even if you are not immediately happy with the paper, you can have an unlimited number of revisions or may even ask for your assignment to be done by another writer for free.

2. Where to find a professional essay writer?

There is strong competition amongst online essay services in order for them to hire the best essay writers. According to expert and student reviews in 2020, some of the best essay writers were distributed among the four most popular essay companies. Each of these services has its specifics and particularities, so it's worth reviewing them separately.


It is the right choice for those looking for both high quality and an affordable price. They have earned their reputation thanks to the flexible service model and fast delivery speed. Being on the market for a decade, they have successfully completed over 500,000+ essay orders with more than 97% customer satisfaction rate. Coming to their website, you will immediately notice how these guys always put user experience first. The structure, layout, color choice, navigation controls – all key elements are fine-tuned to save time and energy choosing a writer to take good care of your assignment. They also have one of the most unique features - only half of the price is required to be paid as a down payment! The fastest essay delivery speed is 3 hours sounds rather impressive!


Being on the market since 2008, these guys have earned a strong reputation as a reliable and trustworthy essay service. They have some of the biggest client bases among the competition, with many customers staying loyal to them since the very first day. Why is that? The clue is in their pool of writers. EssayBox has a strict writer selection process in place, where only the best 6% of all applicants get accepted. If this is not enough – they also practice regular assessments of completed works and make sure the quality of essays continues to improve over time. On their website, you can find a page dedicated to customers' reviews along with an up-to-date ranking of essay writers. In addition to essays, EssayBox also offers professional editing and proofreading services, writing various types of academic papers, including theses and dissertations, course works and research papers, book reviews, field studies reports, term papers, and many others.


If you are a demanding customer who always wants the best and can afford to pay the extra price – then this service should be your go-to place. The quality of papers here is a top priority. Most of their writers come from academia, hold Masters or Ph.D. degrees from the top-ranked universities, and are proficient in a variety of disciplines.

Customers get to choose between the default writer option, expert-level writer, and top-level writer. Though, going with the last two options, be ready to pay up to 40% on top of the default writer cost. What is particularly useful is that clients can have direct communication with their assigned writer: before, during, or after the work is done. This is a great option if you want to learn how to become a better writer yourself. Send a free inquiry to their 24/7 customer support to learn more about how writer selection and the follow-up processes work.


Living in the UK and studying in a local college requires you to master British English. Many British universities are very prestigious and are known in the world for their high-quality education. Writing an essay for one of those, you want nothing short of a perfect command of British English, with all the subtle nuances, including writing style, tone, spelling, and grammar.

EssayFactory is the right place to hire a skilled writer for such an assignment. A nice bonus comes in the form of many extras for free, for example, title and bibliography pages, the first-page sample of your paper, unlimited revisions, and others. You will also be pleased to find a comprehensive library of free essay samples on their website, all conveniently sorted by subject areas. Just like with the above mentioned services, any plagiarism is strictly forbidden, and you can rest assured that your paper will be 100% unique and original.

3. How do people hire a professional essay writer?

Once you have picked the right service for your task, the hiring process is plain and simple. You can chat with the customer support team or fill in a short online order form to communicate the details of your assignment. All 4 companies above also provide a no-obligation online inquiry, absolutely free of charge.

Usually, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • The theme of your essay;
  • The academic writing style required;
  • Volume (how many words or how many pages of text does your assignment require);
  • Preferred number or sources of information;
  • Structure (perhaps you already have a recommended writing plan, initial ideas, etc.);
  • Design and features, including language choice, tone, preferred thesis statement, etc.).

Obviously, the more instructions your writer receives, the better. If necessary, the customer and the author can communicate online or over the phone to clarify important aspects and make adjustments to the work "on the go." In most cases, you will receive the first draft of your completed assignment via email prior to the deadline. Therefore, you must provide the writer with up-to-date contact information and monitor any incoming messages regularly. You may be required to approve the first draft or provide further assignment information.

4. Professional essay writer can guarantee confidentiality

It takes a lot of effort to gain one's trust and to retain it over the years. However, losing it could be very simple. A single breach in customer confidentiality can ruin a strong business. Companies employing professional writers know that with the customer's confidentiality, their reputation is at stake.

This is why by ordering from either of the top-notch essay services mentioned above, you can be sure that the security and confidentiality of your personal information are guaranteed. These companies implement secure communication protocols, including handling your contact details and payment transactions. Normally, only one or two people would have access to your order information – your writer and a responsible administrator from the Customer Support team.

After your order is complete and you receive your paper, the company would normally keep your files in their systems strictly for one month. After that, all the files and their traces will be deleted. However, in most cases, you can ask your CSR administrator to delete the files even sooner.

5. Are there other college essay writers online besides those employed by specialized services?

We do not recommend risking your confidentiality and money hiring other private writers. Often you may come across such advertisements on social media and advertising resources. In most cases, it is hard to distinguish a conscientious writer from a cheater and even harder to establish in advance the quality of writing that such persons can deliver. You can lose your money and waste your time. Besides, there is no guarantee that your paper will not be used by the same writer for similar types of essay assignments. Later, when you submit your work to your professor, determining who plagiarized the content could become a nightmare you do not want to get into.

"I have a philosophy essay to write. Can I get help with that?"

A good essay service would have skilled writers who can work on any type of essay. The companies from our reviews, like 99Papers, EssayBox, and others, wouldn't have any problem delivering even a philosophy. Below is a list of other writer competencies, which you can find in professional essay service.

Philosophy essay writers

Philosophy major students are often required to write this type of essay. Philosophy essay is not an easy type. It requires deep knowledge of the subject as well as a special cast of mind capable of generalizing complex phenomena and clearly expressing a convincing opinion. Skilled writers are perfectly capable of this task; just make sure to provide all the details of your assignment and ask for a relevant specialist.

Persuasive essay writers

In a persuasive essay, your goal is to convince your reader of your point of view, your opinion on something, etc. This essay type requires knowledge on a given subject, thought fluency, and good language mastery. Skilled writers can help you achieve all these and leave a strong impression on your reader.

Argumentative essay writers

A good writer would use arguments and facts when writing this type of essay. Prior research and analysis of the topic are required, as well as a thoughtful and evidence-based approach. This essay type is more common for senior-level and graduate studies when students are expected not only to memorize material but to apply critical thinking.

Application essay writers

One may consider to outsource an application essay writing to an experienced writer from one of the services mentioned in this article. An application essay is a highly important assignment, and often it can become a decisive factor in one's application success.

English essay writers

English essays require a good mastery of the English language and any adjacent studies, including literature, art, history, grammar, etc. A professional writer would be able to help you with this assignment; however, you should probably avoid services that offer writers speaking English as a second language for this particular type of paper.

Admission essay writers

A typical admission essay is a short paper, normally 1 page long and 300-500-words in total. However, do not underestimate its importance! To impress admission committee members, you have to make your statement crisp and clear yet impressive enough to make a difference. You may want to talk with experienced writers to make sure they convey your preferred story and style in the essay.

Scholarship essay writers

Applying for a scholarship, you need to persuade a scholarship board that you deserve a chance to study for your dreamed degree. Knowing your subject field is a must, but being able to wrap the facts and ambitions into a convincing story is a true art. Nobody but a professional writer can help you with such a challenging task.

Bottom Line

Many claim to be professional essay writers. In fact, when you search in the search engines, your quest can bring you to dozens of services, which would claim to have the best writers for your essay task. However, you should not take everything you read online there for granted, especially if you are a newcomer planning to place your very first essay inquiry. You may want to pick a few services and run a quick cross-category analysis or comparison (hopefully, this article saved you some time in this regard). You will see that there are no all-mighty services capable of doing everything for everyone. Instead, they will be those who are particularly good in a given aspect while simply good or average in the others.

For instance, one can go with 99Papers if their priorities are with the fast delivery speed and cheap papers. One may consider EssayBox if they prefer a reliable and trustworthy service to relieve your privacy-related anxiety and other security concerns. Alternatively, if you are looking for the best quality and are willing to pay an extra price, BookwormLab would be the best choice for you. For those who are looking for top-notch service with British English writers, there is no better option than EssayFactory.

Regardless of your particular preferences, you should always go for the services that are well-verified and scoring high on expert and user reviews. We honestly hope that this article and suggestions of a few trustworthy websites would be a good help for anyone looking for the best writer for their particular writing task.

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