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Gaggle Studios Sharing 5 Benefits of Playing Online Escape Rooms

Last updated Saturday, March 27, 2021 11:07 ET , Source: Gaggle Studios

As the popular online escape room provider, Gaggle Studios wants to recommend the virtual escape room for you as it is a fascinating way to play with friends.

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The ongoing pandemic has greatly impacted people’s lives. We have been used to working from home and practicing social distancing. The bright side is that we can enjoy more spare and personal time, but we have to sacrifice the great moments of hanging out with friends. However, you can try playing the virtual escape rooms with friends. Here are the 5 benefits you may not know about escape rooms.

Safe and engaging

Although you can’t see your friends in person, you can enjoy the instant communication through the online chat embedded in the game. This is a safe way to spend time with your friends. In the meantime, you will work together to solve puzzles and mysteries. You will not only have lots of fun, but also know more about your friends.

Improve communication skills

Online escape rooms are also a great way for team building as it requires effective communication between team members in a high pressure situation to discuss solutions. This imitates our real world challenges during daily work. When we are faced with different projects, we need to work with co-workers to deliver the best results in a limited time. Playing a virtual escape room can bring people together in a brilliant way, which will improve work efficiency in the future.

Enhance other skills

Resolving a puzzle not only needs good communication skills, but also requires the players to use multiple skills. For example, the player might need to remember minor details to decode something later in the game. Meanwhile, he has to stay focused all the time, which is also a good way to improve his productivity.

Immersive experience

When you dive into the game, you will find new stories and plots as your team continues resolving mysteries. You will have immersive experiences, unique memories and real relaxations and you might forget the real world problems or difficulties.

Learn new knowledge

Most people prefer to watch Netflix shows to relax if they finish daily work. However, if they can choose to play online escape rooms, they will have good mind exercises. It is not easy to find a passcode in the game as it requires logic reasoning or calculation. Some people might fail at the first trial, so it will push them to learn new knowledge to enhance the gaming experience.

Playing online escape rooms is not only a good way to relax, but also a productive way to improve communication skills, build unique memories as well as learn new knowledge.

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