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Folicure Dallas Hair Replacement Report Discusses What Makes a Hair Replacement System Look Natural

Last updated Friday, May 21, 2021 10:45 ET , Source: Folicure Hair Replacement Dallas

One of Dallas' leading hair replacement studios, Folicure, has revealed the top factors that are key to getting hair replacement systems to look natural and real.

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In their recently published report, Folicure Dallas, a leading hair replacement clinic in Dallas, has shared to their readers the top three factors that make a hair replacement system look natural. When evaluating a hair replacement system on how natural it looks, the hair replacement studio revealed that the hairline, texture, and hair shine are the primary factors to consider.

What makes Folicure different from other hair replacement clinics is its dedication to providing its customers a hair replacement system that can replace the hair exactly as it previously grew. This is why they wanted to educate their readers and followers on what makes a hair replacement look natural. Here are the top three factors that they discussed:

1. Hairline – A great hair replacement system, according to Folicure, should match the original hairline as this what makes it look natural. It should mimic the natural transition from the forehead to the head. Folicure creates a natural-looking hair replacement system that matches pre-hair loss hairline.

2. Texture – One can tell if a hair replacement system looks natural by checking the hair texture. According to Folicure, their hair replacement system is made from natural hair; thus, its texture is guaranteed natural-looking. They explained that hair texture varies depending on the way hair cell grows. “The outermost layer of hair called the cuticle is made up of overlapping cells that resemble roof shingles. This shingled arrangement is the reason behind the look and style of hair,” they explained.

3. Hair Shine – A hair replacement system looks natural when it shines the same way natural hair does. The natural hair used in Folicure’s hair replacement system reflects light in the same way as natural hair. According to Folicure, this isn’t the same with hair replacement systems that used synthetic hair. ”Synthetic hair gives the same shiny and wet look, but as the hair is made up of plastic fibers, these create a fake look that goes well with a toy head than your head.” they wrote.

    Aside from these three factors, Folicure also mentioned hair color as another factor to consider.

    “The hairpiece shows color contrast between your natural hair and hair restoration system. As people mostly do not suffer from complete baldness, the hair restoration system should match your natural hair color,” Folicure Hair Replacement Dallas discussed further.

    Folicure advised those who plan to get a hair replacement system to only go to clinics staffed by highly experienced and well-trained hair replacement professionals. Although they are not surgeons, they offer the best hair replacement solutions in Dallas, and those who want to try their service can get a free hair replacement consultation here.

    About Folicure Hair Replacement Dallas

    Folicure Non Surgery Based Hair Replacement services offers a hair replacement system that yields results that cannot be achieved through painful transplants or expensive and potentially dangerous chemical solutions. Their team studies each customer’s case to understand the quality of their hair and provide them with the best hair replacement system that resembles their natural hair.

    Folicure can easily be reached through (214) 691-5700, and people can visit them on their website at www.folicurehair.com. Get a free consultation here.

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