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Backyard Revolution Reviews – Solar Panel Money Saver – Review by ProductWorld

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This programme is a guide on how to build your own solar panel. It promotes the generation of one's own electricity and can not only save electricity, but also money.

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Renewable energies are a big topic today. Environmentally friendly alternatives are recommended more and more often, or there is a switch to produce environmentally friendly electricity. However, this conversion is expensive and in some areas where old buildings are still standing and the like, the power grids are not being redesigned so that renewable energies are possible. This is accompanied by various disadvantages that one has in the neighborhood. We took a look at the Backyard Revolution today. A device that can generate sustainable electricity and save a lot of money in the process. The program simply shows you how you can save electricity and helps you to take a step into the future. We wanted to know more about Backyard Revolution and explain below what it's all about.

What is Backyard Revolution?

This programme is a guide on how to build your own solar panel. It promotes the generation of one's own electricity and can not only save electricity, but also money. The product explains in detail how to build a system, which could become an advantage to you. The manufacturer even reports savings of up to 65 percent in the first month. But here come more features to mention about Backyard Revolution:

  1. Not much skill is needed to build the device.
  2. It is not expensive.
  3. The electricity generated is only from renewable sources.
  4. You can use it practically anywhere.

As you can see, Backyard Revolution shows that you have the opportunity to generate your own electricity. Of course, you can still fall back on the electricity system that you have in your house. With the possibility, which you can assemble with the help of the concept, you save a lot and therefore spend a lot less money. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.) Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

Why do I need this electricity saving program?

Because electricity is far too expensive these days. Electricity is a commodity that is not only becoming more and more expensive, but its production also no longer seems sustainable in this day and age, for example, when it is generated by coal-fired power plants. On the other hand, you make yourself dependent and have to submit to what the suppliers tell you. Therefore, Backyard Revolution is a programme with which one can free oneself from this structure. It is practically suitable for young and old alike. It also doesn't matter how much technical know-how you have. The device itself, with which one can save electricity, is easy to assemble and can be produced within a few hours. The provider even reports that one's own children could help with it if they are interested. Backyard Revolution is an option that anyone can use to their advantage and is also suitable for people who have already tried an alternative but were not satisfied with it. Therefore, practically everyone should give the product a chance.

Backyard Revolution rating and recommendation

We believe that Backyard Revolution can be a good alternative to the typical power supply and that you can save not only money but also electricity. We are therefore very happy to recommend it at this point. Since in this day and age people have to think more and more about saving money as well, Backyard Revolution can help very well to implement this intention. We therefore give it a good rating and think that everyone should try out this new method of saving electricity.

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Backyard Revolution - Technical Facts

Not much is known about the technical features of Backyard Revolution. However, it is clear that the system is built on the use of solar panels and does not require any maintenance. The device is simply built, connected and electricity is generated. Absolutely nothing else is necessary.

What are the Backyard Revolution quality features?

We took a detailed look at the Backyard Revolution system and did a test. The first thing we noticed was that ordering was very easy and uncomplicated. Within a few minutes, we had placed our order and a short time later we were happy to receive the programme. We immediately tried out assembling the programme to save electricity. To do this, you have to watch a video that explains easily and understandably how to actually assemble the device.

The manufacturer reports that it is completely simple and straightforward. Even children could help in this endeavour and make Backyard Revolution within a short time. Afterwards, the system is simply connected to the domestic power circuit and thus generates electricity that can be used. We have shared the instructions with others who have told us the same thing. Therefore, we give the system for saving electricity a good rating and think that it can be recommended.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Backyard Revolution?

When buying something, it's a good idea to find out the pros and cons beforehand so you know what to expect. At Backyard Revolution, we have therefore taken the opportunity to give you a full overview below. This will enable you to form your own opinion and perhaps even make it easier to decide whether or not the device is something for your personal needs. Backyard Revolution can help you save electricity, but it also has other advantages.


  • Easy assembly
  • Inexpensive alternative
  • Saving electricity made easy
  • No technical know-how required


  • None available

As you can see, Backyard Revolution only has advantages that you can benefit from. We would therefore like to encourage you to give the programme a try. It will save you electricity and you don't even need any technical know-how to assemble it. It is also not complicated. On the other hand, you don't have to fear any disadvantages.

General Backyard Revolution opinions

We also focused our research on finding the opinions of other users who may have tried the system before. We found what we were looking for and discovered a few testimonials that came from people who have already been able to form an opinion. Overall, it can be said that most users have reacted very positively to Backyard Revolution. They also found it not too difficult to assemble the device and the instructions were extremely simple and understandable. For some, the children also helped to build the device in the first place. After setting it up, it was observed to what extent it was possible to save electricity and the results were very good. Most do not want to miss Backyard Revolution anymore and therefore use it all year round in terms of power consumption at home. However, we have also read that it is used by some, for example, to supply the holiday home with electricity. It can save electricity and of course money. Therefore, the concept of Backyard Revolution was often and gladly recommended. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Are there any risks or problems with Backyard Revolution?

The supplier specifically mentions that there should be no problems whatsoever in setting up Backyard Revolution, nor in using it. Therefore, we can largely rule it out. In our test, we were able to ascertain just the same and can confirm that the provider is quite right in what he says.

Where can I order Backyard Revolution?

Ordering Backyard Revolution is very simple. The best way to do this is directly via the manufacturer's website. There is an order form where you only have to enter your own data. Only a few of these are required. Then you choose which payment method you would like to use. Secure methods such as Paypal or credit card are used here. They give users a great deal of security and at the same time offer buyer protection. After that, the order is simply sent off. You will receive an email shortly in which you will find a link that leads to a video. You can watch this video and see exactly how the Backyard Revolution is assembled. There is also a shopping list with all the accessories and the parts you need.

However, there is something we should mention at this point: The manufacturer normally sells its product at a fixed price. However, there are occasions when you can get it for less. However, these offers are limited in time. It is therefore worthwhile to strike when you have the chance. You can very well save money this way if you take advantage of this opportunity. Apart from that, it is not foreseeable that when the offers disappear, if and when they will come back again. Therefore, it always makes sense to take advantage when you have the opportunity.

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Who is the provider of the product?

The provider is a man who had to maintain an old electricity grid in his home, but its costs were getting higher and higher. He wanted to create an alternative and thus a safe home for himself and his family. He calls himself Zack Bennett and is 42 years old. He is based in Orlando and took advantage of a study to develop Backyard Revolution. Nothing more is known about the provider.

General information on the subject of saving electricity

Electricity is an expensive commodity these days, which is also becoming more and more expensive. In addition, there are many discussions about renewable energies and that, in principle, everyone should switch to them. However, this is not so easy. Because in principle, everyone has an electricity grid in their house or flat that flows to a supplier. And this supplier does not necessarily have to draw its resources from renewable energies. This creates a cycle from which there seems to be no escape. But according to the Backyard Revolution concept, you can break out of it. By simply building the device and generating your own renewable energy.

The device is supposed to be very easy to assemble and give you the alternative you need. Plus, you control where the electricity comes from and it's not even expensive. You still get a small amount of normal electricity from the home grid. But there is the possibility to save up to 65 percent of the costs and can save just the household electricity. So it is a good alternative if you are looking for a method to save even more electricity. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Known FAQ about this product

In this section we would like to summarise the latest features and information about Backyard Revolution, in case you have any further questions about the programme while reading. In this way, we want to provide you with the full range of information.

  • Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?
  • A: Those who purchase Backyard Revolution get a 60-day money-back guarantee from the supplier, which can be used if one is not satisfied with the device for saving electricity. One can assemble the 3D solar system, see how it works and what it does and still decide afterwards whether it is worth it or not. In this case, you simply write to the supplier about the programme, report that you are not satisfied and you will also get a full refund. That is actually no problem at all.
  • Q: Is the Backyard Revolution system really that easy to understand?
  • A: The provider guarantees that you don't need any technical know-how to assemble the device to save electricity. The details are not presented in an academic or complex way, so that practically any child can understand them.
  • Q: What is the percentage of electricity that can be saved?
  • A: The provider speaks of about 65 per cent in the first month. However, it is possible that more is possible.
  • Q: Is the power-saving device big?
  • A: No, it takes up practically no more space than a normal CD rack that you have in your living room.
  • Q: How much does it cost to build or buy Backyard Revolution?
  • A: First of all, it's just the fee you have to pay for the video. To build the device to save electricity, you have to spend some money on parts, but they are quickly assembled. The provider says that after the third month of use, you have already recovered the costs because you have been able to save so much electricity in that time.
  • Q: Is there bonus content?
  • A: If you choose the Backyard Revolution system, you also have the option of getting bonus content with the programme. With these you can save even more electricity.

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Contact Info

Homepage: https://www.backyardrevolution.org/

E-Mail: support @ backyardrevolution.deskpro . com

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