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ACU brings reformation to crypto assets by tokenising gold - ACUG

Last updated Tuesday, March 30, 2021 12:01 ET , Source: ACUG

ACU brings reformation to crypto assets by tokenising gold - ACUG

Hong Kong, 03/30/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Recently, ACU Digital Limited (hereinafter referred to as ADL), by leveraging its advanced blockchain technology and merged with the mainstream financial instrument, has successfully launched a tokenised gold——ACUG. It is tied to the value of physical gold and redeemed by physical gold, custodian by Hong Kong Asian Digital Gold. As the initiator, ADL has solely completed the purchasing of 680 kg gold from Hong Kong Asia Digital Gold and Blackwell Global, and simultaneously audited and guaranteed by internationally renowned accounting firms. According to the plan, the exchange rate will be 1 ounce to 1 AUCG, with a total issued amount of 1 million pieces and an initial offering of 100,000 pieces. The 68 kg of physical gold will completely cover the initial offering of AUCG. The first batch of the gold token is available for trading on March 22nd. At present, a total amount of 400,000 pieces of ACUG have been put into operation in the second offering, and all of them has been sold out as of press time.

Compared with traditional gold trading, ACUG has the following obvious advantages:

1) Credibility. Hong Kong Asian Digital Gold is a member of the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society, and its physical gold is internationally recognised. AUCG is one-to-one anchored with the physical gold of Asia Digital Gold, and there is no over-issue.

2) Flexibility. Apart from the speculative value brought by the fluctuation of gold price in the international market, ADL has also launched ACUG financial plan with its financial partners. Shareholders can obtain investment income through leverage operation.

3) Transferability. Unlike traditional gold market transactions, ACUG enables gold to be traded online anytime and anywhere with the help of blockchain and fintech technology without the subscription and redemption costs of ordinary funds.

Although the international gold price fluctuates recently due to the rising exchange rate of the US dollar, judging from the application of the physical properties of precious metals in industrial production and the irreproducibility of mineral resources, gold is still the first choice of the asset that can avoid risks. During the fluctuation cycle, it is suggested to appropriately increase the gold-related allocation.

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