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Land of Bowling Announces the Launch of their Brand New Website

Last updated Sunday, April 25, 2021 20:00 ET , Source: Land of Bowling

Bowling Tips and Guide to Choosing the Best Bowling Balls, Best Bowling Wrist Supports, and Best Bowling Shoes for Men

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23rd April 2021 – Land of Bowling is pleased to announce the launch of its new website for bowling enthusiasts and pros. Roman, the creator of the website has been playing bowling since he was eight years old. At first, they were occasional trips to the bowling alley on birthdays and on special days. And later as Roman got better at the game, he frequented the alley with his friends at least twice a week. What started as a hobby is now a full-time passion for Roman. He had spent more than 10,000 hours researching the best bowling gear and wanted to share the same with individuals who appreciate the game as much as Roman does.

From beginners to seasoned bowlers, this site offers some great information, tips, and buying guide. Whether it is choosing the best benchmark bowling ball or bowling lessons for beginners, this is a site for players across proficiencies. Bowling might be played just for fun but just like any other game, this game too has rules that need to be followed and techniques to ace. In the article Bowling Lessons for Beginners, the writer explores the game of bowling right from basics to the bowling techniques such as Cranks, Stroker, and the Spinner technique used by players at different levels.

Land of Bowling
Land of Bowling

Having spoken about the techniques, it is important to point out what gives the actual grip to the players. A fine pair of bowling shoes is highly recommended. While all the bowling alleys offer shoes for rent, many people prefer getting their own shoes. This site also offers a guide to choosing the best bowling shoes for men. The author takes the readers through the Top Five shoes from brands such as Brunswick Vapor, BSI, Adidas, etc. Apart from helping players with their form and overall scoring, a good pair of bowling shoes also assure safety during the game by offering grip on the smooth alley.

So, for those who want to set up their own bowling alley in their basement or those who are just curious about how to choose the best benchmark bowling ball, this is the right place to be. The article focuses on top bowling balls such as the Brunswick Kingpin Max, Motiv Venom Cobra bowling ball, Hammer Black Widow Legend bowling ball, and the Columbia 300 Nitrous bowling ball. Bowling is a 7000-year-old sport and you need to learn the rich history and background from an expert. And who better than Roman who lives and breathes bowling that can do the explaining and offer the most useful information for recreational bowlers and aspirational pro-league stars alike. It is a constant endeavor by Roman to update the site with regular, fresh content.

To learn more visit https://landofbowling.com/

About Land of Bowling

Land of Bowling was started by Roman, an ardent bowling player, and a fan. With over 10,000 hours of research and testing every wrist protector, shoe company, and bowling balls, Roman wanted to share this valuable information with fellow bowlers and bowling enthusiasts from around the world.



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