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COSIMO X is an Early Validator in the Casper Network to Drive Scalable Blockchain Adoption

Last updated Thursday, April 1, 2021 11:43 ET , Source: COSIMO X

COSIMO X is early investor and validator in Casper Network.

Boston, MA, 04/01/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Venture capital fund COSIMO X participated in Casper’s private sale and is among the first validators on Casper Network after its March 31 mainnet launch. The public token sale for Casper’s native CSPR token was the largest ever hosted on CoinList.

Casper is a smart contract blockchain platform that relies on a proof of stake consensus algorithm to solve the efficiency and scalability issues present in current networks. Some of its key features include upgradable smart contracts, predictable gas fees, and WebAssembly support. All of which appeal to Web3 development teams and are essential to enterprise adoption.

“The technology that the team at CasperLabs have developed is another building block in the ecosystem and a catalyst for accelerated real world adoption of blockchain. We are excited to add a stake in Casper Network to the COSIMO X investment portfolio” said Ciaran Hynes, General Partner at COSIMO Ventures.

COSIMO X is an active investor in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The firm itself is an innovative implementation of the technology as it is a tokenized fund that leverages blockchain capability and provides investors with added transparency. The use of security tokens, which act as digital shares, also improve liquidity and offer wider opportunities for investors who wish to participate in these markets.


COSIMO X is a venture capital fund that invests in opportunities in emerging, next-generation technologies. The COSIMO team has been at the forefront of innovation and value creation for early stage companies over the past 25 years. As technology pioneers, we have developed products used by hundreds of millions of users every day and have created many firsts: from the first commercially available financial service on the Internet to the first Internet push notification. We are technology pioneers resolute in our mission to help emerging entrepreneurs build legendary companies.

About CasperLabs

CasperLabs, the developer of the Casper Network, provides professional services and support for organizations building on the Casper network. Guided by open source principles, CasperLabs is committed to supporting the next wave of blockchain adoption among businesses and providing developers with a reliable and secure framework to build private, public and hybrid blockchain applications. Its team possesses deep enterprise technology experience, hailing from organizations including Google, Adobe, AWS, Dropbox and Microsoft. Learn more at https://casperlabs.io/

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