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Massimo Didomenico - The Social Media Guru & Instagram Expert Turned His Business Into Six-Figures in Less Than Four Months.

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Massimo Didomenico is an Instagram social media expert who successfully generated six-figure profits for his agency when he was only 19 years old. Now he is ready to help young professionals.

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KISS PR Brand Story CEO Qamar Zaman interviewed Massimo Didomenico. Here is what every business professional should know about Massimo Didomenico.

Who among your social circle had successfully turned their business into 6-figures? Very few, right? How about those who had turned their business into 6-figures in less than four months when they were just 19 years old? Probably none. And this is why Massimo Didomenico is considered a rare gem in the digital marketing industry.

Massimo Didomenico is a social media marketing expert who successfully generated 6-figures profits for his agency when he was 19 years old. He made a name for himself in the industry at such a young age and had helped over a hundred personal brands on Instagram achieve monumental success.

Get to know more about Massimo and learn why you should hire him as your millennial brand expert.

Who is Massimo Didomenico?

Massimo Didomenico is the co-founder and vice president of Tansocial, a digital marketing company that focuses on performance marketing, branding, and strategy. His expertise focuses mainly on lead generation, sales & marketing, branding, website development, and result-oriented advertising.

One of the leading social media platforms where Massimo has helped his clients the most is on Instagram. He has been helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their social media presence with followers and public relations on Instagram and positioned them as the authority and thought leaders in their respective industries.

Who are Massimo Didomenico’s clients?

Toyota, Bang Energy, and a plethora of 8-9 figure earners are among the clients whose personal online brands Massimo has helped to establish, primarily on Instagram.

Massimo's professional promise, "Marketing Without the Fluff," makes him the go-to social media marketing guru of big brands who want to reach out to their target audience through Instagram.

What is it about Massimo Didomenico that makes him unique among his peers?

Even though he calls himself a marketing "playboy,” Massimo is known in the industry for being honest, straightforward, and always making sure to add value to every person he meets. But what makes him stand out among his peers is the fact that he practices what he preaches.

Unlike other "gurus," Massimo only sells marketing services that people need. His professional guarantee, "Marketing Without the Fluff," promises his clients that he's not out to make a quick buck, but values relationships with them by being transparent with his services and by telling them the harsh truth if that’s what will help them improve their branding.

Massimo Didomenico's tips on how to succeed in any industry

In his featured story, Massimo enumerated the top three ways to succeed in any industry based on his experience.

  1. Make sure that you make a name for yourself in your industry. Massimo said that having a name helps you stand out from your peers and helps show what you can bring to the table at first glance.

  2. Avoid burnout. Massimo pointed out that the importance of learning how to prevent burning out is a crucial part when you run a business. Minimizing unhealthy stress, managing your time effectively, and developing a healthy work-life balance are among his top solutions.

  3. Don't stop learning. Massimo said that when you purposely put yourself in situations where you can learn new things, you are undoubtedly on your road to success. “No matter how much you think you know, there's always another perspective or something someone else knows that you don't know that could drastically change the trajectory of your ideas and the road ahead,” he shared.

As a bonus tip, he said that you must learn to leverage three important things – time, money, and people if you want to experience continuous success.

Massimo Didomenico partners with KISS PR Brand Story

Partnering with Texas's leading public relations company, KISS PR Brand Story, is one of Massimo's important collaborations recently. He will be working with KISS PR Chief Growth Officer Qamar Zaman to help companies build their social brands.

Aside from the collaboration, Massimo and Zaman have also announced that they will soon co-author a book that aims to help millennial entrepreneurs leverage the power of web search and social media to their advantage.

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