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Portable Air Breeze Maxx Reviews - Does BreezeMaxx Portable Air Conditioner Really Work as Advertised?

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Reviews of the Breeze Maxx portable air conditioner. Does Breeze Maxx really work to beat the heat in summer or another scam? More in this BreezeMaxx air cooler review.

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Breeze Maxx is a small-sized, easy to use and portable air conditioner that is high in demand this summer. As per the official website, Breeze Maxx is an air cooler plus humidifier that cleans the air and makes the summer heat manageable.

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Climate change is not a lie, as all of us have seen drastic changes in the weather during the last few years. Now the temperature has reached an extreme level at both ends, where the summers are extra hot, and winters are extra cold. Probably 50 years ago, no one imagined that temperature would increase so much that people would need a portable AC with them. But environmental changes are never abrupt, and they take a lot of years to show.

So, making a change to the global temperature trends is not something that one can do alone. But it also doesn’t mean that you have to tolerate a dangerously high temperature. The scorching heat is not only unpleasant but also carries a number of health risks. Hundreds of people die because of a heatstroke and their contributing conditions, which is why people search for any option that could potentially save them from this heat.

breeze maxx
Portable Air Breeze Maxx Reviews

Most buildings are centrally temperature-controlled, or in some areas, people prefer using an in-built air conditioning unit. But both these options are costly. Besides, the addition that they make to the monthly bill adds an even more burden to your finances. Again, this is not a reason to lay back and expose yourself to the heat. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on professional air conditioning units when you can get a small compact Breeze Maxx air cooler for 1/10th of the price.

Breeze Maxx is here to help you manage the hot summer days and nights when you can’t work, sleep or do anything. Unlike other options, it is only a small, one-time investment that doesn’t take much electricity and causes no financial burden.

It is a creatively designed machine that also works as an air purifier and humidifier. The only catch is that it is for single-person use only. So if you have more family members, you might need to buy more Breeze Maxx air conditioners. If you are considering buying more than one AC, jump to the pricing details under the where to buy Breeze Maxx section and read about the discounted bundle offers that are currently valid. Others who are still trying to understand this machine can read this Breeze Maxx review and then make their decision to invest their money in it. Let’s start investigating this device.

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Breeze Maxx Review

Many people regard air conditioning facilities as a luxury that they don’t really need, and only those who earn thousands of dollars can get it. It might be true if you have a centrally temperature-controlled house or professional air conditioning units installed at your house that cost hundreds of dollars in purchase, installation, and maintenance. Plus, the monthly electricity bill is another burden. But what if you are using an affordable device that you can take with you anywhere or use in any room with no significant addition to the monthly electricity bill?

Breeze Maxx is the newly launched portable AC that is making record sales this summer. It is different, less expensive, and more useful than typical air conditioners that are based on a condensation principle, using the hot air to cool down and blow back to the room. The typical air conditioner uses several pipes, coils, and coolant-like gas to keep the cycle of this cooling running. It is heavy machinery that needs more electricity to run and timely maintenance, without which it takes more power and adds more money to the monthly bill and repair charges.

Using a small size, AC is also better for a person who shares a flat with other people. Let's just accept that flatmates are unreliable, and you can’t be the only person taking care of the expenses for a shared residence. Unless your flatmate or roommate is helpful or contributive, there is no need to step into this long and expensive process of buying a standard air conditioner to use. Alternatively, you can buy Breeze Maxx air conditioner and use it anywhere you want.

It has the least maintenance requirements and is best for a person who lives alone or lives with noncooperative flatmates. If you already have air conditioners installed in your house but want to save money on electrical bills, you can also switch to Breeze Maxx AC, as it only costs a little. You would probably spend this amount on one night out in other cases, so the price is not really an issue here.

If you are confused between Breeze Maxx portable AC and other options, it is the right time to compare all devices and choose the one that best meets your requirement and budget. BreezeMaxx portable AC may not be expensive, but it claims to be a high quality and professionally designed product. Let’s find out if it is a good investment or not in this Breeze Maxx review.

What To Know About Breeze Maxx Portable AC?

Breeze Maxx is an air-cooling system that is liked for its super-fast cooling power, small size, and lightweight design. It is something that you can carry anywhere and use no matter where you are. People who have already tried it have called it a good investment that has saved hundreds of dollars for them. This AC is currently in stock and ready to get shipped to your address.

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Breeze Maxx portable AC is designed for a small room, office desk, or placed next to a person while he sleeps peacefully. It needs a constant electrical supply and can’t be charged like any other battery-operated device. If you live alone or don’t expect any visitors this summer, try investing your money into this unique cooling device and witness its benefits by yourself.

The official website of Breeze Maxx introduces it as an air conditioner, but it has other purposes too. While working as an air cooler, it is also an air purifier and humidifier that adds moisture to the air, making sure it doesn’t cause dryness and skin issues in the user. It also cleans the air from potential allergens, toxic materials, dust, and other particles trapped by the air.

BreezeMaxx AC has a fine filter inside that traps these materials and removes them from the air where the uses breathe. Moreover, the humidity improves the quality of air in which you would breathe with an overall low risk of any breathing difficulties.

More Information about Breeze Maxx

Following are the technical facts about the Breeze Maxx air conditioner. These facts are taken from the official website, and there is no suspicion in them. You can search them individually or confirm them with a technician for evaluating this product.

  • AC Model: WT-F10

  • Materials Inside: ABS / SilicaGel

  • Dimensions: 6.69×5.98×6.18”

  • Weight: 776g

  • Input Charge: 5V

  • Water Tank Capacity: 380mL

  • Speeds of Motor: 2,200rpm (low-setting), 3,100rpm (mid-settings), or 3,600rpm (high-settings)

  • Current Used: 0.2A to 1.0A

  • Working Charge: 1W to 5W

Items that you get in its pack; Main body, water absorption curtain, USB charging wire, and instruction manual.

How Does Breeze Maxx AC Work?

Breeze Maxx AC works in four directions at the same time. If you are surprised to know this, here are the reasons to make you believe.

Every Breeze Maxx device uses a Polartec coated unit and plays four functions at a time. It has a two-piece water tank that is locked with each other. This water is responsible for humidification and super cool air that comes out from this small AC.

You might have felt that conventional air conditioners remove all the moisture from the air, making your skin exposed to dryness. But Breeze Max does the opposite. So it can be used in the place of a humidifier, too, if you don’t have it.

Unlike conventional air conditioners that work on evaporation and condensation principles using metallic coils and coolants, Breeze Maxx uses a simple cooling system.

  • Cooling the air

Breeze Maxx portable AC generates cool air using its water tank and water curtain. The water tank can be spotted on the side, whereas the water curtain is clear once you remove the top cover. Every user is required to fill the water in this tank before using this portable air conditioner.

Once the water tanks are full and you switch on the AC, it sucks the hot air from the room, makes it pass through the water curtain where it is cooled, and the water tank adds moisture into it. Then it is released from the other side of the device. If you place it in front of you, this air will be directly blown to your body and face, giving you a cooling sensation.

  • Filtering the air

Making the air cool is a general property of all air conditioning units, but Breeze Maxx also filters the air. It has four functions that include; air cooling, making the air humid, circulating the cool air in the room, and filtrating from allergens. Don’t let its small size fool you, as its air can encircle your entire room.

However, it is only true for a small size room. If your room is big or has too much stuff inside, cooling may not be possible. In that case, you have to keep it in front of you and enjoy its air directly.

For filtration, the air passes through a special filter that cleans all toxic materials from it. After that, this air passes through the water absorption curtain, and the water coming from the tank adds moisture into it. As a result, the clean and cool air is released from the side that faces the user.

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What Makes Breeze Maxx Air Cooler Better Than Other Options?

Breeze Maxx is not the only AC that is small-sized, lightweight, and portable, and many other companies are manufacturing similar models. However, Breeze Maxx AC has higher sales and demand than all other options, mainly because of the following reasons.

  • Multi-function design

Despite being a small and compact body, this machine works as an air cooler and humidifier at the same time. People who have allergies often use an air purifier which is another similar device that cleans the air. But there is no need to buy a humidifier or a purifier when investing in Breeze Maxx portable AC because it takes care of everything.

  • Smart cooling technology

Breeze Maxx uses an intelligent cooling technology that starts producing cool air in no time, but it may need up to one hour to cool the entire room. If you wish to use it for cooling a room or a shared space, pay attention to the room size first. If it is above a small size room, you may need more than one device. If you have roommates, each of you can use a personal AC, and this way, two or three Ac working at the same time will cool the entire room or house, depending upon the room size.

  • Easy to use device

There are no complications involved in using Breeze Maxx AC. All you have to do is take it out from the box, add water to it, and start using it. There is no installing or assembling required. Although it comes with an instruction manual, it is so simply designed that you don’t even need to read these instructions.

  • Best for people with allergies

Dust and air-borne allergies are common, and most doctors recommend using an air purifier or humidifier to avoid an allergic attack. Moreover, using conventional air conditioners removes the air's moisture, making it even harder for allergic patients to breathe. But the real problem with both these devices is that they are expensive and add a burden to expenditures. However, if you choose Breeze Maxx, there is no need to spend money on an air purifier or humidifier separately because it will also do its work.

  • No usage limit

Most portable AC has a usage limit, and they are only helpful for a couple of hours, but Breeze Maxx works well for as long as you want. It is connected with a power source and works as long as the power is available. The water in the tank may end after a few hours and need a refill. Other than that, you are good to go for the next 8-10 hours.

  • No installation needed

The professional air conditioners need an installation by technicians that add more money to your expenditure. When you choose to buy Breeze Maxx portable air cooler, there is no such need as it doesn’t have to be ‘fixed’ anywhere. You don’t even need a professional guy or technician to set it up for you. Just take it out of the box and start using it.

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How To Use Breeze Maxx Portable AC?

Read the following guidelines to start using a brand new Breeze Maxx AC.

Every Breeze Maxx air cooler comes in a spacious box. When you take it out from the box, you will see a charging cable, main body with water tank, air filter, and water curtain. Remove the lid of the water tank and start filling it with tap water. Its capacity is nearly 380mL, which is slightly less than your average 0.5 liters small size water bottle.

Place this portable AC near a power socket and connect it using the cable that comes with the box. There is a power button on the front that turns the default fan mode on. You can change its intensity as per your liking later. If you don’t want humidification, you can skip filling the water tank and use it directly. But using it along with its humidification function improves the quality of air that comes out of it and makes the summer heat much more manageable.

Breeze Maxx AC doesn’t require any professional maintenance unless any part of it stops working or the machine faces any damage. If you are using it every day, make sure to clean the water tank, or else it may start to stink. The water absorption curtain works well for six to eight months, after which it may need a replacement. However, it depends upon your usage of the AC; if you aren’t using it excessively, you can use it for as long as one year.

Once you stop using your Breeze Maxx AC after the summer ends, it is necessary to remove the water from the water tank and dry it. Also, remove and dry the water curtain and place it back after a few hours. Leaving it wet would give a chance to bacteria, fungus, and mold to grow on it. If it is left like this for a few months, it may never be in a usable form again. Even if you can afford a new AC next summer, give some time to clean it, and it will be perfect next summer and every upcoming summer.

Where To Buy Breeze Maxx Portable AC? Official Pricing and Refund Policy

Breeze Maxx air cooler is now available online. You can buy it directly from its official website.

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The price of one unit is around $89, which is nothing as compared to its benefits. But if you wish to buy more air conditioners for your colleagues, flatmates, friends or family members, the company is running a discount offer.

Though we recommend buying a single unit to give it a test drive, you can save a lot of money if you choose to buy two or more than two air conditioners in one go. Interestingly, you can buy up to five air conditioners in one order, and the price will drop more with the number of your purchased air conditioners. Here are the complete Breeze Maxx AC pricing details.

  • Buy One Breeze Maxx portable AC for $89.99

  • Buy Two Breeze Maxx AC units for for $170.98

  • Buy Three Breeze Maxx units for $242.97

  • Buy Four Breeze Maxx units for $305.97

  • Buy Five Breeze Maxx units for $359.96

Shipping charges are applicable. The company has another add-on for you. You can purchase a three-year-long warranty for Breeze Maxx by paying $48.59 extra. It will secure all the damages or repair costs for your order. You will be given the option to add this warranty to your order at the time of check out. If you wish to proceed, click it, and the amount will be added to your total order value. Read the complete details on the official website of Breeze Maxx AC.

Breeze Maxx 30-Day Refund Policy

All Breeze Maxx air conditioner orders are protected with a 30-day money-back offer. You can choose to return this product and get your money back if you don’t find it helpful. This refund request has to reach the company within 30 days of the purchase along with the return parcel. The address to send this parcel back to the company is as follows.

2345 hall Road, Union, NJ 07083

The company requires all return parcels to have the original packing and all accessories that come with the original box. Don’t forget to share your order number and contact details with this return parcel meanwhile contact the company’s representative and give him the tracking ID.

Once the parcel reaches its destination, your refund process will start immediately. No requests after passing this 30-day limit will be addressed.

For more details about the product, deliveries, and refund, you can contact the customer support line through the following means.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-877-821-0177

Breeze Maxx Reviews - Conclusion

Breeze Maxx portable AC is a newly launched portable air cooling system that comes with an additional humidifier feature. For $90 only, you will get a personal air cooler and humidifier that will make your summer less intolerable. It uses water to cool the air and add moisture into it, but you can also use it without water if you don’t need humidification.

All orders come with a 30-day money-back company plus three years extended warranty that is optional. Right now, the company is offering up to 50% off on Breeze Maxx bundle packs; check the official website to know the final price.

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Product Contact:

Breeze Maxx

[email protected]

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