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Snapt, Acquired by Chris M. Walker, owner of Legiit, is Now Offered Free to Users

Last updated Friday, July 30, 2021 11:47 ET , Source: Snapt.io

URL shortening service, Snapt, has been acquired by Chris M. Walker, who also owns Superstar SEO and Legiit. The newly acquired link shortener is being offered free to Legiit users.

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Snapt.io was acquired a few days ago, according to Chris M. Walker, who is the new owner of the moderately popular link shortening tool. A few weeks earlier, Chris posted on his Facebook page that there were going to be two brand acquisitions in the coming weeks. Fast forward to a few days back and Snapt, became the newest member of the Superstar SEO brand. More interesting is that Snapt has been turned into a 'free to use' tool for all existing users and those affiliated with Superstar SEO and Legiit.

Snapt.io is a link shortener that was launched a couple of years ago, and which according to Chris, was developed by a "good friend." After using it for a while, Chris realized that the link shortener did everything he wanted, and since then, had stopped using competing tools.


Chris's Facebook post stated that "It has the best user interface, most accurate tracking, integrates with Slack, Zapier, GTM, Facebook pixel and more. You can make custom aliases, a custom landing page, overlays... and I can just go on for ages. (Just try it out)"

After his friend lost interest in running the tool, the website was about to be discontinued, with the owner running a note on the dashboard saying, "It would be discontinued starting from June." Seeing such a great tool go away and the fact that Chris would need to replace all the links he had on there, possibly hundreds, he decided to buy the tool from his friend.

Readers can check out the Snapt by visiting Snapt.io and signing up for an account.

Snapt makes shortening links very simple. All users need to do is to paste a long URL into the box, and the tool automatically shortens it. The tool also offers link management, statics, privacy control etc. It can be used to shorten potentially hundreds of links without a hiccup. However, the best way to take advantage of all the features is to signup for an account. Having an account makes it immensely simple to track all the links shortened, which many people will find useful, especially since these features aren't free with other tools.

"It took me around a month of learning how the admin side of this tool worked. It took some time and effort, but I've been finally able to get it live. The best part for everyone is that since I don't have the time to promote yet another business, and honestly, I've only bought it to continue using it myself, there are no plans to monetize it at this time." – Chris M. Walker CEO Superstar SEO.

He added, "Right now, this tool is available for free, with unlimited access and features as long as you have signed up for an account. I can tell you as someone who has used other tools that nothing compares to Snapt, in terms of features, ease of use, and the fact that it's now free to use!'

About Chris M. Walker

Chris M. Walker is an entrepreneur and owner of Superstar SEO, Legiit and is the author of various courses on SEO. Snapt is one of the acquisitions planned; the other is yet to be announced. He also runs SEO-related live streams, available on the Superstar SEO Facebook Group and streamed across Legiit's Group.



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