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What Experts are Saying About Kybella, the Double Chin Remover

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Double chins are among the most common fat accumulations on the body. Even those with relatively lean builds end up finding a double chin hiding under an otherwise smooth jawline and profile. There’s nothing too distracting about it initially, but it can become quite a nuisance once it starts appearing in photos or when people begin to point it out.

Double chin removal treatments do exist, but many of them are quite complicated procedures and require all kinds of cuts and incisions which take weeks, sometimes even around a month to recover from. Luckily, there is a less invasive alternative in the form of Kybella. With nothing more than a few injections, this fat reduction treatment can get rid of the excess layers leaving behind a beautifully chiseled profile. To learn more about this treatment we spoke with MiracleFace MedSpa’s Dr. Schwarzburg. Asking him all the important questions, from how the procedure works to the average Kybella injections cost NYC.

His work is widely known in Manhattan as some of the safest and most reliable cosmetic treatments out there. This is why Dr. Schwarzburg is a perfect candidate to answer all our questions about this amazing treatment.

I: First and foremost, we would like to know one thing before we proceed: is Kybella dangerous?

D: It’s good that you asked this question first since it draws a parallel to our work ethic. We take personal safety and wellness into consideration before anything else. And by “we” I don’t simply mean my colleagues and I. “We” stands for the entire medical community. The treatment that you find in any cosmetic center has to go through rigorous testing before it can be open to the public. Now the compound itself in the hands of someone who is inexperienced can be dangerous. But most practitioners are qualified and highly trained. I myself am board-certified and have years of experience under my belt, as do many of my colleagues.

I: In that case: how does Kybella actually work? What is the procedure like?

D: Kybella is an injectable compound. When injected under the chin, Kybella, also known as deochycholic acid, burns through the fat and slowly shrinks the fat layer. This, in turn, causes the double chin to shrink as well. This is obviously put in very simple terminology and the actual procedure is a lot more complicated than that. But this is essentially what happens during the procedure; a few injections in select areas under the chin and a bit of rest for the compound to burn through the fat.

I: So how long do you have to wait for the compound to finish its task before injecting more?

D: Patients have to do a bit of waiting in this regard. Each session of Kybella needs to be followed with at least two weeks of recovery time. This is done to give the body enough time to recuperate before the next session of Kybella injections. Doing them all at once would overwhelm the body and possibly cause damage to it. This is done to make the change gradual and to ease your body into it, as opposed to simply throwing everything in all at once.

I: What is the hardest part about the procedure for most of your patients?

D: The procedure can hurt a little bit. The compound physically burns through fat cells and you can feel that heat. While this is normal for the procedure, it can still be quite painful. I’m not saying my patients cry out in pain, but it’s definitely not a pleasant experience. However, in my experience as a cosmetic practitioner, I have not had any patients who couldn’t deal with the burning sensation. Sure; it’s not comfortable, but it is bearable. Also, it doesn’t last very long so you can easily muscle through it without a problem.

I: How do your patients feel after the treatment? I mean both in terms of results and side effects?

D: Let’s start with the side effects in that case. So, the most common side effects are the aforementioned burning sensation, a little aching, itchiness, and swelling. None of these sounds particularly pleasant, but trust me: they are really not that bad. These side effects are not going to take away from your daily routine, they are not going to distract you from living your life normally. And, as I said with the burning, they go away on their own without much of a fuss. All you can really do is just be patient and be extra careful with your skin.

As for the results: I have had many patients pleasantly surprised to see how well the procedure worked. Most people don’t really believe in Kybella and think the most they’re going to get out of it is just a smaller double chin, but one that’s still around. Not exactly the case. You can see it in the before and after photos on our website and how the double chin is completely absent. Most of our clients have reported very positive results and rarely has there been a case where a full Kybella treatment was incapable of sculpting the jawline and profile.

My recommendation would simply be to give it a try. Kybella is widely available, you can find it in all kinds of cosmetic centers, and the treatment is one of the safest ways you can get rid of a double chin. It’s only a few injections so you won’t have to worry about scars or any other marks remaining after the treatment.

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