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Massimo Didomenico Shares His Story With KISS PR Brand Story

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Making a Name For Yourself Is All About Authenticity. Massimo Didomenico, Instagram Marketing Expert.

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Advice from the 19-year-old Marketing Genius Massimo Didomenico AKA Marketing Playboy Who Built a Six-Figure Business from the Ground Up In Just Four Months

Most nineteen-year-olds can only dream of having a business of their own that can support them well enough to pay their bills. In fact, Americans in their late teens and early twenties today have the lowest net worth in history due to varying economic factors, such as the student debt crisis and the traditional job market, which does not favor young people.

Massimo Didomenico is far from your typical millennial. He graduated from high school with a grade point average of 2.0 and dropped out of his community college business program during his second semester. A year later, he is the co-founder and vice president of Tansocial, a digital marketing company specializing in branding strategy. His expertise focuses on lead generation, website development, sales and marketing, branding, and results-oriented advertising.

Massimo is regarded as an industry expert when it comes to running an Instagram campaign and has worked for high-profile companies such as Toyota and Bang Energy. His business is now worth six figures.

In several recent interviews, Mr. Didomenico has opened up with advice from his personal experience about what it takes to build a business from scratch.

Making a Name For Yourself Is All About Authenticity

Massimo explains that he made a name for himself by being straightforward and never promising results he couldn’t deliver. This “no BS” strategy, paired with strong personal branding earned him a reputation in the industry for adding value to each and every person he talks to.

His tagline “marketing without the fluff” represents his promise to clients only to sell them services they actually need. Regardless of the niche your business is in (or what niche you hope to start a business in), being honest and transparent with clients and potential clients is sure to earn you a reputation for being trustworthy. “Under-promising and over-delivering,” as Massimo phrases it, will help build your network through clients recommending your services to people they know in search of the same services.

Leverage the Resources You Have

It is easy to dismiss networking as something that you can only do if your parents are successful politicians or your sister-in-law is a well-known executive in your field, but networking is a must if you want to get any business off the ground. Your network is probably stronger and bigger than you think, anyways. Leveraging your network does require putting yourself out there and asking people you don’t know well for referrals, recommendations, and advice. While you will receive many rejections, you’d be surprised how eager strangers are to offer whatever help they can give.

Avoid Burnout to Keep Your Business Going

In the early days of running his own business, Massimo subjected himself to days that he describes as “grueling”: waking up at 4am to go to the gym, building his business starting at 8am, and then working a shift as a busser at a local restaurant from 4pm until midnight. After six months of this life, his first company found some success, building a small client base that allowed him to quickly scale to six figures and work with CEOs of household brand names.

After a falling out with several team members just as their business began to blow up, Massimo retreated to the Bahamas, where he was able to gain new insight, heal from burnout, and figure out his next steps.

“Before the height of the pandemic, I had connected with an Individual that owned a marketing company but did a different style of marketing. After meeting him in person we then instantly knew we had to do something together. This was the start of something big,” Massimo recounts, “We then continued to innovate and collaborate to disrupt the field of digital marketing to build a name for ourselves. By the end of 2020, we had then been acquired by a publicly traded holdings company. To the present day, we are now expanding and scaling like crazy!”

Always Be Open to Learning

“No matter how much you think you know, there's always another perspective or something someone else knows that you don't know that could drastically change the trajectory of your ideas and the road ahead,” says Massimo.

Innovation is a key piece that sets successful businesses apart from businesses that don’t do well. But the ability to innovate isn’t necessarily an innate skill that some people have and others don’t, and it certainly isn’t something that appears out of nowhere. Innovation comes from being able to creatively solve problems in a way that no one else is solving them. This requires having strong fluid intelligence (in other words, having good critical thinking and problem-solving skills, or being able to apply what you know to a new situation) as well as strong crystallized intelligence (or what you actually know). Both types of intelligence come from a willingness to learn new things.

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