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The Top 3 Mistakes Small-Business Owners Make With Their SEO Strategy - Entrepreneur

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Many small and medium-sized business owners fail to get results from their search-engine-optimization efforts because they don't recognize some of the most common SEO mistakes.

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As a small-business owner, optimizing your website and content for search engines can be invaluable in driving traffic to your business. However, some businesses skip over the most important SEO guidelines that are crucial to improve their visibility.

SEO serves as a critical tool that ensures your business remains competitive and captures the right audience. When done correctly, it can be the key to help business owners diversify their marketing strategy and gain success.

Below are the top three common SEO mistakes small to medium-sized businesses make ā€” and how they can overcome them to ensure they build visibility and attract new leads.

1. Expecting results to be driven overnight

The first thing business owners should understand is that SEO requires patience, and success does not happen overnight. Sometimes, SMB owners refrain from applying a solid SEO strategy because of the time it takes to see results.

When a webpage is newly published, Google algorithms take time to validate the relevance of the new content. In fact, Google uses 200-plus ranking factors to measure the quality of your content. The content you create needs to build a reputation to allow for SEO to pull in customers organically. This can take up to a few months...

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