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Roundtable: Distributors Share E-Commerce Strategies - CleanLink

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Albeit mandated in many respects over the past year-plus, the rise of digital interaction is certain to have some permanence — even in the cleaning industry where technology trends to take longer to be accepted. Expectations for an efficient and simple buying experience elevate with each generation, and the end user and distributor dynamic is no exception.

The following question and answer discussion addresses some of the best strategies for e-commerce. Specifics include improving the customer purchasing experience, using search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics to drive sales and determine product offerings, emphasizing service as a way to differentiate from big e-tailers and more.

Has e-commerce been successful for your business? If so, what impact has it had on website traffic, overall sales or otherwise?

Cadell: We have had success with e-commerce mainly with existing customers, not at acquiring new customers. The best use of our e-commerce site is allowing existing customers to more easily place orders and interact with us. It gives them access to see everything we have, versus just what a sales rep presented to them. So, we find that customers who start using our e-commerce platform tend to start buying more and different items.

Saunders: Yes, Nichols has enjoyed the benefits of integrated e-commerce and electronic data interchange (EDI) for close to 20 years. Our e-business capabilities consistently bring customers and prospects to our website.


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