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Amanda Jordan: What Local SEO Demands Now - Street Fight

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Covid sparked a massive digital transformation among small businesses and multi-location brands alike. But for those who adapted early in 2020 and may have hoped to regain a sense of normalcy by now, the pandemic has instead supplied an endless series of demands for change.

Amanda Jordan is a local SEO expert and the director of local search at Locomotive, an enterprise technical SEO agency. Street Fight connected with Jordan to assess how this second year of Covid is affecting SEO, what SEOs should be doing to master local search, and what’s on the cutting edge of the discipline.

Below are Jordan’s takeaways: all direct quotes edited for clarity and length.

Covid makes data difficult to read

It’s hard to even look at the data as an SEO [these days]. It makes it hard to compare your data — why traffic loss might be there. Is it one of these updates Google has been doing lately or is it related to changes in customer behavior?

Covid affects each industry differently

It’s really important that you consider how what’s going on is going to impact your specific industry. If you are a company that does home healthcare, you may have fewer people willing to have someone come in and sit with their parent … because they have concerns about their family members getting coronavirus.

Make sure that any questions someone has about that, you can answer not only on your website but also on your Google My Business listing.

SEO isn’t just about getting customers

I have a massive home...

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