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How to Create Linkable Content - Search Engine Journal

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How to Create Linkable Content [Webinar]


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Link building campaigns not giving you the results you expect?

You aren’t alone.

Most brands struggle to build links – not because of their outreach but because of their content.

On September 1, I moderated a sponsored Search Engine Journal webinar presented by Michael Johnson, Partnerships Development Manager at Page One Power.

He shared creative ways to create linkable content, whether you’re an experienced link builder or just getting started.

Here’s a recap of the webinar presentation.

Most people think of link building as an outreach-focused activity, and it is.

People often view outreach as a problem, but outreach isn’t the problem.

Often the problem is that there isn’t enough quality, linkable content that is engaging audiences.

What Makes Link Building So Hard?

It Involves Another Person

You can usually handle every other aspect of your search engine optimization within your organization.

However, to get links, it isn’t just about us and our motives, but also about tapping into other people’s motives.

Webmasters Are Savvier Than Ever

Links are valuable, and webmasters are accustomed to getting requests for links....

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