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Governance greatest test of Taliban, speakers say - Geo News

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LONDON: The biggest challenges facing Afghanistan under the Taliban rule are governance and performance delivery in the crisis-hit country, said the speakers while addressing “The Future of Afghanistan” Webinar, hosted by the London Institute of South Asia. (LISA) Researcher Mary Hunter moderated the event.
The keynote speakers included Dr Marvin Weinbaum, Director of Afghanistan and Pakistan Studies at the Middle East Institute; Major General (retd) Ijaz Awan, former High Commissioner of Pakistan to Brunei; Ismael Paktiawal, researcher and human rights advocate for Afghanistan; Umer Karim, visiting fellow at RUSI; and Chris Sands, former journalist in Afghanistan.
Dr Marvin Weinbaum said that the UN Security Council adopted a resolution calling on the Taliban to allow safe passage to people out of the country, to allow humanitarian assistance and to protect human rights and the Taliban have indicated that they will comply. He emphasised that the Taliban has changed and is much more “sensitive to international opinion”.
He said indications based on this interim government suggest that “it is a government which will not bend over anything that the Taliban believes to be the “ demands of Sharia”. However, their greatest test lies in their governance and performance.
Ismael Paktiawal said that casualties in dozens from fighting were usual in Afghanistan but that has recently dropped to a “near zero”. He said the fighters in the North – Panjshir Valley - have attempted to...

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