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Advanced Damp, Leading Damp Specialists Explain How to Treat and Prevent Water Ingress

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Causes, Warning Signs, Treatment, and Hiring the Best Water Ingress Specialist

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24th June 2021 – Advanced Damp, the leading damp specialists in South England have updated their site with an informative post on how to treat and prevent water ingress. Also understood as penetrating damp, water ingress through brickwork could turn out to be a serious problem if not treated on time. The water infiltration into the walls can compromise the integrity of the structure thereby leading to expensive repairs and installations. It is important to understand water ingress in detail to watch out for warning signs and call the damp specialists right away.

Penetrating damp is a process where water seeps into the building which is an alarming situation for people residing there. Some of the major damages could occur in the form of fungal decay, interior damage to the walls, mold, and serious health issues and allergies. There are a lot of ways water can seep into the building and one of the common ways is through the basement and the roof. If any of these signs are visible or if residents can smell dampness in their homes, they should contact an Advanced Damp, damp proofing specialist right away.

Advanced Damp water Ingress Specialists
Advanced Damp water Ingress Specialists

Old buildings are particularly at risk due to their old roofing system, aged walls and windows, and too much exposure to rains. Roof leaks, wall cavities, broken wall ties, etc. need to be immediately inspected. Water ingress through bricks can cause bad roofing as well. Broken slates or tiles must be immediately taken care of. The best thing to do is to call the damp proofing specialists to get the building inspected for water ingress. The other way for water to seep through the walls is via blocked of faulty valley gutters, faulty flashing around window frames, flooding, faulty plumbing, rising damp, and ingress into the basement.

Dry & wet rot on the walls, musty and damp smell inside the homes, and increased loss of heat, damp plasterwork, and water damage inside and outside the property are the most visible signs. Advanced Damp offers inspection services and during these inspections, the team will be able to identify the troublesome areas on both the interior and exteriors of the structure. A specialist damp contractor will conduct a survey and find the main source of water ingress. The damage is then evaluated along with the primary reasons causing the penetrating damp. Appropriate water ingress treatments are suggested to the clients. Once the clients agree, the damp specialists offer bespoke and effective treatment plans to solve the problem.

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