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Europe Tourism News for US Travelers: European Union Open Doors to Hassle-free Travel for Vaccinated American Tourists!

Last updated Wednesday, April 28, 2021 13:00 ET , Source: NewsService

European Union to open tourism and travel services for vaccinated tourists from America.

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Last year kept people compulsorily indoors, and this resulted in the tourist sector getting a huge hit. Times are changing, people are getting vaccinated, and things are slowly limping towards normalcy. The European Union has decided to allow American tourists who are vaccinated for Covid-19 to visit the region in the coming summers.

Vaccination Certificates as Proof of Immunity

The executive body of the Head of the Bloc informed about allowing American tourists to the European Union, almost after a year of shutting down nonessential travel to this region. The United States of America is registering a very fast pace of vaccination, resulting in talks between the European Union and the American authorities about making vaccination certificates acceptable from the visitors as proof of immunity.

Hassle-Free Travel & Free Movement

This decision is an indication of a switch in policy about the restoration of trans-Atlantic leisure travel. Moreover, the European Union considers American tourists acceptable to visit the region as they get vaccinated using European Medicines Agency-approved medicines. It is expected to allow hassle-free travel to the European Union and free movement to this region. As per Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission President, all twenty-seven member states have unconditionally accepted the travel of vaccinated Americans to the EU.

Vaccination Certificates Are Must For Entry

The drug regulator of the bloc and the agency has approved three vaccines in use in the USA. These are BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson shots. The EU President did not give any timelines as to when the travel of Americans to the European Union will open up and related details. Her statement, however, comes as a pleasant change in their policy related to travel restrictions. Vaccination certificates are a must to be carried by the Americans to gain entry into this region.

As per the statement made by the President of the EU, things are right on track, and huge strides have been taken to reach herd immunity. By mid-June, almost 70 percent of adults are expected to get vaccinated. As per her, depending on the epidemiological situation, travel resumption would depend. With things fast improving in America, things are expected to improve in the European Union also.

Get Your New Travel Documents Ready!

Many technical discussions went on about the criteria of opening up travel restrictions given the fast pace of vaccination happening in the USA. This decision, once coming into force, is going to make things better and normal. Vaccination certificates are expected to be new travel documents when traveling.

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