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SaaS Homepage SEO Optimization Guide Part II: Web Copy Optimization - DevPro Journal

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Before you can convert site visitors into customers, they have to find during their web searches. And achieving this goal entails optimizing your content so that it ranks high on Google. The goal is to publish copy optimized for your target keywords. This enables you to attract the right audience ready to buy your product, a crucial component in your SaaS marketing.

To begin, we’ll start at the very heart of every successful SEO strategy and campaign:

Carefully Select Your Keywords

Keywords are an area of SEO that newbies tend to get wrong. You will still find brands using vague terms that are irrelevant to their product offering.

The search for the right keywords starts by figuring out who your customers are for your homepage and brand. With that information, you can make a list of terms you think people would use to search your company.

This includes technical and non-technical keywords that website visitors would use to find your company. Also, remember to include niche keywords relevant to your brand. Though they may have lower search volume, long-tail keywords bring more qualified traffic to your homepage and improve click-through rates.

Choosing the right keywords is part of building brand awareness through SEO. By associating your website with such search terms and phrases, more of your target audience will be able to search for your site on Google. This way, they’ll become aware that your site and brand exist.

To spot keywords that can bring more traffic, use SEO...

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