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Lumenology Portable Motion Light Review – Best Garden Lights

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Lumenology security LED motion light is a portable device that utilizes motionsense technology to turn on itself whenever it senses movement within detectable range and 100-degree field of view.

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Knowing that the neighborhood can get extremely dark at night constantly feeds up discomfort and unsafety. At the same time, it is not unusual to be fed up with endless promises by electricians who seem not to fix your constantly flickering lights. When it comes to your home security, illumination is not something you want to take for granted. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.)

This portable security LED motion light has several different functions that make it an ideal choice for home, office, and outdoor use even in the elements of weather. It comes with a magnetic plate for attachment to any magnetic surface and a tripod stand for a non-magnetic surface. With motionsense technology that senses movement within detectable range and 100-degree field of view, adjusts energy consumption, and fine-tune the system when needed, The Lumenology security LED motion light sensor is perfect for where there is a need for light. This review will examine The Lumenology security LED motion light sensor to give you a clear image of whether it might be ideal for you.

What is Lumenology Security LED Motion Light Sensor?

The discomfort that comes with flickering lights often fuels an emotional roller coaster. You might have possibly hunted for solutions that are easy to set up and cost-effective, but a viable solution might not be as easy to find as it sounds. Whether your free lighting needs are indoors or outdoors, Lumenology security LED motion light is a portable device that utilizes motionsense technology to turn on itself whenever it senses movement within detectable range and 100-degree field of view. Aside from being used to brighten a closet, deck, workspace, or room, The Lumenology security LED motion light sensor is handy for outdoor use even in the elements of weather. With a battery-powered LED device like this, you won't have to rely on restricted porch lighting as it comes with enhanced flexibility. At the same time, The Lumenology light sensor comes with enhanced versatility that enables you to set it up without a user manual.

As one of the most flexible and portable LED lighting options for illumination needed during a party, The Lumenology portable motion light comes with magnets for attachment and a colossal 148 lumens lighting from a single LED bulb. You can install the light virtually anywhere as it comes with a flexible tripod and magnetic base that can stick to a metallic base. Besides, The Lumenology portable motionsense technology provides a 13 feet detectable range and 100-degree field of view, which detects motion in a dark environment with pinpoint accuracy. While The Lumenology portable LED light sensor gives you the same powerful light image and flexible motion-sensing technology you would expect from a standard versatile installation, its cost is significantly low.

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Features of Lumenology Motion Light Sensor

For a battery-powered LED limited-warranty device that has magnets for attachment and can practically be placed anywhere, Lumenology portable motion undoubtedly comes with a vast range of benefits. Most consumers have doubted its capability of delivering light that would have been installed at a high price. Below is a comprehensive summary of how The Lumenology portable motion light works using motionsense technology.

  • Wireless - While this is a significant concern for most consumers, it shouldn't be surprising that The limitless innovations of Lumenology portable motion light provide enhanced performance at a low cost. There is no need for wiring, which offsets the shipping and installation price that consumers would have paid an electrician. At the same time, Lumenology does not come with several wires, allowing a user to move it from one room to another effortlessly.
  • Mountable - One of the elements that set Lumenology LED image portable motion sensor from other free lighting options is the adaptability that enables versatile installation. It comes with screw-able flexible tripod legs fixed to the bottom part of the sensor. The wrappable legs are secured on a stable foundation that allows installing The Lumenology portable light sensor in a closet, ground posts, or fences. This flexible support is sturdy and can support The Lumenology portable LED light motion sensor securely.
  • Bright Lights - According to customer reviews, The Lumenology LED portable motion sensor effectively illuminates all spaces. With 148 lumens and a brightness of 146 lumens, the light detects motion at an adaptable 100-degree field of view and capable of 360-degree rotation.
  • Powerful Motion Sensors - The Lumenology LED portable motion light provides a motion sensor that detects motion even in the dark. The sensors have a 100-degree view which will detect movement within a 13-foot range, enabling the motion sensor to catch even the slightest movement within detectable range and 100-degree field of view. This feature allows for Lumenology portable light motion sensor to detect motion from head-on or side to side. Once you place Lumenology portable motion sensor in an "auto" position, the lights will come on for approximately 30 seconds then turn off again. This signals that the limitless innovations motion light sensors are charged in their entirety and will turn off if they sense further movement within the detectable range.
  • Powered by AA Batteries - The Lumenology portable motion sensors use three inexpensive AA batteries (not included) and a low-cost option for light sources. These batteries are often packed in eight clusters, making it easier to get optimum lighting at an affordable purchase and shipping price. At the same time, the use of these batteries makes Lumenology portable motion sensors relatively portable, which is especially useful for areas you might not be able to use other battery-powered limited-warranty devices. Whether you'll be using Lumenology portable motion sensors for camping or outdoor activities, the batteries would be ideal for party repair or DIY home improvement project. Given that AA batteries are practically available everywhere at a low shipping cost, you can use the batteries anywhere without difficulty and simplify your outdoor activity. According to customer reviews, the batteries can last an entire year of stellar performance on a single charge, thanks to the device's smart-motion technology that provides optimum brightness without compromising on battery life. Besides, the AA batteries (not included) can run the limited-warranty device indefinitely for 8 hours of continuous free lighting.
  • Safety Certifications: IP43 Water-Resistant Technology - Lumenology's versatility to be used virtually anywhere outdoor activities wouldn't work excellent if it were damaged in the presence of water. As versatile as the battery-powered IP43 water-resistant Lumenology is, it is ideal for outdoor use and you can even wrap around trees where additional light is needed. Preventing direct rain is an excellent advantage, but that doesn't mean that the IP43 water-resistant Lumenology would damage in the presence of water. The base allows for quick, easy installation in the dark and has magnets for attachment to magnetic surfaces. Its solar-powered system is IP43 water-resistant for outdoor use, and if you mount it in areas with direct rain, the battery-powered light flexible tripod base won't get damaged as it is water-resistant for outdoor use where additional light is needed.

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What Problem Does Lumenology Solve?

For slightly over a century now, the technology used to light dark homes has remained pretty unchanged. The same permanent wire-in-free lighting solution that comes with additional set-up and maintenance fees has been used for decades, and it often comes with a huge hassle. Aside from stellar-high installation and shipping prices requiring extensive electrical wiring, traditional lighting is hazardous and time-consuming, not to mention that it creates a complete mess.

Once the light has been completely installed, it can often not be easily moved and adjusted and make it unpractical for anyone on a budget. At the same time, other wireless solutions like solar are renewable, but they can't be used for indoor lighting, and neither do they store charge as long as they should. Lumenology helps solve these lighting solutions affordable, long-lasting, and can be attached to any non-magnetic base without the need for a user manual. Besides, it comes at a fractional shipping and maintenance cost, and the ways you can use the free lighting are limitless. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

How to Install Lumenology

According to customer reviews, it takes hardly three minutes to set up Lumenology, and the moment you set up, you'll enjoy the brightness and stellar motion-detection you'd expect from professional, versatile installation. One notable element is that even a customer who can't tell the difference between AC and DC can effortlessly set up a Lumenology portable motion light sensor. For flat deck surfaces, use the magnet to attach Lumenology directly to a non-magnetic base or screw the portable motion light sensor using the bottom screw. For non-flat surfaces like a closet, deck, branches, fences, ground posts, or grill handles, wrap around the light, flexible tripod legs to stand it up straight.

Both ways of attaching The Lumenology portable motion sensor create a sturdy hold that is strong enough to withstand harsh weather elements and easy to remove when you want to relocate. The powerful magnetic base can hold the weight of The Lumenology portable motion light sensor even when it's hanging upside down and gives you incredible flexibility when you want to install it virtually anywhere the flexible tripod base fits.

Lumenology Lighting Capacity

The Lumenology portable motion light provides enough versatility that allows for quick installation. With 148 lumens, Lumenology can switch to clear light up to 40 feet away that is large enough to light up any closet space that traditional bulbs would typically be used. At the same time, this brightness level makes Lumenology ideal for party repair or DIY home improvement project and can be used virtually anywhere.

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Automated 30-Second Auto Shut Mode

According to customer reviews, Lumenology comes with limitless innovations motion sensors that automatically turn on and off once they detect anyone in motion 13 feet away. To ensure that you won't have to turn it on manually every time, the high luminance white LED bulb limited-warranty device has a 100-degree view which will detect motion within its range. At the same time, the three setting switch modes, which include the off mode, always-on mode, and 30-second auto shut mode, switch automatically, although a user can manually switch to a mode. However, the 30-second auto shut mode is often ideal.

Should I Buy an LED Motion Light Sensor?

Several new LED lighting fixtures are manufactured with advanced lighting settings that often come with motion sensor technology. The motion sensor technology may be used virtually anywhere as it can security enhancements in more extensive areas. LED technology utilizes passive infrared sensors or microwave technology, and they essentially work to detect changes in heat signatures. Aside from walking well in hostile environments with inadequate lighting, the sensors are also suitable for offices and stores with insufficient power.

It comes with a magnetic plate for attachment to any magnetic surface and a tripod stand for a non-magnetic surface. The base allows for quick, easy installation in the dark without the need for professional assistance. Whether or not you will use a Lumenology motion sensor for security or lighting will depend on your situation, but the great news is that the high luminance white LED bulb limited-warranty device is ideal for both cases.

Where to Purchase Lumenology

According to customer reviews, every Lumenology kit comes with a magnetic plate, user manual, one-year warranty, light, flexible tripod stands, free US shipping, a motion-sensor LED light, and the motion-detecting high luminance white LED bulb device. Its availability, purchase, and shipping costs are exclusively on the official website, and discounted prices are available for you if you want to purchase bulk items in your cart. Keep in mind that the prices reported on the official website cover the purchase costs and do not include shipping costs. However, the manufacturer has free US shipping. At a glance, The Lumenology kits are separately priced in different categories, and you can purchase as follows:

  • 1 Lumenology kit
  • 3 Lumenology kits
  • 5 Lumenology kits
  • 8 Lumenology kits

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Refund Policy

A one-year warranty, Free US shipping, and a 30-day money-back guarantee cover The Lumenology high luminance white LED bulb portable motion device. If you are unhappy with the package, you may contact the customer support team and ship it in its original packing and undamaged. While the manufacturer will refund the purchase amount, you may not receive a refund of shipping costs.

Lumenology Review – Final Thoughts

The free-lighting system utilizes motion-sensing LED lights to illuminate any area with maximum efficacy. Given that the flexible tripod device comes with a separate flexible tripod stand and a magnetic plate, you can install the LED light virtually anywhere the flexible tripod stand fits. It has a magnetic plate for attachment to any magnetic surface and a tripod stand for a non-magnetic surface. At the same time, you may install The Lumenology flexible tripod device in an outdoor environment, on a fence, post, or tree branch. It comes with several benefits, but its significant advantage is its ease of use.

Neither a technician nor expensive support is necessary to make the flexible tripod device work to provide the light needed during a party. For this diverse set of benefits, the suggested prices are undoubtedly justifiable. If this Lumenology motion product might be ideal for you, do not hesitate to place an order. Before placing a bulk purchase, it is recommended to read through the refund policy to get a clear image of its value. Visit the supplier website here to find a discounted price!

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