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These 6 SEO Tips Will Help Your Cannabis Company Rank High on Google - Green Entrepreneur

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Google keeps fine-tuning its algorithm. Here's how to make sure your brand stay on top of search.

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Google has been busy strengthening its machine learning capabilities to optimize its ability to recognize diverse topics. Although the updates released this year range across many matters, one particular component underscores the importance of thorough cannabis search engine optimization (SEO) strategy: Google's analysis of backlinks to identify and direct users to quality content.

Backlinks are embedded hyperlinks that connect one site to another, and in the Google search algorithms, not all backlinks are ranked as equal in caliber. For example, Google is broadly cracking down on affiliate links — often a common method for profiting from written content — in the latest round of updates to eliminate spam. Here are six other tips for curating high-quality backlinks and ensuring your marijuana brand stays at the top of the search results.

1. Be an authority

To conquer today's competition, being an authority is vital. Put your cannabis brand on display with high-quality links to bolster your authority and secure a thought leadership position in your field. Quality links can help build your reputation both for search engines and target customers. In the realm of cannabis content, companies will vie for high-quality links from top cannabis outlets. Getting featured in those publications enhances your brands' authority...

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