Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Confirmed: 'Itaewon Class' star Park Seo Joon joins the MCU - MSN UK

Last updated Monday, September 6, 2021 01:37 ET , Source: NewsService

South Korean actor Park Seo Joon is making his Hollywood debut with the Marvel Cinematic Universe following confirmation that he is set to appear in an upcoming Marvel film.

The actor's agency, Awesome ENT, finally responded to rumours of his appearance in the MCU in a statement that read, "Park Seo Joon has joined the new Marvel movie. He indeed left the country this afternoon." The "Itaewon Class" star reportedly left South Korea for Los Angeles on Sept. 3 via Incheon International Airport Terminal 2. Photos shared online showed the actor trying to go incognito in a mask, baller hat, and black hoodie at the airport.

"We thank all those who showed interest and supported Park Seo Joon's new challenge. We are well aware that many people are curious about his character, the filming location, and the filming period. But we will officially announce the detailed information about the movie later," continued the statement published by Soompi.

Fans of the actor shared their excitement to see him in a Marvel film. One tweeted, "I am absolutely losing my mind about Park Seo Joon being in a Marvel movie. I'll take literally any Asian representation we can get, but THE PARK SEO JOON??" Another wrote, "Like oh my God I can't believe it this is incredible."

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