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KISS PR CEO Qamar Zaman talks about the benefits of YouTube's new "Video Chapters" and the importance of in-app SEO

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As YouTube adds video chapters to its search listing to help people find content more easily, Dallas SEO Consultant points out the importance of in-app SEO to boost more clicks and views.

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KISS PR CEO Qamar Zaman talks about the benefits of YouTube's new "Video Chapters" and the importance of in-app SEO for business owners.

Dallas, TX – American online video sharing and social media platform YouTube has recently added video chapters to content showing on their search listing to make searches more visual and make content searching easier. Dallas SEO Consultant Qamar Zaman, KISS PR CEO, believed that this latest feature update is an opportunity to utilize in-app SEO to get more content clicks and views.

In his recently published article, Pablo Paniagua, YouTube’s Director of Product Management, has introduced new ways to help users find content on YouTube. One of these ways is adding video chapters on YouTube content when previewed on their search listing. It is done to let people see what the video is all about before diving into the actual content.

“People told us that they’d like easier ways to see what a video is about on YouTube before diving into the actual content. We heard you! That’s why we’ve started to make our search page even more visual to help people get a better glimpse of what’s inside a video,” Paniagua wrote.

Before this update, YouTube users used to only see a thumbnail image when they search for videos and can’t determine its specific content. Now video chapters help them see a detailed preview of what they can see before clicking it. Users can also select which chapter they wanted to watch first.

“Up until now, when you browsed for a video to watch on YouTube, you’d see a thumbnail image of each video. It gave you a chance to gather a quick snapshot of the video’s content. Now, you’ll be able to make even more informed decisions about what you’re going to watch through video chapters directly on the search page,” Paniagua explained.

According to Qamar Zaman, this feature update brings essential SEO considerations, especially when it comes to in-app searching. As YouTube itself is a giant search engine, the need to optimize each video is crucial, specifically for topics with very stiff competition.

“With the new video chapters, optimizing your content is more important than ever. Optimizing your videos using the right keywords can help you compete with big channels. Now that the video chapter feature has been added, you need to use the right keywords as well for your chapter titles,” Zaman said.

“When optimizing chapter titles, make sure to use natural-sounding keywords. Please don’t overdo it, as YouTube automatically detects spam. Get into the perspective of your target viewers and craft catchy titles that aptly describe what that specific part is all about,” Zaman explained.

Zaman said that with more than 1.86 billion users, over a billion small YouTubers need to compete against themselves and against big channels to rank on top of the YouTube search page; thus, the need to do in-app SEO is essential to get more clicks and views.

“You can search for anything on YouTube. It’s like a gigantic database of videos wherein you can find any content that comes to mind, but, sadly, millions of valuable content are still undiscovered because of the lack of knowledge of in-app SEO,” Zaman revealed.

In-app SEO refers to the optimization of content within a specific application. For this case, in YouTube. Optimization of content, according to Zaman, in giant communities, such as YouTube, is vital as competition is very tough, especially if someone is publishing video content in a very competitive niche.

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